Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday: Candy Hangover?

That's OLTL cast members Kristen Alderson, Brittnay Underwood and Nic out on the town for Hallowe!

So, how was your Halloween?? It SNOWED here. Not a lot, but enough to put a damper on the dang night for the kiddies.  BOO on the Halloweenie Fairy.

GH: Sam's pretending to be abducted. Siobhan is abducted...Brenda's almost abducted. LORD, enough "abducting" of women going on? I feel  like I'm watching Snidely Whiplash cartoons.  Polly Purbread being held on the train tracks. *Sigh*

I Love how Nikolas and Patrick were like, err..did I talk  to you? Like MONTHS ago on the park bench? LOL. Randomness.  

Patrick won't believe Robin after what happened at the well? After all that crazy sheeze Lisa said? I mean...she DID say it, right? We were sitting here and heard her. Out of anyone, Patrick would believe her.  

Brenda's flashback...totally shooting the Balkan's kid I bet. Hear the accent? "But I loved you"?!  Now she shoots someone again. HEH... the Face of the Shooter!! Whatever. Dante's face when she got up-- he had tears in his eyes. Then Brenda gets the two shootings mixed up in her looney little head. Heh. Sam gave her the BIG OL' STINK EYE!! Best part of the show.

Spencer was dressed as Vlad!! AAHAHAaaha, the Bat! Get it? That was perfect and I bet done just for us Cassadine lovers! 

Poor Carly waiting with Candy on her body. Heh



Lori said...

No mention of Baby Joss dressed up like a flower?!?! Wheeeeeeee she was so darling!!!! I loved Spencer as Dracula, that was priceless!!

Now I know I am very hard on Guza and his mob stuff but I actually liked the whole thing with Brenda and the flash back and the new shooting. AND they bummed up THE FACE (whoa shocker lol) I thought VMG did an excellent job and clinging to Jason was exactly what she would do. Then waivering back and forth between the past and present was the perfect way to write it. (this is where I speculate that Guza didn't write this lmao)

Not amused at how they have Spinelli behaving on today's show.

And Siobahn spitting on the dude who kidnapped her had me cracking up! Very good cover story for her to say she was Nikolas's nanny.

Far better episode than I was expecting based on what we've been seeing the last few weeks

kdmask said...

Lori, I actually DID like the double flashback...
LOVED Dante's face when he was looking at Brenda.

Anonymous said...

I have to say they are ruining a once interesting story with the Lisa & scrubs s/l. Robin is getting annoying. pretty soon i'm going to start rooting for Lisa.

They had better hurry up with the kristina/bully/homecoming story since it'll be thanksgiving by the time it starts and flipping prom time by the time it ends. I say skip this one since she has alreayd been a victim. They haven't even shown her in weeks.. I liked her with Ethan and now we have boring Maya on our hands. Anything that was once good is dull. No Jolivia, Danlu, just boredom.

Fav part of today: Sam's panties getting in a wad over Brazen. Why she would tell Jax about interpol business is beyond me, she keeps no secrets that one.

kdmask said...

I'm worrying about the bullying thing too...if it's too long, it can't be homecoming! Maybe it's for the winter?? Hmmmmmm

Frisco said...

I miss the old Morgan.
When Siobhan was captured and trying to convince them they took the wrong person why didn't she fake a different accent...if for no other reason then to give the ears of us viewers a break. I bet if her accent wasn't so exgaretted she would be more popular with the viewers. Shawn Brady was Irish but did not has thick of an accent.
Why would Jax go to check on Brenda at Jason's? dumb. Did he think Spinelli, Sam or Jason wouldn't tell Carly. Dumb, dumb man.
The Ethan / Johnny scene seemed random to me today. Are they trying to build up Ethan's connect with / concern for Christina before her bullying storyline?
Wouldn't it of been great to have a scene at the Q mansion on Halloween...just to see what costume Big Alice would be wearing? Perhaps Liz could of brought the kids by trick or treating...Monica giving Jake candy without knowing it was her grandson...
The RObin storyline is dragging on too long and getting annoying. Bring in Anna to drop kick Lisa.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Robin/Patrick fan, but it is just too far fetched to think that Patrick would not believe Robin. Does he just forget about the whole crazed Lisa screeching like a banshee in the woods episode....after he pulled his wife out of a well?? Obviously the writers have decided they like Lisa ever since she went all wackadoo, but come on - sometimes characters just go too far to save. I also like Kristina & Ethan....Maya is bland bland bland. The actress is good enough, but I just don't see any spark with them. Soaps are notorious for Rapid Aging Syndrom, so give Kristina her 19th birthday party & a storyline with Ethan. I know I'm in the minority, but I do like Michael & the stripper....the storyline started out yuck - what with Sam arranging their hook up - but those two have chemistry and the girl portraying her is a good actress. In fact, better than some on contract.....

Leesy said...

Did the cigarettes in the pic of kristen and all bother anyone else but me? In this day of awareness about smoking's effects on people, it just seemed an unnecessary prop, even if they were chocolate.

Anonymous said...

What type of idiot is Patrick? Robin needs to smack him upside the head, then divorce him and take him for everything he's worth. Did he completely forget all the crazy stuff he saw Lisa do like waving a gun around like a maniac and breaking into his house multiple times and stealing Robin's meds?

The kids were so adorable. The only highlight of GH.