Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Robin Strasser Dishes on "The View" Orders!!


This is just too delicious not to share!! On Twitter, Strasser shares that the cast/crew of OLTL were told "not to speak to the ladies of the view" due to problems they had when All My Children were in the building!! This is after One Life moved studios to where AMC filmed (next to The View) 

She tweets:

"DON'T speak to the women or their guests-there were 'problems' when AMC was here, which we wish to avert". Didn't stop Joy Behar-what does?
 JOY BEHAR passed me in narrow hallway, and side slapped me on the HIP. JOY 4 me- as a fellow New Yorker-that SPOKE VOLUMES. story we share:
"I'm gonna be doin' this show Barbara Walters is puttin' together" Joy Behar 2 me (OLTL green room 2 weeks b-4 Ms Walters changed TV-again!
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Carrie said...

I'm confused why weren't they suppose to speak to them?

Hope said...

well, I cant stand the view or anyone on it, so I wouldnt want them talking to me!!! Nyah!