Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Anyone Know Any OLTL Sources?

Cause dang, that show is just KILLIN' right now.  Today's show--a TUESDAY show had THREE cliffhangers! Good ones!! To have to do GH right after is making the Wubqueen  very CRANKY. I confess  I even put OLTL on the DVR and sometimes skip GH when I'm not home. 

Brenda has been in that stupid position (someone trying to take her) at least six times since she came  on the show. VM's ribs must hurt. Now Jason is scolding Dante for not shooting when he said so.  God, can't they just ONCE balance this show out?!
Mac is yelling at Dante and  Lucky. 

PCPD? Sonny's STILL THERE!!!!!!! Still there!!!!!!!! STILLTHERE!!

Jason Thompson is such a good man-cryer. Nice Scrubs montage. Very well done. I'm  glad they put the wedding in there.  I still have she and Robert on the Wubs net, bottom of the Scoops page! Sigh. I wish they'd have Anna come in every now and again. Like NOW when Robin could really use her help. That doesn't mean Anna would come on forever, but pop in and out. OR...Robert, Anna, Sean and Frisco could be WSB against the Balkan. 

Lulu's face when she saw Dante/Brenda. You can't escape The Face.

Tracy, Luke, Mayan... I said Tracy knew the score with him since day one. LOL. 

Who remembered that Matt lived at Mac's house? I DID!! He should move in with Patrick..and throw Mac in there too. Not that they'd have any scenes, just do it.

Aleksander shot by Brender-- you know it's his baby they are talking about raising in the promo. At least Brenda told Jason.  Part of it at least. Dante kinda lied to Lulu, didn't he? You think Jason now thinks Dante's a huge hero for covering up a crime!!? Hmmmm. That's Guza for you.
And YES, Dante's a total hypocrite for the whole cover up with Michael thing....but that's why I hate the writers,  They didn't write him as even  WAVERING from his convictions. 

Aleksander=BALKAN'S SON. Told ya.


Anonymous said...

This stupid show. I hate it.

I can see why people think Dante's a hypocrite for turning Michael in. Totally get that. I'm more ticked that he sat there and straight up lied to Lulu and didn't even look conflicted about it! What. The. Crap. I hope she brings the Spencer Smack-Down when she finds out he lied.

LOVED the Scrubs montage. Best part of GH in a long time.

Ari said...

Why was there a Scrubs montage? reconciliation or break up?

Anonymous said...

also has GH and AMC spoilers there too.

Anonymous said...


Puts all the spoilers out there together.

kdmask said...

No..LOL, I meant behind the scenes sources like I have at GH for OLTL!! I'd do that show, but I don't know anyone there!!
I want to be spoiler free for it for now.

Barb said...

I'm not watching so here is my guess on the Balkan based on them not showing Aleksander -- a back from the dead Cameron Lewis played by Lane Davies! Remember Zander's real name was Alexander! I know, I know, Guza probably forgot he had a character not that long ago named Alexander.

Anonymous said...

Barb, Very Good! That would be great but GUZA is not that good!!

Rita Pita said...

Is it just me or does it not even matter than Michael will spend Thanksgiving with the Q's? hell they never show them together, why mislead on Thanksgiving? No scenes with Edward, Monica, nothing. Same thing if mac comes to spend it with Alexis. We'll all owww and ahhh over it and then there will be nothing again for months, if not another year.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dante was being hypocritical at all. He and Brenda killed and covered up a man's death. He knows what it's like to carry that guilt and fear of being found out, with you. He could totally relate to what Michael would go through had the coverup of his killing Claudia not been exposed. He didn't want Michael living the way that basically we now know he has been. Now, as for the lying to LuLu thing...he's so gonna get it later.

DJ Rogue said...

I know you guys liked it...but was a montage really necessary? Really?


Suzanne = Aleksander's mommy.