Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soap Opera Blog Coalition

It's that time again! Rejoice in the wonders of the Soap Bloggin' Community!

The Daytime Confidential podcast gang discusses the final week of Guiding Light. The highs, lows and final moments of the broadcast icon. (
Daytime Confidential)

PVB Roving Reporting Peppermint Patti hit lot of the events around AMC Fan Club Weekend. Check out her first hand account of all the festivities! (
Pine Valley Bulletin)

The Young and The Restless killed off Colleen Carlton and made the Serial Drama girls to wish, again, that soaps would stop killing off legacy characters. And also that Victor Newman would just stop. (
Serial Drama)

I love my DVR recorder, but if it is smart enough to know Guiding Light simply evaporated, it should have been kind enough to send me a digital condolence message or something. (
Soap Opera Examiner)

What happens when a bunch of Spinelli fans get together on Twitter to start a movement? GH, OLTL and AMC stars, writers and producers all Twibboned up to support a fan and raise money for a great animal shelter. (


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