Thursday, September 24, 2009

LA Aids Walkin' and Thurs. Shows!

PLEASE check out the great Team Scrubs Wubs for the LA Aids walk this Oct. 18th! There's a team walking under the Wub Banner! That link has all the info you need to help out.

AMC: Oh, Dance Marathon..still not watchin' but I did lookie for a minute and see that things are still all over the place. Everyone's trying to snow everyone else. Whatever.

OLTL: Casting news: according to Daytime Confidential Jared is exiting (told you he was beating himself up) and Priest Andrew's back! Will he bring River with him? Soap Opera Network is now saying Cassie (Laura Bonarrigo) may be back too!

GH: Maxie/Robin fun talk. Maxie's hair is giving me hives though. Claudia/Carly are in the same bar they met at! Remember? JoLivia cute as usual. DOMte trying to get out of staying at Sonny's.
BORING today.
OH! Carly's "Next time you're in a car about to explode, you're on your own"!

MAC DADDY !! I love it when the cast gets together.


snolike said...

I agree -- more Mac!

Chrystian said...

If Mac and only Mac showed up on screen it would be worth watching--the other crap-JM in a PINK tie OMG f**king kill that guy because that pod body needs to be burned to keep him from returning. Sam and her faces and those flying arms. Thanks but no thanks. I Thank Sony every day for my FF button.

Maxie looked like Punks R Us with that hair. Whoever did that should be fired along with whoever is writing this craptastic show. Spixie-old news not cute anymore.

Anonymous said...

The show was a little boring. I enjoyed Claudia/Carly banter, but that is getting old. They say the same old thing over and over and over again. Watched Dante and Jax and they weren't too bad. Is someone finally going to take down Sonny? Please!!
Don't care at all for the wedding. Boring and again the same thing over and over again. Mac hates spinelli. We get it. Spinelli talks weird. WE GET IT. Jason in a pink tie. Stupid.

Anonymous said...

Nobody as checked on Max. Are we suppose to forget he was badly hurt? Sonny didn't even stop by. It is just so frustrating how they fracture things.

kdmask said...

OMG, MAX! lol...totally forgot about him!

Mrs. B said...

Maxie's hair was just plain awful. Such a pretty girl but way too thin and then they make her hair bigger than a stop sign. Ok we get it she's a fashion girl and all. I like her sleek look much better. I do look forward to the festivities today though. I really am sick of Mac saying over and over about Spinelle being a geek. Would he rather she be with Johnny? A mobster? I love Johnny, I'm just pointing out that all guys in port chuck have connections so to speak. Speaking of Johnny, I just love Jolivia! He has a nice tender side to him that never came out with Lulu.

I agree about Sam and her weird arm movements. Still no discussion about the past between Jasam leaves me hating them. They could solve this so easily by just talking about it.

Yes where is Max? And where is Diane? And our Alexis?