Monday, May 23, 2011

Post-Guza Glow

Greg Vaughn's son at the market...he tweeted this today, isn't that kid adorable!!? 

Well, it's a new week..the week after the Guza News.  Now comes the TIDALWAVE of "Who's leaving, who's staying..where's the show headed" speculations. Plus the Katie Couric thing just isn't going away either. I say the next 2-3 weeks are going to be much interesting for everyone involved. I'm wondering if JFP can hang on to EProducer -- hmmmmm. 

Happy Birthday to Kelly Monaco!!! 

OLTL started out so good!! I LOVE this's obvious that something is up with the Old Face Todd-- they keep saying he should know John McBain but he wasn't around then. ERGO, there has to be a twist coming. EEEEEE!!! Love the twists. Matt's got a headache! Uh oh.... I hate Nate lately. Stupid kid. Matt's down!! And New Face Todd pulls a gun on Ted King!
GH: Mac was on! IS it the Rapture?? Lisa's arrested but we know she's on for awhile more. *sigh*
Michael breaking into AZ's apt...LOL. what an idiot. WHY wouldn't JOHNNY have GUARDS? duh... duh..duh
CarJax look lovely in their matching lilac ensembles today!  At least they remembered Carly was giving Morgan to Jax. Although hell, he's probably off making marcaroni necklaces for all we know.
I think I should do a timeline of Jason/Sonny talking about protecting their loved ones/fiances/wives/kids. But it would take like 40 years to complete. 
HELL..they actually had a CSI flashback with Scrubs finding out Lisa's intent. 
KUDOS to Brandon Barash TODAY!! xxo nice. 

I did see Bob the Badger today in Sonny's office!! yeah!! 

CASTING CALL: GH is looking for a mid-30's Italian-American girlie... fashionista with Brooklyn Roots. WTF? Either recast Kate, or a NuLois...or recast Brenda? Can't be Brenda with Brooklyn background. This is so stupid--we don't NEED ANYMORE NEWBIES!! 
I have no clue and I don't care.


Hope said...

I actually loved the Kelly/John thing today. It was really sweet.

Christa said...

The little girl who plays Emma was so cute today..."I'm hungry again"

And AZ..."he might have a gun hidden in his underpants" LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed GH today. Loved Scrubs w/ Uncle Mac, Loved Anthony, Loved Johnny, only Sonny & Brenda bored me.

Frisco said...

Neither Lois nor Kate would be anywhere near their mid-thirties. I agree, I hate newbies.

Anthony "If my grandmother had balls she'd be my grandfather".

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the AZ one liners...makes the whole show

sonya said...

WOW!!! Greg Vaughan's son looks JUST like him! Spitting image! :)

Okay on to GH today.

Lisa, Robin, Patrick, and Mac: WOAH!!!!!! I did NOT see that one coming! I am in shock! My jaw dropped! I hate to say this, but good job Guza! Or maybe it wasn't his idea.. Good job whoever did it! :) Altho I am a little disappointed that we didn't get to see the meat!! We got to see the meat in the flashbacks.


Papa Z and Michael: Great scene! Line of the day goes to him! Actually the line of the day is a tie. :) Anyway Papa Z's line.

Papa Z: Maybe he is hiding a knife in his underpants!

ROFL! The next line of the day.

Emma: Oh chopsticks! I'm hungry again. I'm hungry again.

ROFL! And then she walks away. Where did she go? All you hear is I'm hungry again! ROFL! Maybe she went to talk to her real life parents about being hungry again! ROFL!

Jax and Carly: BAH STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! Still team Jax!

Jason and Carly: I like the scene. :) Woah is she having character growth? She was starting to think Jax was right!!!! :) But then Jason shot that character growth to hell!

Brenda and Sonny: Strange scene! Oh guess what I talked to Carly! Is Brenda 5? And is Sonny her father? What the hell?

Lisa and Johnny: Oh she is manipulating him!!!! Yeah Johnny walk away! HA! :)

sonya said...

Oh Frisco!! I thought Anthony said,

If my grandmother had married Paul she'd be my grandfather! ROFL! That still made me laugh. If my grandmother had balls she'd be my grandfather ROFL!

bumchickabowbow said...

I liked today's episode. Scrubs/Lisa/MAC(!) rocked!!

Anonymous said...

I love Papa Z - he's hilarious!

Will this new chick be taking over Crimson from Kate, or are they getting rid of that set what with Lulu leaving to run the Haunted Star? Maybe Kristina is going to take Lulu's place at Crimson until she starts PCU in the fall? I don't understand the need to hire newbies if they're getting rid of people like TC and IR. I guess maybe it's true that the newbies cost less, but seriously - stop with the newbies!

mosbp2003 said...

Karen, I think the reason that guy keeps insisting that old face Todd knows John McBain is because John has been asking about the encrypted file that nuface Todd had taped to his drawer, which seems to be a copy of the file the guy interrogating old face Todd is can anyone actually follow that? Anyway, doesn't mean there won't be a twist though! I just want to know what old face Todd stole and who he gave it to!

carrie said...

Ok..If Robin is going to be Chief of Staff then that means that Scott Reeves is going to be let go. : ( Loved Anthony with Johnny. I had to fast forward thru the seasons with Michael though..I just want the Mabby storyline to disappear. Loved the Robin and Patrick parts. Hurrah for Uncle Mac. I hope that the writers are really wrapping up the Lisa storyline. (The actress is talented but it is time to close the book on it.)Skipped the Brenda and Sonny and Carly and Jax parts. Loved the fantasy scene with Jason and Jake..sniff..I know it is a repeat. Too bad that Jake was not on with Jason before. But..if the writers for GH read this please do not interpret this to mean that Jason needs another baby. No Jasam babies please. If GH only has a year left do waste airtime with that. Please more Scrubs...And have Granny Anna come for a visit

carrie said...

Oooops!! prev update by me was meant to sat...Do not waste airtime with a Jasam baby.

Anonymous said...

This is not to any point in particular, but every time I see the episode that is to be rerun on Memorial Day I get livid. Instead of giving us the emotionally charged intervention episode, we are going to have to live through the ludicrous car explosion following the over-hyped Sonny and Brenda nuptials.

This has got to be some of Guza's revenge.

Today's confrontation with the Looney Lisa was disappointing and not at all suspenseful as done in another after the fact segment. With that said, I was glad that Patrick and Robin had it all planned out and didn't have to play the victim this time.

Why don't they put Lisa and Anthony in the same padded cell? They deserve one another.

Anonymous said...

As we have seen with Terrell, Maya, and Shawn, newbies are quite disposable.

Elizabeth said...

would they settle for a mid-20's Italian-American (plus some others in there) from Queens? lol.

I was at ABC today to audition for Millionaire, and they have posters for all of the ABC shows around the room where you take the test. What was interesting was that the soap posters were off to the side and if you didn't know what you were looking for you wouldn't realize what it was you were looking at. Also, the poster for GH was Sonny, Carly, and Jason. Gee, why am i not surprised. (the one for OLTL hasn't been updated in awhile; it had Starr, Cole, and Todd.)

kdmask said...

ELIZABETH! tell us if you get on!! How exciting!!

muebles albacete said...

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