Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daytime Emmy Nominations

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Wayne Brady will  the 38th Daytime Emmy Awards, which will air live on CBS on June 19 from the Las Vegas Hilton.  **Note: neither GH nor OLTL received noms in the writing category. I will discuss the HUGE disses I see on this list later!!

Outstanding Drama Series                                                                          
            All My Children
           The Bold and the Beautiful
            General Hospital
            The Young and the Restless                                                                                                        
Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
Alicia Minshew, as Kendall Slater
Debbi Morgan, as Angie Hubbard
Colleen Zenk, as Barbara Ryan
Susan Flannery, as Stephanie Forrester
Laura Wright, as Carly Corinthos Jacks
Michelle Stafford, as Phyllis Summers

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Ricky Paull Goldin, as Jake Martin
Michael Park, as Jack Snyder
James Scott, as EJ DiMera
Maurice Benard, as Sonny Corinthos
Christian Le Blanc, as Michael Baldwin

Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Melissa Claire Egan, as Annie Chandler
Julie Pinson, as Janet Ciconne
Heather Tom, as Katie Logan Spencer
Nancy Lee Grahn, as Alexis Davis
Bree Williamson, as Jessica Brennan
Tricia Cast, as Nina Webster

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Jonathan Jackson, as Lucky Spencer
Jason Thompson, as Patrick Drake
Brian Kerwin, as Charlie Banks
Doug Davidson, as Paul Williams
Billy Miller, as Billy Abbott

Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series
Brittany Allen, as Marisa Chandler
Lexi Ainsworth, as Kristina Corinthos Davis
Emily O'Brien, as Jana Hawkes

Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series
Scott Clifton, as William Spencer III aka Liam Cooper
Chandler Massey, as Will Horton
Chad Duell, as Michael Corinthos


Carrie said...

I'm disgusted by that list! OLTL is ROBBED! GH and AMC are lame. And I'm not degrading any of the actors but OLTL has such wonderful material and the actors bring it everyday.

Andrea said...

No Becky Herbst? Wouldn't the scenes about Jake be submitted or is that for next year? If they would have only had her on more....No Steve Burton?

I think they just keep the same people on every time. Maurice is always on there and I think his acting has gotten worse as the years have gone by.

Anonymous said...

I think Becky's scenes will be for next year. And I agree Carrie, OLTL got a MAJOR diss.

kdmask said...

Yes... Luke's Intervention is next year too-- this year was more Michael's prison and the whole Keifer beating.

and Franco Frenzy

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that JMB (Gh,Lulu) was not nominated but i am not surprised because all she gets now is Lante CRAP.

LindaV said...

Nacy L. G. tweeted that she will wear her blue boob dress, LOL. I am so glad Jason T. was nominated - he is such a fine actor. Of course, JJ will probably win since he is phenomenal, and the big reveal with Nik and Elizabeth will cinch it for him. Julie should have been nominated but she has won twice. Wonder why GH didn't get a writing nomination? Ha ha.

david said...

i not-so-secretly hope that AMC wins best drama. Just because... Imagine the acceptance speech?

Anonymous said...

I personally am glad not to see Steve Burton. he had nothing to work with this year aside from jake's death which I believe will fall under 2012. I do love Laura Wright, but I'm so tired of her I could care less if she wins. NLG, Lexi, & Jason Patrick I will def. root for!

Anonymous said...

Surprised maxie wasn't nominated. She is our Lucy of 2006-current!

Andrea said...

I thought Laura Wright should have been nominated during all the Michael being shot in the head stuff, so I almost want her to win this time!!

Aubrey said...

David - I agree, I don't think AMC has been very good, but I would still love to see them win just to stick it to Frons!

Can we please get rid of Guza now? Hasn't the writing been nominated almost every year? Take the hint, ABC! Sadly, it probably won't matter much longer....

Glad to see Chad Duell nominated, well deserved! Along w/JJ, JT and NLG. I love Maurice, but I agree he's gone downhill. He's probably as bored as the rest of us....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Lexi! :-)

Steph said...

Sooo, pretty much just the Corinthos' get recognized. What a surprise, being that they run the show. Right?

Anywho, Laura at least deserved this nomination. She's been snubbed too long, and while I don't like Carly these days, LW still brings it. As far as MB and CD... blah, blah, blah! So sick of their characters, so could care less if either wins... sorry. Hope Lexi wins though... love/hate Kristina, but Lexi seems so sweet!

Anonymous said...

So happy that NLG got a nomination. Just goes to show when GH actually gives her something to do, she totally brings it. I'm happy for LW finally getting an nom, although I don't think 2010 was her best year. JJ totally is going to win his category. I'm also happy for JT but I'm confused at how he got a nom but KMc didn't for the same story because she was fabulous during the reveal day.

Andrea - BH can't submit the Jake stuff until next year, if we even have daytime emmy's next year.

And yes OLTL was majorly snubbed. As were their lead actors/actresses - JVD and KDP.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I still can't believe Florencia Lozano couldn't get a pre-nom either.

Frisco said...

Lucky nominated for Liz - Nic reveal scens but Liz wasn't?
Patrick nominated for Lisa reveal scenes but Robin not?
I personally would like to see Jane Elliott (Tracy) nominated...she is consistently amzaing, even when handy crappy writing.
I would also like to see Edward win at some time. Perhaps if they had told him a but Jake being a Q it would have given him the material he needed to snatch a nom and a win.
Thanks be to Jesus Sam and Jason were not nominated...enough with them already.

Yelly Beans Designs said...

Is Chad's nom for his rape reveal scenes? Those happened Jan 31-Feb 2 2011?
Whats the timeframe for noms? Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

NO OLTL thats just crazy

Anonymous said...

OLTL was robbed! And I'm sad to see no Jerry van Dorn or Kassie de Paiva, as well as Florencia Lozano not even getting a pre-nom.

The GH noms are ok, although I'm not a big Chad Duell fan and I don't think 2010 was Laura Wright's best year. I'm so happy for Nancy Lee Grahn. Just goes to show if you give her something to do she'll bring it. Also happy for Jason Thompson but I wish Kimberly McCullough had gotten a pre-nom b/c if she had I think she would have had a good chance at an actual nom considering Jason's reel would have been Kimberly's reel too.

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