Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Thoughts go out to Spikey today --hope her operation is a success.
From the NAME BOX: Congrats to Nicole, Joel and Harlow on their new addition, son Sparrow James Midnight Madden! Guess they are Pirate fans? This would be a great day for your birthday!
For those of you wondering, Sonny's not finding out about DOMte soon. He won't need the transplant and Olivia won't spill. Come on, you knew it would be during sweeps.

OLTL: They used good blood for Sean, eh? There's never enough on GH. Not realistic anyhoo. They also do bruises well. Todd looked nasty.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Geesh, Eddie Q crashing into everyone at the carnival wasn't enough, we had to have sub machine guns going too. LOL.
Edward looked so real sitting there. I laughed a bit at the guy that got shocked on the ride. Whoops. It was random and funny, imo.

Claudia comforting Molly while Kristina is being rescued. Nice. Epiphany is on!

WHOLE montage of Jason blinking. LOL..."Song..." Jason blinks..."Song.." Jason blinks twice. Sorry it just struck me pretty funny. I know SBu is emoting but Jason blinks so much, it was just reminding me of that.

SO, Liz is going to call GRAN. Uh..okay. Why the pretense? I guess they keep Audrey's memory alive so she can babysit.

I have to go early today!! Spoilers should be walkin' on in soon. Happy 9/9/09!

Hey, more to come on AIDS WALK LA! Take a lookie at the WubsNet page for details. Support team Scrubs Wubs!

FUN TWEET from Derk Cheetwood (Max): Today is wifey day,I can't even begin to tell you the list of activities she has planned for us, something about spray tan.then I went blank


Anonymous said...

I loved the Jason montage it was good it wasn't about Jason it was about what happened in the carnival ...
I really thought GH is amazing today ..
I had a falling of a prime time Tv and not day time ...

I hated Liz She should have let Jason there in the DOC office ,, Jake is in a bad shape not because of the mob that she was so afraid of ..
Jason saved Jake , hold her and all she said was she will let him know make sure he will be out ...
Hate hate hate hate Liz today

Anonymous said...

Haven't watched yet, but I had a feeling the writers would try to post Jason as the savior in this situation and Liz as the bad guy. Was I right?

Dierna said...

That scene with Jason just walking with the music was so sad!!

Wonder how many days it'll take to find Christina?

And uh why didn't they just call Jason to let him know his grandfather is there?? I mean shoot...he's AT the hospital already....and having Rebecca as "next of kin" was just stupid...she's not the one who was adopted by the Quartermains! She's not kin! Ethan was right there and is technically next of kin what with Edward being his step-grandfather!

Lori said...

SQUEEEEEEELLLLL... GH was soooo good today!!! Lord don't freak out, I know I rarely do that LMAO

SB was heart breaking walking through the carnival to the music on the verge of tears. Love that lil guy who plays Jake, boy the ticked him off and he was screaming like a banshee lol then he laid there with the oxygen mask on like a big boy, love it.

Applause to Nik and Ethan helping haul Edward up on their shoulders and out over the crowd. Woo Hoo Andrea bites the big one!! Love Spinelli and Johnny together, they can be my new favorite super couple ;)

I'd say Guza didn't write any of this because it's too good lmao so 2 thumbs up to Michele Val Jean :D

Christina said...

Well, we both know how I was with the show today and why, but I loved it. What I did not love was Jason not allowed to be there for his son, I have had a problem with that from day one. As a mommy, my heart was with Olivia and her not able to be there for her son as she should. GH is not letting us down.

Kendall said...

Thumbs down on the new Spencer. Kid can not act.

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to let you know that your page is on my favorites list so that way i dont have to type it in everytime i want to check it out. keep up the good work.

Leesy said...

Excellent show today. Humor and sadness and excitement galore. Shows that no matter what we do, there is the possibility of violence all around us. Hope they save this one for next year's Emmys...whoever wrote it deserves the award. Why do I feel Guza was out on a coffee break? hmmmm??

Anonymous said...

I hope they change Jakes paternity to make him Lucky's kid. Can't stand Jason. he should not be anywhere near the hospital just because jake is there. LAME!

Curlygirl715 said... still hasnt' posted today's show youtube is blocking the audio!

Anonymous said...

Okay - Olivia called out Dante to Dominic and no one heard it? Loved Dominic today and especially the scene with Morgan. Can't wait till these two find out that they are brothers. Wanted LuLu to be there for Dominic. I like them together. D.Z. can act...I love this guy!

Did Sonny forget about Kristina yet again? He doesn't find out if Kristina and Molly are ok....or even Claudia for that matter.

Why was Liz staring at Jason instead of running after Jake? What happened to Cameron during all this?

So with all that said....I can't wait for tomorrow's show and I can't remember the last time I said that about GH!!!

Ocean Park Girl said...

Boy I did not think I could hate LMP anymore than I did today. Poor Jason. "I'll let you know what the doctor says". So glad he reached for Sam's hand. Loved Morgan and Dominic/Dante. That guy can act with anyone, and with no one. He and Morgan look so much alike - can't wait to see what happens when they find out they are related. And how awesome that they had the Yankees helmet on the same night Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrigs record!! I am hoping the Claudia does not find Kristina and leave her there - that is my fear.

friscowannabe said...

