Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wed: OLTL and GH don't get the Presidential Treatment!

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Well...Obama didn't interrupt my two fave soaps, so I'm happy!! Who else is glad those idiot political ads are Done-ZO?! ME! ME!!! We lost our Mayor here because he's off to be Lieutenant Governor for the state. I really liked him. BOO.

OLTL was good today. Flor is such a great actress!! Loved when she saw the URN that was supposed to be HER!  I love how the Greg story is ending. wowza. They so use history, so many characters...I LOVE IT!! Destiny's parents, the whole "Charlene" backstory...nice. I do think  my love for this soap has something to do with my being spoiler free and not "attached" at the hip to it like I am for GH.

I take it I missed exactly NOTHING yesterday. I even looked at the #GH timeline to see if there was anything note worthy. Nope. 

I think the spoiler about Edward offering Maya/Ethan to STAY married should be to NOT stay married.  SIGH I'm changing it. LOL All the spoilers are crappy info..I think a product of the 'non-sweeps'.  No one cares, not even the informants. 

: Love Luke and the nose tubes. heh. 

SoClaire: Ugh I was so happy to see Diane!! woot!
Lulu had on some weird necklace. oy... they yelled at Spinelli
Maxie's shirt was fugly. ugh. 
Patrick's an idiot. GO to the PARTY
Dr. Matt was on. 
Carly and Spin are going to try to find the connection between Dante/Brender
Michael and Abby are in Kelly's 24-7. Good Lord.  Talking about stripping/prison. EVERY TIME
Lante: Bensonhurst stories. We found out Olivia decked some neighbor when Dante was little
Note: "Brenda" was "asleep" today... ergo, no VM on
Too bad Emma's party lasted 2 seconds. Literally TWO seconds!!
BEST PART OF THE DAY: Ronnie Marmo's smile to Sonny. Heh.  TOO FUN. 
Did anyone else notice how random the Carly/Dante/Lulu scene was? WEIRD

**Chrissie Fit (Mercedes) is filming Soutland today with Regina King!! Can't wait to see her on the show.

**James Franco News: Go to Perez Hilton to see how he's doing an Art Project involving the TV  classic: Three's Company!!


Anonymous said...

You are lucky. Here on the West Coast we are subjected to the stupid Giants parade. Who cares about that??? We are told that if the parade goes past 1pm ABC will air todays episode at 1:35am. Who will stay up for that??????

sonya said...

I loved Emma's birthday party! :) Sure it was quick but what we did have was sweet!! :) Oh Patrick be a man, suck it up, and go see your daughter for her birthday!!!

kdmask said...

sonya..come on that was the SHORTEST party ever!!! LOL...they could have done at least like 10 min!

Lori said...

I am totally sending Hair and Wardrobe for a time out after seeing how craptastic everyone looked on today's show. Maxie is usually flawless in my opinion but today she looked like she just got time warped in from the 80s (early 80s, barely out of the disco era)

My cuteness quotient today came from little Jakey! Jeeze that kid gets cuter and cuter!

OLTL - if Flo doesn't get an Emmy nomination there is something enormously wrong. She's been absolutely wonderful.

kdmask said...

OLTL better get HUGE emmy love this year!! Or this will probably be the year they ditch the daytime ones. Figures.
I don't know why they couldn't have Daytime/Primetime together

Anonymous said...

those political ads were worse than ever this year. i am so glad that election season is over.

Mamaspat Ole said...

OLTL was kick butt again Tea seeing her urn was priceless and poor Destiny I hate that Greg is her daddy.Cole leaving guess we know James is going to hook up with Starr.I hope Tea wins a emmy the show deserves one too...

Rita Pita said...

I don't see OLTL getting Emmy nods and certainly not winning. They're in 2nd to last place and for some reason the voting process doesn't fair well for real stories with feeling that viewers still enjoy. they go by ratings.. JMO