Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BIG Rally Planned for NYC May 17th to Support Soaps!!

Here we go!! Soap Fans United have announced a great planned rally for Lincoln Center on May 17th to show support for Soaps. The rally will be held from 2:00pm – 6:00pm to target the advertisers arriving at Avery Fisher Hall for ABC's Upfront Presentation at 4:00pm. What's this you ask? Only all of the ABC advertisers annual meeting! How perfect for everyone to show up and let them see how many of us will miss our Daytime shows. 

ABC/Disney is eliminating the jobs of approximately 800 WGA, AFTRA, DGA, NABET-CWA and IATSE members. NYC will be hardest hit with the One Life To Live cancellation since it is the last remaining scripted daytime drama taped there. Extra income for starving TV and Broadway theatre actors will be gone. 

There are a lot of things going on out there including boycotts, calling sponsors, affiliates and cable companies to say we want a "Soap" Network all our own. (As we know,  SoapNet is being phased out next year, so that doesn't help). THIS will show BODIES and hopefully represent the diverse population we are. If you're in the area, please think about attending. The group is also looking for college students to come out out as well. Basically, anyone you know around there GET THEM to Lincoln Center at some point during the day!! 

Check out Soap Fans United website which has great details about what's going on around the Net. Details are on there as well, including location and email for the organizers of the event. IF any Wubbers are going, please let ME know -- I'd love to have a WUB FOR SOAPS sign there!!


Elizabeth said...

i was already planning on being in the city that night (going to a presentation at the Mid Manhattan Library at 6:30), so i think i might just head to Lincoln Center first...just don't tell my mom or my aunt--they'll kill me.

kdmask said...

YEAH!! Go for it Elizabeth!! Do it for the Wubbers!! I so wish I could go. I'm 7 hours away-- flying would take too long and $$$ moolah. I so wish I was closer

Elizabeth said...

i'm just lucky that i moved back from Boston a couple of months ago or i wouldn't be able to go.