Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GWaddie's Great LINT Challenge!!

Gwaddie’s Great Lint Challenge!

GH Fans, it’s time to collect some lint! Everyone has lint (and no, not belly button lint!). It’s time to dig for your lint. Look in the couch, look in the car change holder, look under the bed, look in your desk drawers. The lint I’m talking about is the lint that’s connected to pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters. Now, chances are these coins are gonna be ugly—afterall, they’ve been abandoned and neglected. But you know what? They can serve a purpose. They can change lives. Yes. Lint can change lives.

My challenge to you is to go search out those ugly, linty coins. Gather them up. Count them up and use them to donate to Team Scrubs Wubs LA Aids walk team! You’ll feel awesome, I promise AND since you weren’t using those coins anyhow, you won’t miss them!

I’m going to collect all the ugly, linty coins I can over the next 10 days. I challenge you to do the same. I will post how much change I’ve found and DARE you to see if you can beat my total! Heck, I might even take a group photo of my linty change!

So…..go find the lint and let’s put those ugly coins together to save lives! LINT RULES!

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friscowannabe said...

today's show. omg...laughing my ass off!