Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Soapy Turkey Trot!!

                                                     RISE YOUR GLASS TO THE FUN!

AMC...didn't watch it but I think it wasn't Thanksgiving at all..cause you know,  David was back and Zack is dead.

OLTL pulled out all the stops!! Echo, Vicky and Dorian were hysterical. I loved Dorian making fun of Echo.  Heh. SHANE was even on!

They had a turkey trot-- the Ford boys ran, Brody did too.
Clint had everyone over-- Nora, Bo..Matthew ...Inez, Nate-- Nigel playing the wii . I like how Clint is being Asa-fied. :) Love that Matt and Nate are all mean with each other.
Blair..Christian, Starr..Lang Ford boys, Charlie..
Nigel's British cousin, Kelly and Kevin and the new Joey!
Tea, Todd, Dani and then Destiny comes in. 

General Hospital gave us a traditional day too!! KUDOS and CHEERS! HIP HIP HOORAY!!

 Luke: "Tracy, you look like a millon bucks!" 
Tracy: "Actually that would be Maya; I look like a lot more!

I am so happy they are doing this today. I might even be in a good mood for Sunday Surgery. 

Maxie, Sam and Robin, all in the same room!! squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I loves it. Too short of a scene though. Uncle Mac coming in with a basket Awww... he tells Patrick to stay out of Robin's room or he'll break his legs.  Matt later tells Patrick to man up and get in there with Emma. Patrick does go in and we get a cute Scrubbie Family scene.

The Q house: Edward looks so festive in his tie...awww  Maya looked stunning today. Ethan looked like his usual Hot Topic self. Edward loves Siobhan of course.Lulu wonders if Siobhan is with Lucky to get a greencard. 

Edward said Carly was in Manhattan and Monica was at a spa. LOVE the engagement ring Luke bought in Amsterdam! Tracy is all tearing up!! I did too a little. That was an AWESOME scene. Kudos to Jane and Tony for it. 
Those Pizzas were giant.  Edward makes them all sing the "Gathering" song.

"Buy her a ring, you Bafoon"!! Says Edward to Luke

DAVIS house: Too fun, I really liked the whole set up. Diane, Max...Spinelli, Maxi and Mac too! 

Sorry, but it was nice with no mob sheeze today. REALLY nice. *sigh*

Karen Harris wrote today's show-- and of course, she's LEAVING. @@ boo

My friends and family are thankful that I will NOT be cooking on Thanksgiving. says NLG (@nancyleegrahn)  on twitter!



  1. i actually had GH on in the background today, and i was pleasantly surprised. I knew right away that Guza did not write it.

    AMC was all about David and Zach today, so there was no Thanksgiving.

    Loved OLTL.

  2. I hope all the Wubbers have a happy Thanksgiving! xoxox

  3. I LOVED the episode, real families having Thanksgiving!! I cried when the Quatermaines sang. Edward has a beautiful voice, I guess I didn't notice that before.

    I LOVE the families and the traditions of the show--more please!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  4. I teared up a little too. Made me miss all the old Thanksgivings on GH...This soap needs more days like today - humor, pathos, FAMILY, friendships...


  5. I thought the episode was great. I loved how both Alexis and Mac talked about the fact that they had not seen each other, at least they aren't dating off-screen.

    Sure wish more episodes were like this one. I stopped watching when Michael went to prison. Tried to get back into it when Brenda came back, but it has not grabbed my attention at all. I only watched tonight on SoapNet because you said it was a good episode.

    All I want for Christmas is my GH back!

  6. This was the best episode in a long time.
    Yes, I wish Monica had been at the Quartermaines. She is at a spa because holdiays without Alan are too difficult? At least we got an explanation but wouldn't being around family be easier then being alone? Too bad they didn't think to say that Bobbie went with her...would of explained Bobbie absence as the only Spencer not at the Q celebration.

    I also questioned wheter Carly would have actually went somewhere without Micheal. I beleive she would have made the whole family stay in Port Charles so they could all be together.

    My only other wish was that Jason would have showed up at the Q's. We know he wasn't at Alexis's with Sam, nor was he out with Sonny (who we were told was with Mike and Bernie). Perhaps Brenda could of dragged Jason to the Q's...but then again that might of turned it into "all about Brenda" instead of focusing on the few remaining Q's.

    Where was Brooklyn?

    Great acting int his episode as well. Lulu, Spinelli, Diane, Alexis, Maxie and Big Alice were all good. Top acting honours however go to Edward and Tracy!!

    This episode has me looking forward to Tracy's wedding and Christmas!

  7. Wondering if something "Laura" will occur during Tracy and Luke's winter solstice weeding? The wedding scheduled for Laura's birthday, a fact mentioned more than once, bodes ill for the Spencer-Quartertmaine union. I would welcome Laura back as this would give Tracy something to complain about other than Luke's affinity for her money. Tracy and Luke both need a story line that is NOT comic relief. I'd love to see Luke tear Carly a new one and for Tracy to take on Jax's business empire. Getting Jason back into the Quartermaine family wouldn't hurt either. He has to have picked up some business savy from his longtime association with the mini-mobster.

    Really enjoyed Wednesday's Thanksgiving show. Thank goodness we were spared seeing Sonny and Brenda reminiscing about Thanksgiving days they had spent together in supposed bliss.

  8. Add me to the list of those who enjoyed this episode. And while there were things I had slight issues with (no Monica or Bobbie, the realization that this sort of "connecting" only happens on special occasions).

    Good to know that things went back to normal with the Thanksgiving episode which had "Sam offers to get Michael a prostitute" as part of the synopsis. -smh-