Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday On Soap Deck!

Not POOP Deck...Soap Deck. ha.

AMC: I refuse to watch until the dang dance marathon is ovah. I'm hoping they don't have a Tom Delay guest spot. OY!

OLTL; Stacey said "PEE" today! Thank you writers, I knew you read the Wub Tub! Jared is really acting WEIRD. Like I said, fight club. Why would he want to beat himself up though? Not sure...we can only speculate. Kim/Stacey are a trip. David Vickers saying "Hello, Step-Nora" was a riot. I love that guy. I still hate Dr. Greg can't act--eesh. Rachael and he NO CHEM! Unlike Kish that oooooooze the chem.

GH: I'm just sad about Sarah Brown leaving. I think they missed the boat on her character big time. Liz/Olivia were random, weren't they? Yet Liz tells her she slept with Lucky's brother. Wow, some cocktails they are having!

Parapet action with Nik/Ethan. GET THE FETA OUT!

Ethan said: TRANSYLVANIA! that's worth about 50 points. If he says Lobster or Feta I will absolutely DIE! LOL We're in for a Cassadine fiesta soon it seems when Luke gets back.

Spixie were darling as per usual. Isn't she like that chick on The Big Bang Theory? He's the nerd. Hmmm, didn't think about that before.

OMG, today's show was painful in the fact I really REALLY wanted to nap. Just a slow slow day. 2-3 peeps just gabbin in a room.

BIG news coming: First up will be some more news on the Tristan Rogers' web series "Reality Bytes". I think I told you the head writer is named Karen, that's after ME!! She's also a lesbian. I so love to have the Wubqueen's image 'expanded' heh.
Next LA AIDS walk. Our team with Karla and Hubby are going strong for Team Scrubs Wubs. They'll be marching with Kim/Jason. (who are the biggest money makers so far on the leader board!) Details to come on how YOU can help!! It's on October 18th, the Wubby Hubby's bday! How cool is that? Wish I lived in LA so I could go too.

DWTS last night: I only saw a bit. Donny O looked great....Tom Delay? eesh. Get me a fork for my eyes. Hoarders was awesome though. Scary--and sad. I really love watching it. Fascinating.


friscowannabe said...

Liz called herself a slut. This should bring out the comments!

Elsie said...

I think Ethan looks like a vampire, so he should go work on one of the several vampire shows that are on now. What a useless character!

I'm sad that Sarah is leaving also, I do hope it is the end of Claudia, I'd rather see her go than Sarah.

I didn't mind Olivia and Liz. Everyone needs some girl talk.

Loulou and Domete were cute.

cj said...

Anyone with Lulu just bores me, even wonderful Dominic. Everything she said yesterday in Johnny's hospital room was just stupid and not believable. And this actress won an emmy?

I liked Liz & Olivia but I would have rather seen that conversation w/ robin. Oh well, both characters have grown on me. I used to only like Liz with Jason but am seeing her warmth of late. Especially with the scenes of her and the kid that plays Jake last week. I have always liked Olivia, and now her and Johnny are one of the reasons I watch. He is turning out to be a great find for our show!

melissa said...

your husbands birthday is 10/18? so is mine! i thought lulus line of "im sure your guy knows my dad" was pretty funny actually. i am liking the lulu/dom thing as long as they arent dating by tomorrow. liz and olivia? well i wrote how i feel on twitter, but it was just random and weird.

Anonymous said...

My youngest son's birthday is the 18th!
I happened to be flipping through channels the other night during an attack of insomnia and they were playing Private Benjamin on TVLand. Kirsten Storms is a dead ringer for Goldie Hawn in that movie! It's amazing. Spixie is one of the bright spots for me on GH.
Love the new Tristan Rogers project and it's links to the Wubsqueen. Too cool!!

Anonymous said...

Just between you and Queen, frisco...

Anonymous said...

OLTL - Can anyone answer this for me? I watch from time to time and always liked David Vickers. Last week I watched some and David was calling Bo, "Pa". I think Bo is too young to be his father. I thought it was Asa but it was a secret because of getting the Buchanans money? How did this Bo thing happen? Anyone? Are they scamming David?


CampusDisco said...

I think Spinelli broke character at the end with the wedding excitement and was more Bradford. I thought he was totally adorable!
I liked LuLu/Dante and I also kinda liked Liz/Olivia. Wonder what gal pal Carly will think? Where is Felicia?????

snolike said...

I'm sad that Sarah Brown is leaving, but I don't blame her. TPTP really turned her into an irredeemable monster. Excited about Tristan's new show. I've been watching old Holly/Robert clips on you tube and remembering how great he is (again, when given a decent story line).

Anonymous said...

I thought todays episode was ok. I liked the end sequence. Olivia and Liz were pretty good together. They kinda have the same issues if you think about it. Loved Lulu and Dante together. And Olivia and Johnny are adorable together. Less Sonny, Claudia, Jason and Sam and more Scrubs would make the show even better!

mosbp2003 said...


I will try, but it is very complicated...Rex and Bo went back in time to the night before Bo was shipped off to Vietnam. Back in time, although Rex was Bo knew who they really were, everyone else thought Rex was Bo and Bo was Asa. Rex (as Bo) slept with Emma Bradley who looked exactly like Gigi because he thought he would never see Gigi again. Emma was older and already had Spencer (played by Shane) who was probably supposed to be about 8 or 9 years old at the time...

Anonymous said...

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