Wednesday, November 17, 2010

General Hosptial: Brenda's Day Off Today

Sweeps: Let's give it a grade, shall we? I'm going for a D. FOR DULL. DULLDULLDULL...Even with the Brante reveals, it's just not moving. I have so many great ideas for this show and I'm tired of talking about it.
One, one interesting thing came out of an appearance this weekend. An actor said there were disclosure agreements  going around the set during the time that Franco was there. Seems he's making a documentary about his time on the soap. Hmmmmm....for one of his classes for for Comedy Central?? Hahaaha. Sorry, couldn't resist. 

What's in the Cards for GH?

BTW, yes, I realize that Olivia and Steve had scenes before, it was awhile ago and brief. It's not like they were "chem tested"--not in my book.  NOW they are being tested. Will they have sex? Probably. Lisa LoC's body and his abs? How could you NOT show that action? LOL I just want LLC to stay on the show, so having her be a potential Webber Wife? Hell ya. 

Ted Casablanca of "The Awful Truth" mentions Tyler Christopher in his blog about the Eva/Tony spilt.  It's interesting!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Well, it's Wed, meaning "Brender" is up "doing yoga" on GH. It's hysterical..EVERY WED she's either sleeping or doing yoga. ahahhhahahaa.

At least we saw the inside of the Q mansion...Edward was there and Lulu showed up. REALLY RANDOM was Edward offering a million for Mayan to stay married for a year. Because they remind him of he and Mary Mae?

We learned Spin is snowing Maxie about Brenda--so he can win her back! Jason's face was pretty funny. "You spend too much time around Carly" heh.

I hate Siobhan's's too thick and way too garbled. she's going to play soccer for us. ;/ Liz doesnt' like her... that was evident. Poor Liz three kids, hardly any help.

Suzanne grilling Dante..random. 

Alexis was on to talk to Claire about Sonny. It was so ---SONNYCENTRIC!!

Diane was on to talk to Sonny about Michael. 

Michael meets Abby on the docks. Here's a gorgeous older girl...looking for an 18 year old guy she was going to have sex with "to  be nice".  WEIRD!!

Man, I hate the decor in the Metro restaurant. ughhhh. 

I am sure "2007" is the new "CO77x" cause I hear it every damn day.



  1. Franco also filmed some kind of documentary about Saturday Night Live. It played at Sundance (I think) this year. He has his fingers in everything. I just saw a preview for yet another film of his called "Your Highness," with Natalie Portman. It comes out next spring.

    I just looked at a TV Guide that has some kind of Hot List on the cover at Target, and in Michael Logan's soap column he directly says that Brenda had Dante's baby. I don't know if it's online or not. But is that really where the story is going? I think he'd be pretty pissed if he was given wrong info.

  2. Notice they've been mentioning Laura a lot lately? Lucky did it again. They must be prepping for her to return because for awhile there they never mentioned her.. going so far as when Lucky and Luke told stories about their years on the run, they never even mentioned her.

  3. Been away for a few days and am catching up on GH...has anyone noticed that Sonny is looking away when he delivers his lines? No eye contact, constantly glancing at table tops, off camera, and stumbling/mumbling through his lines? It's as if he has lost interest in his own character and isn't bothering to learn his lines or connect with his co stars. Very strange I think for an actor of his caliber.

  4. OLTL observation: How did light eyed Clint and light eyed Echo manage to have a BROWN eyed Rex??? Now, we'd notice if it was GH, so I thought it only fair to mention it for OLTL, even though I love the show to distraction, lolol. And Kelly's drunk dialing to Joey had me laughing out loud..nice touch!

  5. skeebob... really?? there is no way they are playing this written as Dante's kid--at all. Maybe the insiders I know are totally wrong?? I still am not sure she HAD the baby!!
    Although Guza probably can't resist that. I'll have to look up his column

  6. it actually said, "turns out, these two not only share a past, but they also had a child together, although fans won't know the whole story for weeks."

    i think it will turn out like michael & sam's baby: they are not the bio dad, but they are willing to be the dad.

    although u can't believe anything guza says. he tends to do the exact opposite of what he tells all the rags.

  7. Thanks for the exact quote, Anonymous. "They had a child together" is what caught my attention. I didn't remember the wording. It could mean another Jason-raising-Michael type story, but most folks would interpret "had a child together" as meaning he knocked her up. And like Karen said, the story thus far sure hasn't seemed like it is leading that way. Guza never knows where he's going with a story when he starts one anymore, so why should this one be different?

  8. Leesy - I've thought MB has been phoning it in for YEARS. Steve Burton said at one of his appearances that one time MB said Becky Herbst was being very rude during their scenes together. She was apparently not even making eye contact or looking in his general direction and it had annoyed MB. SB said he had to tell MB that on the show Liz was currently blind, which is why Becky wasn't making eye contact with him.

    Although a funny story to hear, it still struck me as kind of odd that MB didn't follow the storyline of another character that would be involved with his. Almost...unprofessional. I'm not saying the has to know everything about every character but, it was a current storyline that was intersecting with his and well.. it IS his job.

    As for this Dante/Brenda/Baby crap - it doesn't even remotely make ANY sense for Dante to have a child in any way shape or form and to not have interacted or mentioned it. You know, considering what he thought of Sonny for abandoning his own child.

    Sometimes I wish GH would try and hide that they don't even care anymore.

  9. I am going to respectfully ask, for the love of all that is good and holy, that you never, ever ever again post another picture of Ethan and Maya. That is simply tragic. Lol!

  10. The last post was really meanspirted why is a picture of two beautiful people which Nathan and Annie are! Annie has the most beautiful mocha complexion on earth she's a stunning naturally beaatiful woman. And Nathan is hot they are two of the sexiest, hottest couple on daytime. What's tragic is pictures of Ethan and a ten year old looking overmaded up Kristina! Maya and Ethan look hot and are HAWT!

  11. Maya is one of the most beautiful woman on daytime and Ethan is goodlooking and hot! Why would a sexy picture of two good looking hot people consenting adults who looks like adult be tragic. This is the 21st century its okay that a black, sexy, young woman hooks up with a white, sexy, hot guy! Get a Grip I adore Maya and Mayan they have a large strong fanbase! Both actore are appealling and talented I love them!