Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Blood Type A Positive

Oh, it is a Sunday Surgery Blog that is all about the GOOD things on GH. This is all going to lead up to December's Wubber Awards for 2010. I have to start thinking about the positive stuff I like on this show or I'll end up giving out nothing but coal !!

Here we go!! (fasten those Wubber-Belts) 

Kudos for using the hospital more. There was a time when the hospital was on maybe once a month. Now, it's more of a hub and we are even getting some interesting guests in with illnesses. The nurse's station is a hot place for gossip.

Dante has a kitchen!! I love it when they bring in groceries and start cooking.  I totally miss kitchens on GH and showing Lante doing some domestic stuff warms my cynical heat. 

The "other" players. GH probably has the biggest cast of supporters out there. Max, Milo, Coleman, Conan, Diane, Ronnie, Big Alice and Epiphany all contribute to the canvas. 

More Mac Daddy. He's been on lately. Thank you.

Claire, Alexis and Diane going into the lawyer biz together. Oh, yes. 

The Foursome of Lunacy and Mayan. Luke, Tracy, Maya and Ethan are adding a fun element to the show. Now they are all living at the Q's!! eeeee!! (dare I hope it means more Q scenes?!)

So, there you go. I crab enough about what's missing on GH, and those are some things  I am really liking lately. I LOVED the day before Thanksgiving's show. LOVED it. I am all about the cast integration and families. As I'm finished I notice just how small this blog is!! LOL..well, I can only do so much. I guess we have to gear up for December and all it's angst with More Balkan, More Lisa and More Lunacy planning.  I've seen a couple of small spoilers with Helena mentioned, but nothing major--nor have I seen an official ABC 'comeback' notice. Keep your fingers crossed for that.  

I asked all of you what you're thankful for on GH...and got the most comments ever in a blog post! See all the responses below. I also asked on Twitter.
Here are a few samples:

Jarnold said...
I'm thankful for the cast. Through good storylines or bad, I still am addicted to their characters. Best overall cast on soaps! I'm going to add another one, Brenda Barrett.    **I am thankful for crazy Lisa, Robin, and Patrick. Especially when they throw in Maxie and Matt--Mrs. Goose.
@WubsNet The thing thankful for on #GH: Is the Scorpio/Jones/Drake family: Who are there for each other no matter what. Is why I love them----@cecape

@WubsNet I'm thankful Carly and Jax are back together!!!!!  @lexi_nicole

Thank You for ALL your answers!! They've been fun to read. So, when we're bitching away next week, we can take a look back here to see a few bright lights.


  1. I'm enjoying Luke and Tracy, the masters of comedic timing, and Diane, Alexis and even Clair in this new wrinkle of her character.Can't wait to see where she ends up. Sad there aren't more eligible men around for these ladies with brains. And, while it might not be popular...I am enjoying what Brenda and Sonny are doing with Guza's limited writing. If they can get a tear or sigh or anything from the viewers, it shows how special they are as actors. THAT'S chemistry folks!

  2. I have enjoyed Brenda's scenes with Jason, especially when she drives him crazy.

    I really enjoyed Luke's scene with Carly and look forward to him knocking her off her high horse and then teaching her a couple of much needed lessons.

    I've enjoyed Diane and her common sense approach to dealing with Sonny, Clare, and the inept legal system in PC. I always seeing her with Max.

    I want to see Luke and Tracy do something besides bicker over her money. These two actors above all others make the show watchable.

    I have enjoyed the Lisa vs. Robin story but it has gotten repetitive and lost its edge.

    I have NOT enjoyed the Sonny Brenda scenes at all. Frankly, Sonny, Anthony Zachara, and Franco have in the last couple of years made the show unwatchable for me. Thank goodness for Fast Forward.

  3. I'm enjoying Luke and Tracy, Diane and Alexis, and in a limited capacity, Sonny and Brenda. I wish they would do something with Brenda besides play musical bodyguards. Not enjoying Ethan and Maya (stupid and sleazy), Dante (why is he in EVERY storyline?),Crazy Lisa (hasn't she overstayed her welcome?), or Jason ignoring Sam (for Brenda?). I'm hoping for and expecting changes and better things for 2011.

  4. I adore allthings Quartermaine and that includes Michael! I adore Ethan and Maya they are the sole reason I watch. I also enjoy Robin, Emma, Patrick and Matt! I am not a fan of Kristina why do they put tons of makeup on an eighteen year old it makes her look younger not older I adore Molly thou what a cutie!

  5. I hope it was Sonny,s
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