Thursday, November 4, 2010

Those Pesky Genie Francis Rumors...

Will NOT die!! Here's the latest skivvy. Someone went to a Trek convention in Plano, TX and saw Jonathan Frakes  there. He said Genie was coming back to GH  "soon"...and doing The Note 3 for the Hallmark Channel. The reason I'm hesitant on this is for a couple of reasons:

One: MONEY... GH has it's hands FULL with a certain returning vet already and quite a large cast already in rotation.

Two:  I was 99% positive that there was going to be an announcement LAST October about her coming back.. I mean, I thought it was coming the week I put up the "Sprumor" I was that sure. 

Three: I'm not getting a "Laura" vibe right now. Lucky's off doing his undercover stuff,  Liz (who is a part of it all, believe me) isn't around much..Tracy/Luke are cozy in their story. I'm thinking if she does come back it will be when/if the baby reveal comes and Helena is on canvas. Spring sweeps?

I still think Mr. G is  itching to do that "Endgame" with the Cassadines that had to be scrapped for 9/11. In as much as I get on his case, I do think he's the only one to arc out that story. (I am holding out for a secret Franco tie-in and a Stavros return, thank you). 

SO,  maybe her hubby does know and we'll see Genie back in Port Charles after all. I haven't heard it on my end, btw...not even  hinted at. If I had, I would have been on here in a flash telling you all about it!! Everyone said Vanessa was coming back so finally came true, could work for this as well. 

 You know if I know more, I'll be here to let you know!


Anonymous said...

Check out the Wikipedia on General Hospital, and click on the list of characters of General Hospital. Go to Laura's character name go to the bottom. It states IT was recently announced Genie Francis inked a 2 year deal to return to GH this December 2010.

Anonymous said...

It says towards the top of her character, where it says duration 2010. Thought i would share.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Scott will return as well. After all he was hiding in the plan when she left for Paris....
One can only hope. The writers at GH will prbally ruin the storyline, like they ALWAYS do

Anonymous said...

GH needs to clean house then they can afford genie francis. starting with my least favorite kelly monaco, moving on to lisa locicero and the bumbling actor who plays spinelli. there are more useless characters but I don't want to be rude.

Anonymous said...

I want Laura and Scotty to come back and either be engaged or married. And I want Scotty to get Mayor Floyd recalled and become mayor. How awesome would be that since he hates all the scum of Port Charles(Sonny, Luke, etc.)? LOL

Anonymous said...

There was a time when I pined for Genie's return, but Luke betrayed all history when he named that kid his son and claimed Tracy was his true love (HA!) so I no longer care. I don't like Luke much these days since he is much changed from who he really is.

I guess the actor is pleasant enough, but when they talk about useless characters, Ethan comes to mind. Why is he even there? He adds nothing, he doesn't fit anywhere, do anything, and he certainly doesn't seem like Luke's son. Never believed it. And I wouldn't miss him for a second.

I like Scotty only as a troublesome irritant in L&L's romance, but no more than that. Certainly I don't want him with Laura. He also had other true loves and far more real than Laura,

I want to see a strong Laura, one who returns to run her former business and set her sights on the real Luke--but that would take some re-writing of Luke, from pathetic drunken lout to a man with purpose and abilities. I don't think Guza could pull that off.

Anonymous said...

You're right.

I don't know why they didn't make Ethan Robert and Holly's son. He could have still been pals with Luke, give Robin a sibling, Mac a nephew on the wrong side of the law, etc. He and Lulu actually had chemistry before they made them siblings. The Spencers don't need any more kids.

The chemistry between Francis and Geary is still strong enough to overcome bad writing, but I'm not sure this time. Like you said, Luke has become a shell of his former self who we now know cheated on her, had a son and is desperately in love with Tracy.

After all the time they lost, it really is depressing to think that Laura is alive and well and Luke doesn't want to be near her. Feels like such a betrayal of history.

Tracy accepts Luke for the pathetic creature he's become and that's why they work. Luke always stepped up and become more then that for Laura. If she does return, I'd like to see that.. but not her chasing him, let him chase her this time. But under Guza's pen, I doubt Luke will change.

Anonymous said... lists genis francis on GH beginning 11/15/10 . Now is that just flashbacks since it will be their 29th wedding anniversary?

Anonymous said...

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