Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Soap Standing? Monday's ABC Shows.

Well, well. Nelson Branco of Canada's TV Guide is strongly hinting that unless 'something drastic happens' OLTL will be canned in 2010. Now, I think we all could see that coming with the AMC move. Why move one soap to LA and keep the other in NYC? They made a choice--and the choice was AMC. Go back in my blogs and even the PodCast on Daytime Confidential. I told ya. It's astounding that ABC has kep 3 soaps on given their dismal ratings. Not even GH can consistently pull 2.0. AMC, OLTL and ATWT are basically down to what the GL was when it was pulled. What's coming? Web based soaps like "Imaginary Bitches" and the upcoming "Gotham" and "Reality Bites". Even SoapNet is ditching soaps like Night Shift in preference to reality shows.

I'm not sure watching more is going to help either. Neilson Box owners and log holders need to do the watching. (why they haven't switched to digital based numbers remains a mystery). Most of us love the writing on OLTL..daring, funnyand innovative. TPTB still decided to move AMC.

SPEAKING of AMC: 90 of the dance marathon. Lazy. LAZY. zzzz. I also don't give a crap who killed Stuart anymore. OH! Guess what? SON reports that not only is "Aiden" out so is "Taylor"...both fired. Interesting. Daytime Confidential is saying that "Colby" is another one that's OUT.

OLTL: had to go out. Saw that Blair was on a boat, didn't stop the wedding.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ethan teaches the kiddies to play poker. JaSam Hott-ness at the wedding. Bobbie was in the ABC stills...will she show up at Jake's? I saw her for about a second --and then she's off? Poor JZ...She didn't even SPEAK! Harsh.
OH! Mac/Alexis I like that..anything to get JJY more airtime. He says "Freesha" lol.
Krissy flirting with Ethan! lol.
MeganWard got all dressed up! Wow...nice to see her!
Kimberly Mclooks so cute. Nice choice. Not too dressy.
Morgan gave the speech for Jason! Loved that...
DOMte and Lulu. First Guy I've liked her with!! woot! And Luke will be so mad he's a fed! LOL.
Karaoke is coming...that should be fun. THE END where they all sing "I wanna know where love is..." and everyone is singing BUT JASON! LOL

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Did you check out the GH scoops and rumors on the Wubs Net? A million of 'em about how Claudia leaves.


friscowannabe said...

Another fun episode. I hate to be negative when the show is improving so much but I hate what they are doing to Mac. If they are not painting him as a bumbling cop then they are presenting him as being an ahole to Spinelli. I really hope they move forward with he and Alexis.

Anonymous said...

OK, I am really mad as hades about this OLTL rumor. Yet, I must be the only one who is shocked beyond belief by this bit o' news!!! I can't believe that AMC is surviving along with GH, they both are horribly written.

OLTL is a jewel, both in writing and acting. For the exception of two or three actors/actresses, the show produces fine quality soap opera viewing. This absolutely is the worse news that I heard thus far, wish it was GH instead.


Dierna said...

I just have to say that this was a realy fun ep. One of my most faves in a long time. Un-Weddings are awesome! *lol*

Mamaspat said...

Unweddings made no sense to me but loved them singing to them.I love OLTL love to see their storys.Only thing keeping me watching GH hhhmmm don't know why I'm still watching.

skeebob said...

I liked Friday and today very much. Very fun episodes.

Morgan's toast could have been cute-overkill, but the fact that the boy who plays Morgan looked nervous as hell while doing it actually sold it for me.

I don't watch AMC, but I never see anybody praising it like I do OLTL, which I do watch at least part-time. I don't understand ABC's reasoning. Why go with the weaker product?

CampusDisco said...

I loved today! It was great seeing so many cast members together for the party for the "nearlyweds", loved Mac with Alexis, you could tell he was really having fun with it. I forgot that Kate and Alexis had a friendship and would love to see more of that. Who'd a thunk I would actually be excited to see the next eppi?

Lori said...

Just caught up on Friday and today's GH. What a treat watching them back to back. Wardrobe really outdid themselves on dressing the ladies for the wedding. Jeeze even the shoes were crazy fierce. I was drooling over Sam and Robin's shoes.

I agree with Frisco, I don't like them making Mac look like a boob. I really would like to see him on screen more and in a relationship with Alexis (they could use some fun) I have one small nitpick of my own... someone please tell DOMte to stop slouching! LOL He and Lulu are so close in height he really needs to stand up tall!

Shelley said...

I have to say that the wedding episodes airing Friday and today reminded me why I've watched this show for 37 years. This summer I actually stopped for a couple of months because I was so sick of the bad writing. But, if they could write more like this and not have it end in a gun battle, I would keep watching for another 37 years!

Loved everyone singing at the end!!!

Leesy said...

Remember Guza's promise for "the greatest love story ever"?? Well he might have meant Nik and Em, but friends, today we got it! Maxie and Spinelli's vows were just gorgeous and showed what real love is all about. Her dress was gorgeous (coulda lost that hat sooner though, it hid her eyes). My only regret was Sam's black bag of a dress. I flinched a couple of times feeling sure she would fall out of it, yipes! Her new smaller boobs don't "support" that kind of outfit anymore, sorry. Love Domte and Lulu...when he trims his hair a bit and stands up tall, he's gonna be a force to be reckoned with. One OLTL note: the bouncer's name is "JP", which is John Paul Lavoisier's real nick name...cute reference.

Shirleedee said...

Coleman looked sooo hot today. I just love his hair! Speaking of hair, Ethan's looked very neat. I do so wish he would see Coleman's barber, I don't care for ponytails. I really enjoyed the singing - two thumbs down on grumpy ol' Jason and his glare.

kdmask said...

I'm secretly hoping SoapNet picks up OLTL and it can be as bizarre as it wants to be!

snolike said...

I agree with Leesy -- the Spinelli and Maxie wedding/romance was really well done. I admit I actually cried a bit. Hello TPTB -- we don't just want some new hot young thing on the screen every five minutes -- we want real relationships with people we care something about.

Yes -- Sam's dress was scary.

Sad about OLTL. Love Todd/Blair. Their story is always fresh.

Anonymous said...

Watched yesterday's shows.
Maxie and Spinelli not getting married. Glad this actually happens in the soap world. They didn't not get married because of some secret, but because they were adult enough to know that neither was ready for it yet.

Lulu and Dante. LOVE THEM. The writers haven't messed this up yet. YEAH!

Carly and Jason. Best friends always.

Coleman and Robin. How fun was it to watch them together?

Everything else...really. Kate being back, Olivia bumbling about Dante being reveiled, Jason not being able to mutter one word in a best man speech and just looking awkward and dumb, them portraying Mac as an idiot.
I could see a very nice scene between Mac and Alexis about kids and their decisions since they both have daughters, but no. The writers really messed that one up!


Anonymous said...

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