Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More on JJ... Tuesday GH: Ethan sings INXS!

More JJ stuff. SoapNet is saying JJ is back on AIR October 27th as Lucky. Which, makes sense if he's starting on set this Thurs. TV Guide has an article up with a JJ interview. Here's part: (read full thing on the link)

Did you ever imagine you’d reclaim the role after it was re-cast with Greg Vaughan?
I guess I always felt like there was a possibility somewhere, just because of the connection the audience has with Lucky, and with me playing him. So, yeah, I always felt it was a possibility. I was determined to work with Tony Geary again no matter what. It’s shocking how everything has aligned.

And that, my Wubbers SAYS IT ALL. And don't believe the ABC PR--Greg Vaughan did not ask to leave.

Tweet from Becky Herbst's hubby:
@MichaelSaucedo: I was sad to hear about Greg. He is a good guy. Speaking from personal experience, I know how he feels.

ABC issued a statement about the OLTL Rumors. Basically saying, don't worry, it's just moving to AMC studios. Relax....I still say we need to rally. I don't think Nelson Branco pulled that one out of his hat. No sir.


Coleman and Kate! Nice. Fun...they look good together. I wish they'd do more with the magazine side of things, I think there's some great UglyBetty potential.

"Maxis"...The rumors were so cute about them and I hope they are true! JJY needs airtime. (don't I say that everytime he's on!?)

Lulu to Ethan: "I'm sure you know some awesome boy-band songs, right"?
OMG..he's singing INXS!!!! that's my fave album!! EVER. I danced to it 24-7 back in the day. Wow. I think I got a bit giddy there. Nathan Parsons! GET OUT!

They've got a goldmine IN THE KARAOKE!! NLG had tweeted awhile ago that these scenes were a blast to film. BAFB was asking if it was real booze in them there glasses. LOL. Why not!?

Kate saying Olivia needs botox. LAMO. Molly and Morgan singing "ABC" having such a fun time. This is what Soaps should be all about. Family, fun... Geesh, Laura Wright was swingin' around her "belly"!

Dr. Matt. MILO is up introducing "Double Trouble"...Mac and Patrick!! Then Coleman gets on the bar with girlies!! LOL. Oh, this is too fun!!

Kate kisses Coleman...like a GIANT KISS. ;) Johnny calls Coleman "Captain Mustache"!

ONLY DOWNER today: Claudia begging Sonny four sex. I would have rather have seen them at Jake's.

Ethan goes to Wyndemere, in the middle of all this..and asks Nikolas where Luke is. It is SO RANDOM. Even Nikolas' face is all DOH!!!!!!! God, way to just shove that in there.

End of show: Kristina hears Sonny telling Mike he doesn't want baby with Claud, Claud hears Olivia/Kate talking about DOMte..JaSam sex (prelit candles) and Ethan/Lulu get text from Luke.

EVERYONE on twitter LOVED GH today! Nice fun job. As Gedstern asked: Did Guza leave and someone FUN write for GH?


Anonymous said...

I SEEN THE EMMY!!! Lulu and Maxie's apartment.....in a gift box.

friscowannabe said...

An amazing episode.
I too notice Carly was not shy about shaking the pregnant belly.
I loved seeing Alexis with her kids, playing the protective mother.
I loved Alexis telling Coleman he was a macho man.
I loved fun Lulu.
I loved seeing the Scorpio-Jones clan.
I loved the little extras like Robin telling Morgan he did a good job while walking over to talk to Patrick.
I loved watching those int he background...everyone seemed to have so much fun.
I wish they had shown Jason's reaction to Morgan doing the karoke.
I wish Bobbie had made it to the reception.
I wish Diane and Max had been there.

kdmask said...

FRISCO..wow. It was too fun!! karaoke PLEASE ONCE A MONTH!!

kdmask said...

frisco, you on twitter? what's your name?

Christina said...

OMG!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED TODAY!!! Except Clauson...Well, Sonny talking Spanish was nice...but the eppy should have stood in Jakes the whole time!!!

melissa said...

i saw the emmy too lol i even rewound to make sure i didnt make it up lol

Anonymous said...

Guza couldn't have written today, yesterday or Friday. No guns, no violence and people walked around with smiles on their faces. LOVE IT!!

Team ColeKat all the way!! I love these types of eppies where everyone gets to have some fun. Too bad we didn't see Bobbie have any.


Ari said...

JJ is full of it and himself!

Mamaspat said...

Loved the Karoke exspecially Mac and Patrick.Was a good show today.

Penny said...

Sweet my tweet was quoted . I have so loved the past 3 days. This is what gh can and should be

mosbp2003 said...

Today was so much fun- except for the Clauson stuff that is. Kate and Coleman were hysterical. I laughed out loud at the look on Jason's face towards the end of the show when he got pulled in when everyone was dancing. I don't know how SB manages to stay in character without cracking up sometimes. I think they are really trying to make Morgan a "mini Domte", but it works. He and Molly were too cute. And they did seem to be leaning towards something happening between Alexis and Mac, which I am all for. It is about time she picks a decent man and poor Mac has not had a relationship in so long I can't even remember who the last one was with...was it Felicia or Katherine Bell? Anyway, I think the reason that the last few days have worked so well is that almost everybody has been happy and smiling...

