Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Couples-O-Rama on General Hospital

Today is a palooza of couples on GH... Brenda and Sonny make out in the rain. awwwww. The RAIN. I'm only HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS....I'M ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT'S COMPLICATED!! ode to Garbage
Sonny even gave a shout out to Foster, Lucky's doggie!!

Brenda told Sonny half the story about the whole Dante mess....  and you know Sonny is going to LOVE IT that Dante covered up for Brenda. It will show him he's a 'real man' ...heh. So much wrong with that...(Michael backstory) but whatever. Works in Corinthos Mobville. 

The Johnny/Lisa scenes were so ugh... weird. Sodium Pentothal? Like that sheeze is what they put dogs down with! LOL...and why would Johnny go along with any of this? Oh wait..I know, because they need to give Johnny and Lisa a chem test because they didn't know what to do with JOlivia!

Thank God Diane and Alexis were on today...And Claire asks to join the Law Firm. Alexis wants it, Diane doesn't.

Spinelli and Molly were fun but we hardly ever see Molly anymore. JaSam had on fancy clothes!! Nice flowers on the table!

Lante fans: Dante made Lulu dinner. 

Robin and Jason were cute...finally talking about the past.  Then Patrick had to come in and talk about stupid Lisa and Maxie maybe lying about the syringe. Matt annoyed me too. Poor Matt, who does nothing but stand around. 

Ingo's wife @ehikurademacher)  tweeted this today: I think @ingorademacher is possessed by the Hawaiian air, he already swam laps in the pool, ran the kings trail, had a shower and got coffee!

The cast isn't taping this week, they are busy tweeting up their plans! Laura Wright (@lldubs) is busy at her winery and Lexi Ainsworth (Krissy) is home with her family.


Anonymous said...

re: Lisa and Robin

OMG, will this storyline NEVER end? It has gone on at least a month too long. And the dialogue is all recycled. Guza takes one or two lines and tells the actors "ok, you are going to say this same line every day for 3 months until I figure out what I am doing and come up with a way to end this storyline"

And, with all the mobsters in PC, can't someone just kill or threaten Lisa? Sonny adores Robin, do her this one favor and have Lisa start a car somewhere or something.

Coming soon for February 2012 sweeps: Patrick is still trying to get Robin to take him back. Lisa is still gaslighting Robin. And Robin is still looking like she is crazy buy still accusing Lisa after 2 yrs.


Watchintele said...

As much as I appreciated the JnR scenes...it felt as though the writers were putting the proverbial nail in the coffin for them. As if to say, there is no chance that they will ever revisit them as a couple. And, to be honest, it makes me sad.

Stone will always be Robin's first love...and Jason will be the one who healed her...that is to say, made life worth living again. But, lately, I've kind of surmised that they are making their relationship more of a transition for Robin. Like Jason was only there to make it okay for her to love and live again. That her life didn't end with Stone's death. That's really disheartening considering for Jason, Robin will always be his first love. Kind of like, how they are doing with Liason being a transition for Jason to be with Sam.

I dunno, maybe it's the writers' way of minimizing previous relationships for the audience to accept current ones, like Jasam (GAG ME!!!), or Lucy (hahaha Luke&Tracy).

What a sad state this show is in...

Anonymous said...

If today was chem testing between Johnny and Lisa, then it was an epic fail. Their scenes were just weird. I don't love Jolivia, but I would take them over JoLisa.

I don't really ever want Jason and Robin back together romantically even though I loved them back in the day but Steve Burton and Kimberly Mc. still have nice chem together and I liked their scenes. Also, I can't believe i'm saying this, but these days Patprick makes Jason seem like a prince in comparison. I was cheering when Robin yelled at Patrick to get out. Why does Patrick even care if Maxie lied or not? At this point, he should be doing everything he can to get Lisa out of his and Robin's life.

Maxie needs to do something about her roots. I'm not even going to comment on the hot mess that is Lisa's hair and makeup.

Loved seeing Diane and Alexis together, but I don't want Claire to join their practice.

Andrea said...

Loved Jason and Robin scenes, but they have already had this conversation when Robin came back?? Why do I need to keep hearing the same thing over and over??
Loved Sonny and Brenda.
Hate that all they do with Molly is use her to try to bring Jason and Sam more love...They didn't even look like they had that much chemistry yesterday, although I LOVED Sams outfit and hair!!
Lisa and Johnny storyline is just stupid and having Patrick want Lisa back in the hospital is stupid.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.Karen keep up the work on this blog I have loved it for years.I'm thankful that Im here to read this post lol

kdmask said...


Anonymous said...

I know what they could do with Jolivia.They could END IT FOR GOOD and put Johnny back in Lulu's orbit and do a Johnny/Lulu/Dante triangle.
That would be real angst for both couples and more interesting to watch then the Dante/Brenda CRAP!!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the Dante/Lulu scenes. This is the Dante we know. The fun, playful Dante. Not the one who lies to the woman he loves and thinks he had/has feelings for someone he knew for two weeks. The Balkan/Brenda storyline (at least the Dante part of it) really sucks.