Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DOMte and Claudia: Baby? HELENA'S ON today!

Yep..they are going there! Claudia will also take a PG test to see the results. Too bad we know she's leaving. Will it be a click BOOM..and Donte will get a Deja Vu of Father/Lily? Will she be murdered?
Also, go on the WubsNet to see a great pic of Helena in bed and Luke listening to her-- looks like the new Cassa-Baddie is just that.

Daytime Confidential has the goods on who's moving to LA for AMC. LaLucci will commute and Dr. Joe Martin is retiring.

Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) is starring in web-based series called "The Bannen Way"
It will appear on in 2010.

MTV reports that Steve Burton (Jason) was a write in vote for the role of "Captain America" ! At least that gets his name out there for possible consideration!!

Even though writer Michele ValJean said they weren't hiding Emmys this year, we did see Julie Marie Berman's in the wedding presents yesterday! That is the one she won!!

Gedstern has a cool "book buzzer" on her blog that lets you flip through her book "Are You Gonna Eat That Banana"?

AMC: I am so confused about the dang "Annie Plan" that I so don't care anymore. I even vacuumed instead of watching a lot of it. Here's hoping they get their sheeze together after the move.

OLTL: Wouldn't Tea know Blair knows about Ross? I mean, Blair says she has a secret. What the heck else would it be? Nice scenes on the boat, they must have been done at the end of August early Sept. when it was hot 'round here. OMG, did you hear Nora's remark to David "Isn't there a Housewife who's desperate"?? LOL. Oh, I so love the writers on OLTL

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I love Lulu's top. Nice... CarJax's window view. Look closely. There's a sailboat just sitting there.
Kate's sunglasses. Megan Ward has to stay on the show. She really adds a lot to the whole Olivia thing. Crimson can be a great biz to keep in town too.
Claudia: Giant GO GO boots on!
woo go KRISTINA! You tell Sonny just what you think. Dang...great acting. Lexi totally held her own against Maurice!

Here comes the Cassadine story! It's coming!! I am so excited and I hope they play up the Molly/Krissy Cassadine angle. I so want Helena to meet Molly. She'd LOVE her!!! Get Connie on the set more. Have her finallly marry Edward! :twirling: Greece Mention today! Alexis and Liz call Nikolas a "Cassadine".. saying it like 'You are acting like an axe murderer"
Greg Vaughan sighting on the Haunted Star. The Spencer kids are ready to rescue Dad!

HELENA'S face!! There she is...all fainting in bed. That must be the "Mischia" girl. :waving to Connie: good to see you again. Luke is on too!! Trying to spoon his way out of jail. LOL

Man, the story is just getting good with Claudia..why does she have to leave!? If she stayed, PG with Dante's kid, can you IMAGINE??! wowza.

SEXIS...ah, my fave friends.

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cj said...

I wish Claudia would just disappear now and save us the time of ff thru her scenes. I loved SJB as Carly back in the day, but I hate this character.

I am so proud of all the wubbers for sticking up for Greg V! You have to wonder what the actress that plays Liz really thinks. So much time has passed.

Anonymous said...

is edward still in that hospital bed? along with max? just wondering?

friscowannabe said...

Remember yesterday when Coleman got up on the bar and pulled up two "pussy cats"? How much funny would it have been if he pulled up two "cougars" - Diane and guest actress Courtney Cox. Could have been a nice tongue in check cross promo of ABC's Cougartown.

Dierna said...

Jason as Capt America??? Well he certainly has the right look and build for the role. Hmm....

Good ep today, not quite as good as the last couple days but Im glad that there's finally some stuff going on between Sonny and Kristina.

And Lulu... you're just gonna leave your job at the last min to save your dad? *lol* Who's running the Haunted Star now?? Is it just closed with Ethan gone?

Anonymous said...

OMG - I forgot about Edward and Max! I guess the writers did too!

I hope they don't go the route of Claudia sleeping with Dante....yuck! I had such high hopes for Dante and LuLu. The anticipation is killing me!


friscowannabe said...

I am sure Claudia will blackmail Dante into sleeping with her. Knock me up or I'll tell your daddy he's your daddy.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing Kate today and yesterday! She was great fun and added a nice mix. I agree with you Karen, they should have her on more often and show her loosening up.

Waiting for Claudia to crawl under a rock.... oh nad maybe she can take sam with her?

Mrs B said...

Are the writers seriously trying to put matt w/ lulu? After building up Lulu & dominic? Matt should be replaced y another actor. I like that Patrick has a brother, so they just need to recast the role. I enjoyed Kate's presence 100%!

Lori said...

I really enjoyed Ethan/Lulu, Sonny/Alexis, and DOMte/Kate/Olivia today.

Soap Opera Source tweeted that Sarah Joy Brown is headed to The Bold & The Beautiful (yes, where Ric Hearst went)SJB has not tweeted the news herself nor do I know where SOS got the news because I can't find it anywhere else.

Tyler Christopher also tweeted that the baby will be coming tomorrow night (I guess they are inducing) He said they are naming the baby Greysun James Christopher.

Anonymous said...

I'm a day behind on OLTL so I haven't seen Wed. show yet; but, why was Blair so upset when TnT were pronounced married? She was all anxious because she didn't get to stop the wedding before they got married. But she knows they aren't legally wed anyway so I don't get the agnst.

Leesy said...

OMG! Domte sleeps with Claudia? ohhh puleeeeze! He tried to sleep with Rebecurp (she passed out). He wanted to sleep with Lulu (she shot him down) and now Claudia??? Yet another man who can't keep it in his pants? Ok Ok, we know he's Sonny's, but really??? I LOVE the actor, but the writers need to stop repeating storylines, and give us something fresh.