Friday, September 18, 2009

FF --Bye to Guiding Light...

Goodness, the Ratings did spike during Carney week --by 300,000 viewers! First 2.1 in a LONG LONG time. See what getting the cast together can do? Yes, the outside 'stunt' did help but it's the STORY and everyone being together that did it. (in my humble opinion!!)

Hey! Nancy Lee Grahn was talking about making the neighbors wear ear plugs not too long ago. Now we know why! She and Michelle Stafford of Y&R are donig a song and dance number for breast cancer research at Santa Monica College of Performing Arts on September 26. Read all about it on SOD. One reason we need the Nurses' Ball back!! Can you imagine Brandon Barash belting one out? I mean, I like Karaoke as much as the next person, but why not raise some AIDS awareness in the process?

Today is the last day ever for the Guiding Light. I remember watching the last show of "The Secret Storm" long ago. Strange. I've never actually watched the Guiding Light but like most people, I've seen the outpouring of love that's been going on this week. Sad. Sad that "our" genre seems to be dying. Which Soap will be the Last One Standing? Cause you know it's coming to that. ABC hasn't gotten rid of any (since PC that is). We'll see.
Daytime Confidential has some nice Guiding Light tributes up.

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Also a fab new pic of the Spixie rehearsal! Glamour Girl has a bunch of good ones up.

AMC: DAY two of "Dance Marathon"... goodness. There are so many people/characters I can't stand on this show. Randi, Marissa, Madison , Colby... I have to say this murder is dragging out forever. -EV-ERRRRRRRRRR.. I can only hope whatever Randi drank kills her. Loved Amanda's dress/skirt combo. Very cute. OMG, did you see Randi trying to have a hallucination ?? Oh, painful. I winced. eesh.

OLTL-- I am loving the Blair/Tea feud. The nuVickyDorian! LOVE THEM. "The whole lah, lah... I got a secret..." God, Brody gets IMPAILED and is making out with Jessie the next day?! LOL...his insides must be made o' gold!

I totally missed the Jarrod gets jumped. Who did it? What is going on? Is this the stalker guy? GOOD MAKE UP. looks real. Why do I get the feeling this is a "fight club" type story? Not sure. But I do. I think he beat himself up. Or put on make up or something, that's why he wants no nurse. Someone tweeted that he WAS jumped. But hey, Brad Pitt played a guy on Fight Club..just sayin.

Goodness. Fish's parents..good phobia dialog. Cut to: hot gay make out! LMAO.

"I'm trying to smoke the Man-Whore you got in there"--Todd to Blair. Too fun. BLAIR: CONCENTRATE! Don't start making out with Ross! geesh.


JoLivia: I like them. Ronnie Dimestico. What a name, eh? Worst UNDERCOVER Cops ever...eesh.

More Niz sex flashbacks. Nikolas is up in the bat tower or what?

Tons of Foreshadowing today..on all fronts. Mobular, Niz-- Jax--secrets.

HERE'S my ending for Claudia:

Johnny finds out Dominick is really a fed...he goes to take him out because he thinks he's going to arrest Sonny. Olivia looks on in terror--Claudia sees it all and steps infront of the bullet. As she's dying she says to Sonny "I may have made a mistake and almost killed one of your sons...but I just saved another"...
:takes a bow: thank you, thank you...


Ari said...

I dont' actually watch I use WUBS to keep in touch what's the foreshadowing?

Ari said...

I dont' actually watch I use WUBS to keep in touch what's the foreshadowing?

Anonymous said...

thats a great idea karen.Hope this message comes thru half the time it doesn't very aggravating

mamaspat said...

thats me commenting crazy dang thing

QueenPeng said...

Ok, Karen, I am so going to own your stmt and change it to my own stmt!! "There are so many people/characters I can't stand on this show. Elizabeth, Sam, Kate, Patrick and so many more..." That's how I feel about GH, get rid of these characters, then I will watch again.

Totally missed the final GL eppy. Does anyone know if is going to re-air it?? If anyone know if it is going to be on YouTube, please let me know.

Can't wait to watch OLTL and AMC tonight, hopefully OLTL will be good. Karen, Thanks for every Wub thing that you do, you are so Wubbed.

Anonymous said...

OLTL - wow on the gay make out as you commented, karen. kudos to the actors on making it a normal relationship scene. good job OLTL.

Anonymous said...

That would be the best ending for Claudia ever...I hope the TPTB read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Karen - I like your ending for Claudia. I can'y get the Google Account to work here...any suggestions? What do I click to get my name/id posted?

Before coming onto the site I thought it so ironic that Sonny's son should go after Anthony's son and vice/versa.

I'm really getting into the show again. Yes, there are some things that drive me all the talk about taking Sonny and Anthony down by undercover cops in very public places...and the list goes on.

Hi Queenpeg - I agree there are some characters that make me crazy meaning can't stand them....but Patrick? Seriously? Patrick is a good guy...I like that character.