Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today is Mighty Soapy HUMP Day!

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Brian Frons laughed at Soap fans at the rally yesterday during the UpFront meeting for ABC. He's a dick.

There are a lot of articles out there about the rally, most are positive, but a few still don't 'get it'. Oh well. We know we're a strong bunch-- we know we can take it.  I just wish the sites would have reported more accurately about the numbers and the people that showed up. 

Nelson Branco of Canada's TV Guide has a great interview with Susan Lucci. She doesn't hold back when it comes to Pratt destroying the show!

One Life to Live was WILD!! Marty killed her doctor!! Porn guy was a riot...heh. Natalie cried so convincingly wow---seriously!
Jessica punched out Cutter. LOL...Wes has a mean swing. Clint in his spiffy jammies. heh
The Porn Guy on the bed going for the million dollar reward. It made me so scream!! 
What's coming up looks so good I wanna squee!!
THIS SHOW IS just SO DAMN wonderful, I honestly look forward to it every dang day. *sigh* 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Cute Scrubs scene about the hot tub!! 
Olivia and Dante were on. I guess Lulu don't do laundry!! 
AZ wears bowler shirts. Just like Charlie Sheen. Hmmmmmmmm. Mistake? I think not! He was so doing his mad dog thing from Hill Street Blues!  
Carly and Luke. At least she visits him now, right? Geary needs a touch of sun. I'm telling you.  Just a touch. I hope he takes vitamin D. That intervention was great but all this stuff afterwards? It's making it pointless. I wish they would have done it closer to TG leaving for vacation.
Steve and Olivia were on. Wish I liked them as much as I did Jolivia. They are just not on enough. I am also not a fan of 'singing' on soaps like that...eesh. Just not my thing. 
Ethan tells clueless Krissy that the pills are hydrocodone. Whoops. People addicted to it on GH: Alan, Emily...Lucky, Brenda... now Kristina. Wasn't Courtney addicted? 
Carly mentions Drugging Jax and putting him in a laundry basket. Which she did to AJ with vodka in a shopping cart.
HOW is any of this sweeps worthy?


Anonymous said...

Most annoying thing: hearing someone say that Carly is a good mother.

Mamaspat Ole said...

OLTL was fantastic I hope John finds the baby and learns he's his son.I read the interview with Susan Lucci she did rip Pratt heheheheh in a ladylike way too .The porn guy use to play Austin on Days he was sooo good.

Anonymous said...

BW was not on NYPD BLUE. He was on Hill Street Blues.

Andrea said...

I makes me so sad that they have ruined what was once a great soap. I used to look forward to watching everyday now I just read the websites to see how bad it has gotten.

kdmask said...

I can't believe I put NYPDblue. whoops! Thanks

Anonymous said...

God I hate Carly. I have always rooted for Jax, and now that he has a child they most likely will have him leave her which he would NEVER do. Here we go again, changing characters ala Jason the way he took sam back.

I think line of the week came from Sam to Alexis: I don't know if I would be a good mother. What makes you think that? Maybe threatening innocent children, watching children get kidnapped? Yeah, that may be it.

And Jason just go away.. I would have ratehr kept Jake and have Steve leave if this is the new him. Mind your beezwax.