Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Couplings

Hello!! Well, we made it through The Intervention!! It was a stellar Thursday-- wowza. Can't get much better than that episode. Unfortunately for us, the "follow up' was done GH style. Meaning there was no follow up. The very next day we were up to our eyeballs in Brandon's Murder and Krissy's Drugging.   Oh well, we had one great day! Bobbie seemed to be the most missed of all. I also would have loved for Lucky to have said "I talked to Mom on the phone and she's really worried".. just a nod to that.

With all the gloom and doom surrounding the rumors about GH being canceled in 2012, we have to remember that ABC hasn't announced a thing and perhaps--just perhaps, they'll decide having a daytime soap is a good thing. They'll cut the budget down and because of the backlash from AMC and OLTL going, they'll leave GH alone for a bit. Just speculation on my part, but there ya go.

On to exciting news!! (ha) For the month of May, I've decided to run a "couples" poll on Wubs Net. I don't usually EVER do polls but we need something fun. Every week, I'll put up a group of couples, you'll vote and whomever wins by Sunday (whenever I get up), will have a banner up in their honor for that week. The next poll will include other couples (past/present) and the 1st runner up of the week before. The couple that won that week won't be included in the next poll. That way, you'll have to bend the box a bit when thinking about which couple of that group you like the best. Just something different.  

This is also because the spoilers seem so droll, I had to do something to get people to peek at the page!! LOL. I'm sorry that they are so boring. The most interesting bit to me is that Carly, Dante and Sonny are going after Lucian. Now, come on... that's just such a stupid diss to "Jax" you can have. Carly's also turning to Shawn in her angst over the kids-and we all know what that might mean. :wink:  Poor Ingo. First he announces on twitter he's bought an Airstream camper and now he's still not in the story. Hope he's ready to camp! 

What about the spoiler about Robin?? I am hoping it leads to Lisa being gone for good-- but I have a little voice saying, that Daddy Z really seems to like her. We'll have to see how that plays out. I think Terrell is that storage closet we all know so well. 
Bruce Weitz is a breath of fresh air-- he and his roses and plants. Just having a great time. Of course, I wish he'd move around canvas a bit. Maybe be bugging people at the Metro and Hospital.  
Stevia fans will have a good week. "Steve spends the day in bed with Olivia" says the scoops.  That was pretty hilarious if you ask me. GH never cultivates relationships, they go from sitting on the couch a month ago to "hanging out in bed". LMAO. Way to build a romance. Speaking of, hellsa! We've seen quite a bit of M&M haven't we?? Even playing darts with another couple at Jake's!! :thud: Coleman even showed up at his own bar--talking about KATE! :doublethud: We didn't actually see her but she did get a mention. 

I have to mention how fun it was to tweet with some of you for the Royal Wedding. Thanks for indulging me with that!! It was a joyous occasion and we know we need more of those. Here's my fave shot of Catherine:

One more thing, thinking of all the people in the South.. please consider about donating to the Red Cross to help. If there are any Wubbers in an area that was hit and knows of a specific organization, let us know in the comments. Sometimes I like to donate to a more local charity and know it's going to the root cause.

Performance of the Week: Jane Elliot. Loved her.


Frank Strovel III said...

Thanks for the Red Cross mention. Here in eastern Tennessee, 20 tornadoes are confirmed by the NWS to have touched down with 34 people killed. Luckily, nothing serious in my immediate area even though we were under four or five different tornado warnings Wednesday afternoon and evening.

In my radio career the past two decades I've seen several active outbreaks but nothing on the scale of the other day.

mosbp2003 said...

Hi Karen! About that poll,you HAVE to know which direction it is going to take! LOL!

I still have not watched a single episode since the Jake mess. I have Thursday's epi on DVR though and I may watch it one day if I get bored enough.

I read an article yesterday about how OLTL's ratings are soaring. The article mentioned that a very small part of the surge might be due to curiosity after it was canceled, but that most of it has to be due to nothing more than the great writing. The article said that ABC might have to eat a little crow and admit that they may have been too hasty in canceling it. The article also talked about the Vicki/Erika Slezak epi of OLTL and how ABC completely dissed her through a complete lack of PR about the eipisode and how she deserves so much better simply for being a loyal employee for 40 years...

Frank Strovel III said...

On a lighter, GH note... I am watching the intervention episode today.

Did I say 'lighter'? LOL

mosbp2003 said...

Frank, so glad to hear that your area was spared, but so sad over the loss of lives due to these storms.

kdmask said...

Frank, I'll message you on FB about local addresses you might know? During Katrina I found a trucker that took stuff to a lady at a church there...we got to be good friends. It was wonderful to be able to send things I knew people would need. Sometimes getting money from the RCross takes a long time.

EileenFK said...

Actually it's a bigger diss to Brenda. Remember her, Sonny's wife?? Brenda should be the one going with Sonny and Dante. Not Carly. We hardly get S&B and this is what they do?? It's another insulting and insane move from Guza the Luza. No wonder the show is tanking. Again he is putting his pet Carly into everything. SMDH Nevermind that this should be Brenda's storyline about her son. It's disgusting and no wonder the show is tanking in the ratings. Unless we hear differently I won't be watching this bullshit.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Good one Eileen lol all those tornados missed us thank the Lord and were headed towards my sister who lives in Atlanta.She was ok thanks to a lot of praying.All we have to worry about is the Mississippi flooding here.It will crest May 10th at 49

Tabatha said...

When exactly are you starting these polls, Karen? Because I still can't access while still in my schools network (3 more days to go lol).

Rhonda said...

I think the first poll is over Tab, Liason won as best couple. Surprised there weren't very many Liz & Lucky to be honest. Oh well.

I just don't get the Carly involvement. Why would she help brenda? More believeable to be Jax or even Jason. I doubt they will show Jason waiting anxiously at Sam's bedside. Instead he will be with Michael or abby, who were so fun to watch at first and now IMO are a snore.

We need rain so bad in the Austin area, but if it means the severe storms I think I'll take the drought.

Tabatha said...

@Rhonda Thanks! Glad to hear, and not surprised really. I don't think Lucky FF are smitten w/ Liz anymore. It seems Lush have taken off. Plus those darn Liason fan will NEVER give up lol (I included). Partly due to the deprivation.. the fact they were never given a real chance causes hope to be held out, and fantasies on how they would/could be.

As far as Carly, I agree. It makes ZERO sense for her to be involved in S&B/Lucien's story. Come to think of it, she's EVERY story: S&B/Lucien, Mabby/Dante, Jasam, Luke/Spencer intervention, and even her own damn story with Joss/Jax/Shawn. She's just Guza's go-to "diva", and it's lazy writing. I like Carly, but sucks he can't involve other females like Liz, Lulu, Tracey, Robin, Maxie, and even Sam.. integrate them in other stories like Carly.