Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Soap-Madness --We're In Deep Sweeps!

First off,  I found this photo of Amber Tamblyn attending the premire of "127 Hours" last Thursday in LA. She is in the movie with James Franco (one of the few other actors in the pic). Look at his GH-connected show. Remember Amber is on House tonight!   Her character name? Is Martha Masters! Go to Two Cents and Five Questions for a short interview with Amber.
That's not my fave dress on her, btw. Just sayin'

On Perez Hilton today, there was this about  OLTL...which totally made me do a double-take. I thought..Perez, watches OLTL! BUT! Looking closer, it's actually an AD for the show! Totally looks like one of his posts with the writing and "what do U think"?? 
Ford's Daddy looks like Max Headroom..who remembers him!!? 

HEY! go to the EW Hollywood Insider for the Vegas Nuptial sneak-peek. David Leisure reprises his role as the Reverend Grace (from the Brenda/Jason wedding). As the spoilers say, we know that Tracy and Luke didn't get hitched, but Mayan did. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL today: Uh.... can Dante make more COW eyes at Brenda? heh. 

Robin looks nuts..and Matt made sense today. All I could think of was I hope they washed out those nose tubes after Tony Geary used them. heh Thank goodness Mac walked in. And the Webber House is a total loss..that's right. Take away that history. Bye. Laura killed David Hamilton there, put up the Christmas star-- and their kitchen table. SNIFF Lucy and Alan were married there. Blackie was there. Ok, not that they USED the set a lot, but still. Wahhh. 

SO, Jason, Dante and Lucky are going in to save Siobhan and taking "calm" Brenda with them? What are they thinking!! 

How many days has Sonny been in that room? LOL..thank goodness for Diane walking in. 

Carly just blurting out about Dante and Brenda was priceless. Lulu was going: D'OH

Is this sweeps?  Really. REALLY? It's moving so slowly and it's painful to have to tweet/blog it live. I mean, I don't HAVE to, but I do.


sonya said...

Ford's Daddy looks like Max Headroom..who remembers him!!?
OH WOW YOU ARE RIGHT ROLF ROFL! And yes I sooooo remember Max Headroom! :) And on GH, They all talked about the house but no flashbacks?!!?! DAMN IT WRITERS!!!!! AND DAMN YOU FOR BURNING THE HOUSE DOWN! :(

kdmask said...

I thought the same thing Sonya, what a great time for flashbacks of that house!! Maybe they'll do it later? Like if Robin goes back? I can hope, can't I?

Anonymous said...

I don't care about this Vegas stuff coming up. I especially don't care about Mayan. I won't be watching for a while. You hear that, Guza???

Lori said...

I totally love Ford's daddy on OLTL!!! He is the total slimeball crackpot that we all expected him to be!! The bad casting is the Ford Mama, Inez, the actress is WAY too young to be their mother.

I can't wait for the big party on OLTL, it's going to be great November sweep stuff. GH isn't doing squat. Disappointing as usual Guza!

Just a thought... Did they use the same oxygen nose tube thingy on Robin that they used on Luke? lmao ewwwwwwwwwww

Lori said...

Since Guza burned down the Webber house (may she rest in peace) we have to find a new place for Mac to live. I have a few ideas

1 - Remember Robert's old place? They recreated it when Robert had cancer on Night Shift so why not bring it back and Mac can live there? lmao Oh it was so old school cool!!!

2 - Think Jason would mind Mac living in the vacant penthouse across the hall?

3 - It's a shame the Quartermaines never rebuilt the gatehouse after it burned down. It would be handy for Monica to have Mac living at the end of the drive whenever she wanted to kick out Tracy and Luke!

4 - Carly's old house is vacant (the one with the blue and brown living room) Nice house too but kind of big for just Mac I guess.

5 - Hello Brownstone!!! It's past time to have Bobbie open up the doors and rent out rooms to tenants again. Ahhhh those were the days!

Frank Strovel III said...

I'm to the point where I read your posts and decide if there are any scenes worth watching and I'll go check them out. Otherwise, I haven't watched a full episode since VMG returned.

sonya said...

Yeah kdmask yes a great time for flashbacks! Hopefully they will do it later when Robin comes back. I hope so. :(

Yes Lori! Bring back the brownstone!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It may be my imagination, but it sure seems like when fans get vocal in calling out Guza and staff for poor writing and inexorable storytelling, we find Guza et al doing something horrible with the show, like killing someone off. The latest little jab at complaining fans involves burning down Mac's house. Do we really need reminding that things can always get worse?

Anonymous said...

What was the point of burning down the Scorpio/Weber house? So that Lisa could be the hero? Ugh, so pointless. I agree with everyone, they need to show flashbacks!

Shirleedee said...

Do you think maybe they had to burn down Mac's house to pay for the fancy set they built for Brenda's "regrettable pink room"?

Mamaspat Ole said...

Just checking to see if GUZA left yet...:)he thought by changing the hospital look he could stay more at Sonny's house.Maurice is a great actor and you bet hes getting sick of the same old storylines.As far as OLTL that guy did look like Max Headroom they just heating up over there with the ford brothers.

Rita Pita said...

It makes me sick that they burned down mac's house... and dare I say.... there was no flames, just smoke. And the house burned to a crisp? geez, PC firefighters must be as bad as the PCPD! I too would love to see flashbacks. they should do this instead of the wednesday reruns once per month. Most fans would be giddy with delight to see flashbacks on any of our soaps!

As bored as I am with VM's return, I have to admit I love that Jasam is on the backburner. Sorry, but I am.

I thingk the TRacy/Luke wedding in Dec may set up laura's return if that rumor is true. Strange that Guza has rumors everywhere that he's pairing Ethan with Kristina, yet he's marrying Maya in vegas. Not sure why they brought the most boring couple to Vegas. Sorry, Ethan & Maya have no chemistry. I'll watch & give them a chance tho.

Lori said...

hey everybody - If you missed Ric Hearst on Castle last night you can catch it at

DJ Rogue said...

Hmmm...wonder how long it'll be before Guza burns the Q's mansion down to the ground?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Frank. I have not really watched in two months and keep reading the captions for the day on DVR and this blog and then decide to watch or not. It is just so boring.