Friday, September 25, 2009

Something Smells Feta in Port Charles...

Hmmm. The Cassadine story appears to have been pushed back AGAIN. If you remember the story was to happen much sooner with a mysterious woman coming to town, putting things in motion. Then the Carnival happened. There was also talk about the whole birth certificate that Helena found which has now been sealed into our collective "vaults" waiting for someone to make some connection. Now, I'm hearing that the newbie Matthew Borlenghi's debut is pushed back towards the end of the year. On top of that, the new gal, "Mischia" played by Amanda Brooks is really just a recurring character at this stage. We may see how Luke gets out of his present captivity but that's about it. I'm trying hard to sort through what little scoops do come through.

Was this moved due to Sarah Brown's abrupt departure as Claudia? Did they need to fashion a "out" for her? Not sure, but it is interesting to note that this is the second time the whole Cassadine thing was moved. The first (after Connie Towers came on and found the painting) was written so fast, your head was spinning. Sure, it was to get Luke off canvas but all other references to Rebecca/Ethan...birth certificate have been dropped. Spoilers were coming right before the funeral about a mysterious woman coming to PC, being very ill and starting a Cassadine rebirth. Didn't happen.

Helena and Luke are supposedly due back next week. Luke and Helena are held captive--someone lets him out, he goes in search for her. So will we really SEE Helena then? Not sure. Maybe things were block taped in a day. I still haven't seen anyone that has seen CT on set. Which doesn't mean a thing, TG is hardly seen on set either. :throwing hands up:

All I know is this: THE EMILY TWIN story was a flop. They've even thrown Liz and Nik together in some attempt to revive something that was really never there. We can dig the whole "Dark Prince" thing, but not when it moves at a snail's pace. Plus, if he wants revenge on Rebecca, why offer Ethan a million to get her out of town?? Secondly, THE ETHAN STORY lost all momentum when TG went on his 98th holiday of the year. I'm not saying TG doesn't deserve vacation time--he has been there longer than God, but it seemed like when he left, Ethan was a forgotten soul, wandering around town, mooning after Rebecca and moonlighting as a carney stick. It's those dropped balls and holes we have to contend with that make us fans very unhappy. Just sayin'

Are you looking forward to a Cassadine "rebirth" you think it can happen without either Stephen Nichols (Stefan) or Robert Kelly? (Stavvy) Do you think they could pop for one of them now that people are leaving? Hmmm. Do you think there's potential left in the Gothic Family?

In the meantime, more teens are on the way, I guess to flush out the "school" stories. Supposedly, there's a girl on board for Michael. Will she be the rumored relative of Toussaint? Who's that you asked? too. Poor Billy Dee Williams. He got 2 airdates in the beginning of summer then evaporated.

With Dick Cook leaving Disney, there's also things swirling all over in many factions of the company. Do they have time to worry about "Daytime TV"? Oh, you bet they do!
See you later to go over today's show..Spixie wedding promises fun, and hell BOBBIE is there! Too bad they couldn't pop for Flea to come back, patch things up with her daughter, you know. No comment on that.
BTW, Sarah Brown's last TAPING date is Oct 8th or 9th. So, you know there's a whole lotta writing goin' down!
One more thing, for you digi-heads out there, ABC/Disney/Getty Images entered into an agreement.

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snolike said...

It's those dropped balls and holes we have to contend with that make us fans very unhappy. Just sayin'

Yeppers -- exactly.