Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OLTL was Classic Soap Today and GH Was In Full Vegas Farce!

Sniff...Cole leaving, so sad. Even if you didn't like his character after awhile (me) it was still the end of an era. Kris Alderson even tweeted a pic of her wearing a fan fave "SOLE"  bracelet.  She also said she didn't know until that day that it would be Jason's (Markko) last day as well. *SNIFF*  The whole show was amazing. The Ford family-- and I tell you what, but James acts exactly like a real abused kid would. And Gigi- decking Audrianna. Heh. John and Natalie. AND IT'S A WED!!

Exclusive picture from the set of PRETTY,  the Series!!  That's our own Denise Alexander (Leslie) doing a cameo for the webseries. It's a hilarious look at the pageant world.  You must check it out!

GH Today was fun!! Tracy, Maya, Luke and Ethan in their Vegas sheeze. LOVED the costumes. LOL. Maya in a Tutu. Wish the whole show was on this storyline. Ethan wants to stay married for his green card.

Oyrish Lassie Siobhan is on my last nerve..although I do like to see Lucky with someone, I just can't get into her. Sigh. Maybe it's because she's some random chick from Ireland with an accent that drives me insane?   She gets a job in 2 seconds at Jake's-- and meets Maxie. Economy must be good in PC!

Olivia was on with Jax, cause he needs a favor to get into the Carly dramaz. heh. Carly needed Johnny. BOTH wanted info on THE FACE. Of course, because every thing's about THE FACE lately. Thank you god that some characters are in Vegas, far far away! 
Jolivia and Chippino! 

WOW...Nikolas mentioned calling Laura about HER CHILDHOOD house burning down!! Thank you!! AND he said she was doing "really well" in Paris. :thud: I'm stunned. 

Dante is called out by Jason. You know, being such a hypocrite about the Michael cover-up. 

Ah, Suzanne said Brenda was "laid up" for about a week--then did the Africa thing. Ergo, did she lose the baby during that time? Have an abortion? Is there a kid runnin' around after all? Nice tid-bit of information there.  My banner. 
JaSam on toda. More Brante Flashbacks. 


Ocean Park Girl said...

One Life to Live was awesome! I just watched on Soapnet and am crying - Cole and Starr were awesome!! They have me in tears. I see Karen syas GH was good today, but don't think anything can beat OLTL today. Marco and Cole both leaving, Gigi decking Adrianna, even the crazy father of the Ford brothers....great show!! Gotta watch GH now.

Anonymous said...

kourtney kardashian will be making an apperance on OLTL

Mamaspat Ole said...

OLTL was kicking butt today.The Ford Boys were soooo good and the Mama was too along with Nate.Looks like Gigi and Christian going to have a drunk encounter also Kelly and Rex.

Shirleedee said...

I always love Tracy, Luke, and Ethan. Today's Vegas fun brought Maya along for the ride, but she still seems to 'hold back' a bit which puts a damper on the whole frivolity. She's getting better tho.

Cosmoetica said...

Seeing Denise Alexander and hearing of Laura being called shows why GH drops the ball so often. No legacy.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Laura's name is mentioned is sign if you ask me that she will be on in the not to distant future

Anonymous said...

I thought Maya did an excellent job and more than held her own! Go Annie keep up the good work the Vegas stuff should have been the entire show!

Anonymous said...

Soaps are all pretty bad right now. Look at YR yes they have good ratings but Sheffer can only write one storyline woman over the edge. Most soaps GH included but not excluded gives a freeride to criminals look at OLTL Todd has raped more than one woman he gangraped Marty does he really deserve happiness? I watch GH for Maya, Ethan, Lucky, Luke and Edward. I hate that Liz cheated on Lucky with Nik but I hate the latter more. I loathe Kristina and her constant pity party she looks ten and acts younger why would a hot smoking smart conman have anything to do with her aftershe lied on him. I watch for Mayan, I also watch DOOL and I liked Cole on OLTL he's a very good young actor! I wish him well!