After saying I hated Tuesday's show I have to say I loved Wednesday's.

They need to find storylines for Matt and Epiphany. They both have too much of a presence to be background players.

Lulu with Molly was a pairing I never expected but one that realistically could happen in this setting. I thought it was great.

I don;t think alexis was freaking out enough...she should of had a paper bag. BUT did you catch the sparks between her and Mac?!

Was it just last week Nicholas apologized for forgetting his family? I guess he forgot about Lucky/Jake and Alexis/Christina/Molly again.

Rebecca being Edward's next of kin was just plain dumb. She is no relation whatsoever. As someone else said, Ethan is more of a relation as his step is Lucky and Lulu. Then there is always Micheal his great grandson. Why not of had Micheal have to make decisions for Edward, the family he never really was allowed to know. I also assume Rebecca, Nicholas and Robin all have Jason's cell number. Perhaps if Edward does not recover fully Tracy will sue Rebecca and the hospital.

Where were Coleman and Alice in all this aftermath? Alice should of been with Edward.

Christina can stay missing for a few days and I would be more then okay with it. she is starting to annoy me.

You get the feeling they are trying to build something between Max and the assistant D.A.?

The powers that be are really trying to turn us against a Jason and Liz pairing but there is no denying they have chemistry.

i am loving all the extras and the outdoor scenes.

My favorite question, once again, where was Bobbie?

mosbp2003 said...

I really enjoyed Wednesday's show again. Between GH and OLTL it was a great soaps day. Some of the tnings that bothered me about GH have already been mentioned- Rebecca being Edwards next of kin was absolutely ridiculous. I also had a hard time buying the fact that nobody noticed Kristina just lying there- she did not seem to be too hidden to me. Most of what they showed of the ride seemed to be entirely intact, so how hard could it be so hard to find her under the 4 or 5 seats that were actually collapsed? Also, why is Kristina and Molly's last name "Davis". I could maybe understand why Kristina's last name is Davis, although I don't see Sonny allowing that, but Molly? Alexis and Ric were married when Molly was born and there is absolutely no reason why Molly's last name should not be Lansing, unless history is being rewritten again and we are supposed to forget all about Ric.

Anonymous said...

Jason montage was sorta stupid. They only have Jason worry about Jake occasionly. Not always. Only to stir the Jason/Liz pot.
Mrs. Goose

Bill said...

I personally am glad Liz/LMP told Jason she'll "let him know" what the dr says. Hell he doesn't want to be part of their lives, remember. Even though he can be around Michael, Morgan, Kristina, and anyone else that he can bring danger to. This is B O L O G N A People, oscar meyer style.

Dawn said...

I had no problem with anything Liz/Jason/Jake today, he came to the same conclusion regarding Jake that his life was too dangerous, maybe his walk was reflecting that crap can happen anywhere anytime.

What the hell was Liz suppose to do, she is worried about her son, and that son is supposed to be Lucky's. I did not see her shun Jason, and I do remember the doctor saying one parent at a time.

Just the writers way of screwing over Liason fans

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill. I was thinking the same thing. Gonna comment on the whole days show, but I will start with Liz/Jason.
With the montage supposedly going slow, I think Liz looked over at Jason right when he kinda jerked to go running after Jake. She wanted to see who did that and saw it was Jason. She wasn't staring since it was a slow montage, it just seemed forever.
Jason didn't have the right to go see his son because he gave up his rights. Liz didn't do that to him. It was HIS idea.
Loved that they let Liz and Jason worry together though, without Lucky or Sam breaking it up. And enjoyed the Jason walking montage because it showed how worried he was for his son like he would be lost without him...hmm. you should think of that when Jake calls Lucky daddy.
Now with the rest of the story. Loved Dante rescuing Morgan, Olivia's acting, Ethan being worried about Edward, though I don't know why, and the all around effect (affect?) the carnival had.
Hated how Sonny forgot to check on Kristina, Molly, Claudia or Nikolas forgetting about Liz, Lucky and Jake (where was Cameron?). Also didn't like Rebecca at all. She has NO right to sign for Edward. Lulu was in the hospital, Jason was in the hospital and Lucky. All are more related then Rebecca would EVER be.
Johnny/Spinelli were almost non existant in this show. That shows that we don't need gunfire to be entertained!!
Finally, Kristina wasn't buried in rubble, so why haven't they found her yet? They know what ride she was on and it looks like she was right in plain sight, so she should have been found by now.

Stephanie said...

I think that Claudia will save Kristina if she finds her. Maybe not out of the goodness of her own heart but because she wants her own revenge not just a fate like revenge..

Or maybe to see Molly so upset about her sister missing made Claudia feel guilty for wanting her dead - so she will save her life. Remember SJB did not "approve" of Claudia wanting kids dead. If she saves Kristina and Michael remembers what she said to him in a coma then it could be a way to get her out of that corner.