Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Franco News and GH on Tuesday

James Franco is named one of GQ's "Men of  the Year". I am also predicting that Entertainment Weekly will name him "Entertainer of the Year" because of all the TV, Movie and Book Projects he's done!! Of course, he also signed Alberta (see side photo) --how can he NOT be Man O' The Year??!!

Can you imagine if he wins the Oscar for "127 Hours"? Will he still come back to GH to act/direct like  he said he was going to? Hmmmm. If so, would ratings shoot up?  Perhaps..or it might just be us loyal hanger-oners that still tune in. heh.

Speaking of "127 Hours"...anyone see it yet?? It's not here but I think I might go. Not sure about  the amputee scene. Eeeeee!!

Amber Tamblyn posted a new BLOG today...has Honolulu Film Fest and Girlfest info. Great pic of her too. She's such a talent. If you ever get the chance, read some of her poetry.

OLTL was fabu again...love how they are doing the Rex story!! The people move all over the canvas too.  Dorian chewing out Clint was brilliant. 

Please check out the Wubs Net  for the latest in the Brante Baby saga. You'll see that it's NOT Dante's...as far as my insider says they never slept together.  I also think she lost it. Guza may rewrite at ANY TIME however, so keep that in mind. 

Jonathan Jackson's Enation's  song "Eyes of Grace" was heard  on GH today. Want to order it or their album "World in Flight"?? Go to iTunes.  (great bit of PR there)  

Olivia and Steve chem test today!  (Stevia) Will they pass? If it keeps them on GH, go for it. I do love Jolivia though. Sigh. BIG rumors that BB is leaving. I haven't heard anything  firm.

Connie (Helena) should be back in Dec  (crossed fingers)-- and still the rumors about Genie persist.


sonya said...

Olivia and Steve chem test today! (Stevia) Will they pass? If it keeps them on GH, go for it. I do love Jolivia though.
Hahaha they were chem tested before when they were in scenes together! And YES THEY PASSED! :) Stevia I like that couple name. :) I've just called them Oleve! :) I like Jolviia too but Olivia is realizing a lot of things in her relationship with Johnny that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Steve and Olivia together! LOVE THEM! More please!

I think it would be much soapier if Brenda had an abortion because she didn't want to have Balkan Jr.'s baby. That would throw a wrench in things with Sonny...you know, not wanting to have the kid of a crime lord? And would help explain why Dante was so understanding with Lulu's abortion reveal if he went through that with Brenda. Just a thought.

I'd hate to see BB leave the show. As much as I like Maxie and Matt together, I like her with Johnny too. Give him a good story and keep him around!

CampusDisco said...

Who is the child in the picture behind Sonny in his office???? It is in so many shots and and I can't figure out who it is supposed to be!?

Rita Pita said...

I personally like Jolivia but they haven't put them front and center in months. So if Olivia was thrown in with Steve, fine by me since Steve's portrayer is under used. I don't however, want to lose Brandon as Johnny. What a loss that would be. Someone else suggested putting Johnny with Maxie, they were pretty hot together and now that Lulu has long moved on why not revisit? Strange that Genie Francis's husband continues to report her return what the heck? Would be perfect for her to return on x-mas day, so if that was to happen she would have to be seen on set in the next week or so.

To think this is a sweeps period..
We could have watched November 1st and again today and nothing has moved forward. NOTHING. Give Carly a new story. Mix things up with Jasam if we have to watch them together (not a fan). But if they mixed things up to make them interesting, I may change my mind. Good writing could do that. Oh, silly me.

Rita Pita said...


The pic is supposed to be a younger Michael

Anonymous said...

put steve with maxie and can olivia.

Rhonda said...

NO Anon! I love Olivia. And with Dante being in 75% of the storylines right now, I say we need her.

Anonymous said...

Olivia is a waste of a character.
Steve is a wimp---nothing like Steve Hardy...

Anonymous said...

Oh, please!!!!! I want Genie back so bad!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Steven and Olivia together. I call them Stolen!