Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Blast From GH's PAST!

Look what I found. This is hilarious. IT's an old intro to the WUBS that I wrote in 1999! Ten Years ago! It's really funny to see what I was complaining about back then. Don't know if I should laugh or cry reading it. Think I should update it
NEW SPOILERS are up! OMG, Liz and Lucky make the love next week. WILL we have a Who's the Daddy? I wasn't sure, but usually sex that close means only one thing!! Can anyone else think they'd go there AGAIN with poor Lucky????? I hope not!

AMC TODAY: Dance Marathon...reminds me of the Gilmore Girls. Boy, do I miss that show!! At least it's something different. Loved Ryan and Annie's "bitchy" exchange. "What, you comparing me to Erica"?? AND Adam and Erica sniping about age. LOL

OLTL: Loved Dorian's outfit today. I'm very disappointed they are not continuing with the David Vickers Reality Show. I loved it, and it would have been such a hoot to continue! Wow..the Llandview PD gets KUDOS? The Cops are THE GOOD GUYS? We can tell this isn't GH by a long shot!! Very nice moment for the men in blue. They also totally stole my Diane/Alexis run for mayor storyline from last year! RON! I want my money!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Niz are both having flashbacks o' sex. Rebecily has on a nice batwing shirt. LOL on the JaSam coming downstairs in a leg lock and everyone seeing them. Molly is such a scene stealer.

Molly: "I think it's really romantic...Jason and Sam were once torn apart by cruel circumstances now they are together"

So, Michael might go to the same prep school at Kristina? Considering he's been in a coma a year, I hope they have some nice tutors for him. NYS doesn't take kindly to missing your Regents tests!

Edward! Ethan has something to do! Do you think they buy his accessories at Hot Topic?

Carly's gown today! LOL...the stylists need to come to WNY and shop at the BonTon or Kaufmann's. We don't wear Malibu Barbie stuff.

Gotta fly. Kiddos bday today. I'm feeling very sick..we are going out to dinner. I really hope I can make it. Wouldn't that be horrible if I didn't!!? I have to take some alka I think!

The National Enquirer says Helena contacts Nikolas the 28th. Can we dare hope that's IN THE FLESH?

I've come to the conclusion they have no clue what to do with Liz. They just throw her at guys (usually when she's thisclose to Lucky) and hope it works. Cameron, Jason, Lucky--now Nikolas. Whatever. Why didn't they try her with Matt? I mean, when she and Lucky were broken up? Remember when they had her around Patrick 24-7?? This week, having her say that she loved Lucky, was "over Jason" and "Wanted Nik" was just yucky.

on a side note: I hate vacuums. I have had so many over the years. I don't like bagless kinds (ewwwwwww, gross) and my latest broke. I am still hauling out my MOTHER'S from 1962. A great Electrolux that has the suction it was born with. It's heavy and a pain but it still works like it came off the production line!! LOL. Finding bags is a trick but I'm up to it!


Frank Strovel III said...

Checking my calendar to make sure it's not April Fool's Day. Did GH get new writers?

Today's show was proof a great episode doesn't have to involve stunts, guns or "click boom".

Friscowannabe said...

I HHHHAAATTTTTEEEEEE the fortune teller. This is not Passions. What's next? For sweeps maybe they willbring back Casey.

Bill said...

Karen bad girl, Karen make mistake!
Zander, not Cameron gorgeous!
Although I agree about Liz with Nik is "yucky" (no pun intended to ryhme with Lucky)I guess we have to be grossed out at everything a soap does. Carly sleeping with Sonny after putting her comatose kid in an institution (in a car no less), Sam sleeping with Ric, Maxie helping Lucky get "pills" so she can continue sleeping with him, Claudia going after kids, not to mention pracitically being in love w/ her brother. Carly's gross obsession with Jason (sorry ladies but it is DISGUSTING and I Don't consider it no friendship either). The only reason they are forcing Nik & Liz is so Liason fans are soothed over after having to watch Jasam hump each other. Whether Molly is a scene stealer or not, she and Kristina have absolutely no relationship with Maxie or Spinelli, so why they would be reading poems at their wedding is frickin beyond me.

I vote thumbs down for a who's the daddy storyline, been done way too much and it's too painful to watch unfold.

Oh and I thought Laura Wright looked fantastic today. So bech to you my sweet Karen. The only thing I can say negative is that she only looks about 4 months pregnant. They need to make that belly grow since she's supposedly due in like 6 weeks. Kisses, Billo

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bill. I think they rushed Liz into this story with Nik, so Liz/Jason fans don't create such a hate for Jason for moving on. It's best for both to move on at the same time.
Too late. I'm not a big Jason fan anymore and have never been a Sam fan.
I can care less what either of them do, but don't go throwing stories at Liz just to "sooth" Liz/Jason fans.

Dierna said...

I have come to the conclusion that Molly is a female version of Spinelli....

Lori said...

Holy crap Karen I can't believe you glossed over the awesomeness that was Mr Burton today!!! LMAO Jeeeeeeze woman!!! I confess that I rewound the first 2 minutes of GH about 10 times, played it in slo-mo, AND then I repeated that when JaSam came down the stairs ;)
Anyone notice how fast Jason found black t-shirt number 983,461? DAMMIT However I will nitpick... where was his gunshot wound?!?!

Ooo the fortune teller returns as a "normal" citizen. Now that is kind of interesting to me. I wouldn't mind them pulling her out now and then. It could keep things interesting!

I am ordering up some cutlets for the ladies at GH. Both Sam and Carly could have used a little "support" today, eesh!

CampusDisco said...

Can someone tell me the connection between Spixie and Molly/Kristina? Why are they planning the wedding? Its probably obvious but I can't fiqure it out. LOVED Molly's lecture to Jason! Great find that kid!

LvKnM said...

What a flashback of the old WUBS! V -- boy, I miss that character, she was smart and sassy -- oh wait that's why they got rid of her.

So it was Brender in the WUBS and Brenduh for us BBB's. ;-)

Hope you feel better, Karen.

Dierna said...

The connection to Molly and Kristina are well.... Spinelli works with their sister. Plus Molly is practically a female version of Spinelli.

Ocean Park Girl said...

OMG - Liz and Lucky make love after Liz and Nick do? Oh - I can see it now. LMP preggers with Nik's baby....3 kids, 3 different dads. I have been saying since Jake was born that I think Lucky is the real dad and Maxie switched the tests.....then at least poor Lucky can have a kid of his own.

Anonymous said...

Karen-Electrolux rocks! My mom still has two of them she bought used in the 70's and they still work great!

I feel dirty watching Nik and Liz. I actually change the channel because I get uncomfortable (Hello, it is a tv show, I know) I just hate watching Lucky being crapped upon. Plus he has all these dumb lines to boot. Bill is sooo right!


Anonymous said...

I have a Dyson and I love it. Everyone that I know who has one loves it as well.

Mrs. Goose

Anonymous said...

well, I got caught up on the show last night. Three episodes and it only took about an hour to watch because I FF through a LOT of it. Jason/Sam- bull crap
Lucky/Liz/Nik- stupid storyline that we have been through already. Nik has fallen for Liz before! If they do the WTF storyline, lets see, all three of them have been in one before, though clueless Lucky didn't know he was in one until after the baby was born and walking...
The only think I cared to watch was Johnny and Olivia. Sonny can get out of the picture. I think I like Johnny more than O, but I love scenes like the one where O told Sonny and Claudia to leave or she would spill everything about them...
Geez, I can barely work up the brain waves to write this, just as I could barely work them to watch the show.