Monday, November 1, 2010

The Walking Dead: Gruesome and Just Plain Squee-Worthy!

AMC has done it again...another Sunday night can't miss for me. On Halloween night, the channel launched it's most adventurous series yet. And it has  ZOMBIES!! Now, there are zombie-nuts and there are the zombie-obsessed. I am not one of them. I do like the IDEA of Zombies...and I loved "Night of the Living Dead" but I'm not chasing them on video games 24-7. (I can't imagine how much those people must love this show!!) I tuned in mostly because I was curious and because I miss Mad Men in the same timeslot. By the way...they are not "Zombies" on the show, they are "The Walkers".

Before I get into the show--KUDOS to AMC for setting itself up to be the "Regular TV HBO". Usually you can't find these types of shows (Mad Men,  Breaking Bad) on network TV. AMC doesn't replay the shows over and over.  They air that night at the scheduled time and then directly after in an encore presentation. You can't catch them off-season unless you buy them in a set or on iTunes. That's the way to create a community and a cult like atmosphere. You watch it live or you DVR it, nothing in between. 

TWD is based on a comic book by Robert Kirkman. It's about life after the Zombies take over and a band of survivors who must learn how to live in a world of flesh-eaters. The first scene has our hero the sheriff blowing off a little girl's head because she's going to eat him. The camera does NOT look away at the gore. The Zombies and the make up are top notch. Flashbacks give us a taste of his life before the disease takes over. After waking from a coma (Where he missed the entire 'event')  He meets a son and father who will  break your heart. It's not just a story about Zombies, it's a story about survival and past lives.

I'm not one to watch a show just for the gore...but this is much, much more. Delightful fun!! note: not for the squeamish.
PS. I got a great sticker from Get Glue for the premiere!! 


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I just read Genie Francis, is returning to GH in December, for a 2 year contract. Read it in the wikipedia if true.

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I am going to check this out. i haven't heard this.