Wednesday, November 24, 2010

General Hospital's Bradford Anderson Lands TNT Pilot!

                                                                    Brad and Berta!

GH's Loveable Spinelli lands a yet unnamed Allen Loeb project over on TNT. TV Castings explains that Anderson will play a top computer investigator (perfect or what?) This pilot is based on The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp. Steven Weber (of Wings) is set to star. 

 The show, focuses on two detectives as they deal with the world of “mystery, intrigue, and occasional hijinks.” Weber will play widowed Detective Mike Lomax, who receives a letter each week even though his wife has been gone for a year while D. L. Hughley will play Lomax’s recently married partner Terry Biggs.
Here's hoping it's picked up and congrats to Bradford!


Leesy said...

And it begins. Knew sooner or later someone would recognize what a talent Bradford is. Yay for him! but I feel bad for us.

Laura Hinds said...

OH I love Marshall Karps mystery series!!! I really look forward to this!
Yay for Bradford!

Anonymous said...

Good for him. He is wasted on GH. He has more talent in his little finger than most of the rest of the cast combined.

Anonymous said...

Good! Now maybe he can leave GH!! Never liked the character or the actor.