Dierna said...

Wooh!! This was such a super fun ep!!! Ethan has an awesome singing voice!! I loved Morgan and Molly's song too. That was so cute!

It's kinda weird tho to see Mac so...loose....*lol*

friscowannabe said...

Hey Karen
No I am not on twitter. I get addicted to things too easily sp have to stay FAR away from twitter!

OceanParkGirl said...

can't wait to watch on Soapnet tonite

Frank Strovel III said...

Maybe the Academy gave GH writers the Emmy for FUTURE shows? Because the past few episodes were all Emmy-caliber and not a single shot had to be fired nor did any sets have to be destroyed.

Just loved seeing the show's families together having genuine fun that wasn't forced or stilted for the sake of story.

Poor Jason. For the past week he's looked like an atheist in church.

Loved the songs, surprising perfromances (six weeks ago did you ever think we'd be seeing a drunk Mac Scorpio singing "Macho Man"???) and, no, I doubt that was real alcohol in the glasses given there were underage kids on set.

Poor, poor Claudia. Like watching a runaway train about to hit the wall. Will miss SJB but am looking forward to seeing how her exit plays out.

CampusDisco said...

Three days in a row!! Today was so fun I watched twice! Pleeeeeeeeease keep it going!!!

Lori said...

Jeeze happy day number 3!!! The reception continued to be amazing fun. Can you imagine what it was like to be on that set for all of that? Actors usually say that shooting weddings are tedious and annoying but somehow I think this was an event they all enjoyed.

I am sure Guza didn't write this - keep up the good work keeping Guza out of the writing room :D

Leesy said...

You know that supply closet Robin and Patrick were so fond of? Nobody open it, ok? 'Cuz I'm sure Guza is in there bound and gagged,lol. Past 3 days have made me cry and made me laugh and made me giggle with glee...GH is on the way back! And what fun it is!!!

luvnsteveburton said...

Today's show was AWESOME!!!!!! If you didn't enjoy today, you must not enjoy anything! LOVED, loved, loved it!!!!! Would have given anything to be on set during taping. Couldn't get enough of today's GH! Keep it up!!!!!

Erin said...

Hey guys it must be said that today was awesome! I also had a wicked idea. I think they should have Ethan and Kristina together, you know after the Kiefer thing is FINALLY over. The age thing sucks, but they had amazing chemistry. Congrats to GH on a major event that didn't end in tragedy!

Liz said...

Erin, I didn't see the chemistry between Ethan and Kristina...actually i think she was being a little creepy, and it reminded me of when old-Maxie had a crush on Lucky--i think it was when Jacob Young had the part--really childish.

Anonymous said...

Calling OneLife Fans.. Do your part to help to keep OLTL!

From TvGuide CA:

Insider — “One Life will be cancelled next year!”

"They’re calling it Brian’s Choice! A network insider confirms what daytimeconfidential.com has been reporting for the la...st few months. One Life To Live was thisclose to being cancelled. Thankfully, The Aisha Tyler Show tested poorly with focus groups, which bought One Life another year. The ABC Daytime President had to make a “Sophie’s Choice,” and he chose to save All My Children by moving it to L.A. “One Life will be cancelled next year barring a ratings miracle.

Let's all help to keep this show on air!

Mamaspat said...

If they get rid of OLTL before GH I promise ya I am thru with soaps.

Anonymous said...

I think the way they play Jason is getting weirder. Really, completely emotionless? Haven't we seen now that he does have some emotions? Jake for one? I'm sure he can let loose a little. Crack a smile somewhere?
Still not liking that they have completely softened Sam, like she is some saint now.
Great episode though. I would like to have a good triangle for once. Maybe GH can give us one with Matt/Lulu/Dante...

Anonymous said...

Tuesdays show...unbelievable!!!!
Haven't had that much fun watching GH in years!!!
Morgan and Molly = Super Cute
Patrick, Mac & Coleman = Super Macho Men!
I even enjoyed Ethan for a change.
Kate and Coleman = Super Couple not on Contract!
Put the characters in situations that they would not normally be in and the show was great.
Kudos to John York and the writers for finally using him....forgot how much I liked Mac!
Still love Dominic/Dante and with LuLu even more!


Melissa said...

General Hospital has a GOLD MINE in the karaoke scenes!! I have watched this show for 17 years and it is the best now when I watch those scenes.

I actually laugh and smile!! Love it!

Mac singing and flirting with Alexis... better than ever!

Jen said...

Loved yesterday eppy too but am still so upset over GV leaving, I had a hard time enjoying it. What a crappy thing to do. And I agree that Jason is getting even more weird! And Kristina and Ethan? yuck. Alexis & Mac? OH YEAH!

luvnsteveburton said...

As I've stated b4, I am surprised they're writing JaSam back together, but as for jason being emoitionless yesterday. I think it's just that he doesnt' do crowds which he even said! He's more one on one and he proved that at the end! I totally love the Dante character and love him w/Lulu. Can't wait to see what happens w/Luke and Hells. Sorry for GV, but looking forward to seeing JJ back as Lucky and if he falls right back into place, that character has changed so much! Will be interesting.