Wednesday, September 23, 2009

:TWIRLING: Gina Tagnoni comes back to OLTL!

Love that Old-School Kelly Cramer pic!! WOOT! She's back. I can only hope Addie's on more and Cassie gets back too. I can't wait to see Cassie DP and GT together. Check it out on TV Guide Magazine.

I got some spoilers/rumors in the mail. I am just giving up again for awhile. LOL. I think the writers are scrambling with the whole "Cassadine/Luke" return. Rewrites all over. There were so many lame/false spoilers out there for the carnival, it's best to wait a bit. I think that newbie writer worked out so his "trial run" is over (looking at the ratings, it should be!) -and things are being retweeked. I also have to say I talked exclusively with a GHer who said everyone is on edge with the way the genre is going. No one feels secure and whispers abound wondering if another soap will be canned. Actors are busy looking to branch out if you know what I mean.

OLTL: I HATE Cole's apartment. ugh..too industrial for me! LOL. Hubcaps? Really?

GH: Aw, Mac's on. Jason's trying to put on a pink tie. I can forgive the 800th Olivia rant to Sonny/Claudia. Spin is so cute.
I do love weddings! I wish I could work on soaps/tv shows just staging weddings. Wouldn't it be fun?
Dr. Matt is trying to get Maxie to run away with him? SO they take him out of the storage unit and want us to think he's cute and charming? Ok, he is but he's NEVER ON!! So this is totally out of the freekin' blue. They just throw stuff in without going through the work to build it up. *SIGH* that a SCHOOL I see? hey, Gilmore Girls school! CHILTON...but they spent about a $4.00. Oh, wait, there's a pink backpack. Sorry, $24.00. Aren't I snarky today!?

Laura Wright? STUNNING today!! I want her hair. wahhh.


BIGGEST LOSER: God help me, I love this show. LOL. Love Coach. It is just fun. I could live without the 2 hours though.

TODDLERS AND TIARAS: On TLC tonight. Scary.. SCARY! But you just have to watch to make yourself feel good as a parent. heh.

I can't wait to see Eastwick and Cougar Town (just for Caroline Hennesy though) and Modern Family tonight! ABC looks funny!!

DID you see Mackenzie Phillips new book reveals? OUCH! Like a 10 year sexual relationship with her father? :thud: I mean, I knew she was messed up but this? OY. I was a teen when "One Day at a Time" was on, I loved her.


Lori said...

Loved Carly's dress today. Loved Robin's dress today. Loved Lulu's hair. And I loved the news that Gina Tognoni is returning to OLTL.

CampusDisco said...

I'm new to OLTL this year. What character does Gina portray?

Liz said...

is it just me or does Gina Tagnoni look anorexic in that picture? GH was okay today, but i absolutely loved Kyle coming to Fish's defense on OLTL. i am soooo hoping that they get together soon, although i do feel bad for Kyle boyfriend. their kiss the other day was really hot.

Rachel said...

Modern Family was HILARIOUS! Cougar Town was ok. CH plays a woman name Barb on it, she's just as great as Diane is on GH. But what do you expect, its CH!!

I'm jumping out of my skin that GT is coming back to OLTL. Maybe she will breath fresh life into the Cramer women.

Kyle/Fish, they are growing on me. My issue is Fish. His acting is getting better with the more air time. Wasn't sure about these two together, but the build up is great. I was a little sad the Kyle spent the night w/ what's his name. I was hoping for a drawn out - 'i'm still in love with Fish' speach. But I guess its a little early for that:)

Anonymous said...

Did you see Keifer on Eastwick? Same role, different show.

wolfy said...

Did anyone notice that Kristina's boyfriend Keifer was the loser boyfriend in Eastwick too? Hope he doesn't get typecast.

I was really surprised with this one. It was great. Of course, I love Paul Gross and that's why I watched in the first place. He was terrific as were all the others. Will definitely watch this every week.

On other note, I also watched Mercy as it received so much hype.I didn't even finish watching it. I think you can make a show about a supposedly strong woman without all the men being caricatures. Didn't find her particularly strong either. The acting was terrible. I'll be surprised if it lasts.

Another pleasant surprise; NCIS Los Angeles. For those who watched; "No one ever told me." sigh...I was lost at that point. This character won fan girls by the heaps with that line.

As for GH. I'm actally thinking they finally found the right foil for Lulu. I'm loving her with Dante/Dominic. Can't wait til some time down the road when his identity is revealed and Luke realizes she's with a cop. PMSL

mamaspat said...

I watched Mercy too last nite mainly cause my daughter is a nurse too.The show to me was pretty good.Watched Cougar town eckkkk except for Diane and Eastwick was faboulous loved it.Gh is tolerable with Dome/Dante and Lulu hate to hear Claudia is leaving but they ruined her character from the getgo

Liz said...

i didn't realize that was Keifer! i knew he looked familiar, but i couldn't figure out who he was. i really liked the show, although i never watched the movie or read the book.

did anyone check out the good wife the other night? i checked it out b/c of the Spitzer-esque spin. btw i'm so glad that they didn't go looking for a guy that looked like Spitzer. i thought it was okay, but that it could be better. I was torn between watching that and catching the re-airing of Ella Enchanted on ABC Family, but about half way through i decided to stick it out.

Anonymous said...

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