Friday, September 11, 2009

GH: It's Friday Peeps!

OLTL today was good. Love their titles. "Vlad the Impaler"...LOL. Kids should so look up the meanings to their stuff, it's usually some nugget of info.

GH --Where's JOHNNY Z? Bleeding to death in the warehouse? It's taking long enough. And DOMte wouldn't have those chains on in ICU. NO way.

Jason ran over to Sam's to tell on Liz like a little girl, didn't he? I was laughing. Very weird.

Sonny and DOMte--how many years have I sat through some son/daughter talking to their "real father/mother" without knowing it. I think about a million.

They are doing the Keifer story well. He's really acting like an abuser. Kristina has giant diamonds in those ears!!

Lucky asks Liz to marry him. POOR Lucky. He's the new AJ, I swear.

After the rest of this week, today was pretty much tame. I should have good scoops coming in this weekend so check the WubsNet for updates.


mamaspat said...

i tried to watch at it but just got out of the hospial for back surgery.I did like seeing soony and Dante togethor

Sandra said...

You know, I am actually liking GH this week. Everyone is interacting and storylines are not being forgoten. Pinch me, am I dreaming???

Dierna said...

Totally loved the Sonny/Dante interaction today.

But yeah...where's Johnny?

Mac is so busy trying to blame Edward, I guess nobody called to tell him there's been a shooting. :P

Bill said...

And where the hell is Monica (I haven't watched Friday yet). As cute as Kemo is I'm already bored with her babbling.

Jen said...

This is a weird new blog but I'm trying to get it right. OK, so I was watching Sam's body language and she does that weird thing with her shoulders over and over back and forth kind of swayin? Strange. It would have been better if when Jason was at her door she would do what all of us other women would do (jump his bones baby!)
Felt soooo bad for poor lucky. And found it so lame that Jason feels that way about a possible custody issue? Hu? Whatever. Back to Niz. This story has been done so many times in daytime before, but ok I'll bite since I love Liz. As otehrs have said before it could become really juicy should the rumors be true that it's coming out in Nov that Rebecca is actually Emily after all.

AntJoan said...

Huh?? I heard that rumor also on this blog, but don't see how it could be possible. What kind of convoluted re-writing could possible explain that Rebecca is Emily?

Dierna said...


Monica had to leave for a medical conference in another state. She left during the party at the metro-court.

jeffrosmisskim said...

What! How can the make Rebecca really be Emily? It doesn't make sense and I don't like it! I'm done with Emily and Rebecca!
What was up with Liz taking her eyes off Jake when he was running off to stare at Jason? I do not like her and she is not a good mother!
I had not heard the pregnancy rumor that someone mentioned that would be either Liz or Rebecca...why would they give Liz another kid? She hardly ever spends time with the two she already has, although I must say she does actually see them occassionally...Nicholas sees Spencer like once a year?!?
And, I'm guessing that if it is Liz who is pregnant, then it will be Nicholas' and not Lucky's. Why can't Lucky get a break. He is a good guy and he takes care of two kids that aren't biologically his like they are his own. I wish Liz would drive off a cliff!
I guess all the characters are the same in one sense, they all seem to sleep with whoever walks in the room...I guess why it is a soap opera and why I love it!

Lori said...

Hi mamaspat, sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope everything went well and that you are ok.

The thing with Johnny is really ridiculous. Now you know that is Guza's deal right? LOL we couldn't go forever without him rearing his ugly head lmao

CampusDisco said...

This comment is a couple of months late, but I finally got Grey Gardens from the library and am so blown away at how great the writers for OLTL recreated it for the Blair/Dorian dream sequence. How is it they didn't win the Emmy?

kdmask said...

I remember a LONG time ago the Emily/Rebecca thing, but not lately. Where did you see it? IL?

Hope you are ok, mamaspat.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't figure out this new blog. I opened a Google account but it won't let me post under my User Name even after I verified it. Any suggestions????

Still loving Domte! I can't believe I am going to say this but this past week has been really good. Loved the scenes between Sonny and Dominic....this is actually the first time I've liked Sonny in a very long time. There is a great story here...drama/family no guns please. I hope the writers take their time and don't blow this one like they did with Sonny/Ric. I actually want Sonny/Domte to find out about eachother and it be a tough road but Morgan can be the one that brings them together...that would be great!
Olivia you have a lot of explaining to do to both Domte and Sonny.....give us DRAMA NO GUNS!

Anyway...where the heck is Johnny? I know many of us are wondering that. Also, why would Max be hanging with the Assistant DA? Doesn't Sonny/Jason know Max got hurt too? Where is Diane? Mike and Bobbie should have been thrown in for good measure here as their grandchildren were in danger.


mamaspat said...

thanks Lori and Karen for the well wishes.I would get on a bended kneww and speak to my lord to remove the musclespasms but if I got down there I couldn't get up.

Jen said...

I want to say I read it on soapzones rumors a few weeks back about Rebecca really being emily. if I find it I'll post the link.

I so disagree about Liz not being a good mom. That actress is such a natural with children. The way she was with the kid that plays jake was wonderful. So soothing and natural. So obvious she's a mom herself (laura wright is that way too).