Thursday, November 4, 2010

General Hospital Spoilers and Thursday Dish!

Check out the new SPOILERS on the Wubs Net! Remember to please support the site by clicking on a link to google ads! I so appreciate it. The spoilers look about the same as they did weeks ago.  I'm underwhelmed. 

Maurice Benard will be chatting live via GH's Facebook Page tomorrow!! Get on there at 1:30pm EST and he'll answer a bunch of fan questions.

For East Coasters, Uncle Vinny's Comedy Club has a LOT of GHers coming to to the  venue! Check the link out (scroll down) and you'll see dates for Kim McCollough, Maurice Benard, other GH stars  and the Port Chuck band!!

GH TODAY:  THE Q's were on!  BRENDA FINALLY VISITS EDWARD! WOOT!! Small things make me happy. I wish it would have happened way sooner. Edward and Brenda melted my cynical #GH heart. Awwwwww. She also reminded Eddie Jason is a Q too! I wish Brenda had been there when Luke and the gang arrived. The scene was  too short with she and Edward. Nice play when  Monica told Luke he had to marry Tracy within a month or he's OUT!

Carly is such a snoop. Heh. Loves it. She'll get the story about Dante/Brenda!! She said "Bamboozled" ....heehee. She asked Jason which person he'd save if they were  "Dangling over alligators" ..."ME or Brenda"??! HE just blinked. 

SoClaire:Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring as all HELL. I don't care about them. At. All. Sleep together, don't...then sleep together, then get evidence, then ....:throwing up hands:

Emma/Robin were cute. Emma is such a peach!! I would think she would  OR the smoke detector  would go off. You know Mac Daddy has them, with new batteries. That just isn't a good story point. I mean, really. That's all I could think about. It finally went off when the house was FULL of smoke-- and Robin falls down the stairs. Is she  PG? Don't just PG women fall down the stairs. 

We found out today that Steven played guitar in a "country music" band...which is a tip to his real life love of guitar playing! 

BEST LINE: "Fruit upsets me, it's too juicy" says Luke to Alice.  


Rita Pita said...

Hmmmm if Genie comes back it would be perfect for her to do so right in the middle of tracy & Luke's "real" wedding

sonya said...

The lines of the day goes to Edward!

Edward: We are not your real family!


Edward: Don't call her that! That's disgusting!

ROFLMAOPMP! I want more Q's!! :) And hey there was 4 scenes of surgery!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! :) OLD SCHOOL GH! :) When the first scene was shown I said out loud WOAH! :)

Anonymous said...

shouldn't the child of two doctors be off the bottle by age 2? i'm just saying.......

Anonymous said...

I really loved the Edward and Brenda scenes too short but definitely cute..
Loved the moment when talked about Jason, I was surprised the writers said that LOL

I wish for more..

Lori said...

hey everyone... Just a reminder that Amber Tamblyn starts airing on House this coming Monday, November 8. Check your local listings if you'd like to see her

Anonymous said...

Loved the Edward scenes, too. But would love a scene with Jason & his son, jake more than anything.

And while we're at it can Lucky please find out he has a blood son?
Seriously? This qwhole s/l is boring with theis irish girl. Sorry, doesn't work.

TwilightEternity said...

I am so bored with GH right now! The whole thing with the Balken is lame! Get on with it already!!

And I have to say it,Carly is so annoying!

Anonymous said...

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