Saturday, November 6, 2010

Denise Alexander Guests on "PRETTY" this Monday!

That's right! OUR Leslie Webber will guest on "Pretty" The Webseries!! Pretty is already in it's second season but you can catch up on all the episodes on their website. 
This webseries is a hilarious look at the world of pageants. A critically-acclaimed, award-winning mockumentary web series, PRETTY is the story of Michael Champagne, a "Proud Pageant Dad," who has one wish: To see his 5 year old daughter Annette win the "Miss Star Eyes" Pageant. His 5 year old daughter is played by a 30-plus year old actress. You know it's right up the WUBBER alley!

Denise talks about her guest appearance and discusses her GH past on We Love Soaps. Great interview!   

"That's the fun of it. That's why I'm involved with PRETTY. My dear friend Steve [Silverman, creator of PRETTY] asked if I would like to come and play and it's really a kick. I never thought about it as a kid. There was television, there was radio, I did theater, I did everything there was to to do, and it seemed natural. Now when I look back I think, "How lucky was I," because a lot of people didn't have those experiences. Here I am now because of Steve. And this is really such a baby form of entertainment."

With so many stars involved with webseries, we get to see them all over cyberspace!! 

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kdmask said...

I just watched 2 shows, it's HILARIOUS..really.