Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Sideshow


All I can think of is GH is on some kind of a 'self-awareness' tour at the moment. Strands of things blow in the wind and the 'fillers' have all the substance of runny clam chowder. We sure got the Super Steve this week, didn't we? So many close ups of his big muscles and straining forehead. *sigh*

Thank goodness they put these two in the middle of the Man Landers "Caper".  Maxie decides that five  Man Landers will scramble up the press  and keep the mystery. It also helps Nathan from exposing himself as the blogger.  Spinelli ruined it--hilarity ensued. If you missed it, don't worry, the best part is right up there. 

Gee, Nathan, do you think the writers just use us for our sex scenes? 
I dunno. Do they? Well, maybe... 
Did you wash your feet for this scene? 
No, did you? 

So..Mom told me I don't have a brother. The guy was a real boy though, and a twin. Drew.
Wait, you drew the guy? I thought you painted him. 
Come on, Dad..keep up--his NAME is DREW. 
Well...and? What are you going to do about it? 
I dunno. Maybe talk to Coma Jason? 
Why don't you tell Elizabeth?
Why would I do that? I'm finally secret-free. I need to screw up something. 

Yeah...I'm awake. What now? Do I have to emote because I'm done with the emoting. Plus, I hate purple. Get me out of this purple shirt. 

Hmmmm, that's funny. You've never hated purple before... it's so NOT Jason like..

Huh... you're right. So NOT Jason-like.  Even Carly notices the Not Like Jason-Like he is. 


Uh, what are you looking at? 
Oh...well...nothing but... I can't help but stare at your...
What? My what?
Um... Mask, that's it! Mask!! 

(JasonBurton to himself: Come on, just smell my it.. smell them then I can escape after you pass out!!)

I'm finally out of my mask and I have to wear this on my face for HOW LONG???!! 


So you want me to explain this story to the viewers? Well, I'm here in "Monaco" with you to talk to this Cassandra lady. I met her, then went to talk to her off camera at her house. All because... well... uh.. what did you say about that, Anna? Oh, a diamond. Or Valentin. Or something.  Wake me up before we go back to Port Charles, will ya? 


SO, let's see...the parking lot was on the left...and my dressing room was on the right and.. man, they've changed this place around. 


Both Griffin and Finn seem to be MIA from the hospital. Not that it matters but you'd think since Griffin was consulting on JasonMiller's case, we would be concerned when he woke up but...NOPE. 

The Anna Finn story is painful. So very very painful. Not only is it dull, it's such a waste of these 2 talents.  Yes, they are charming, yes they are adorable together but they are literally sitting on a "Monaco" cafe set talking about nothing for days. The great Jessica Tuck is hired and after meeting her once, they decide to have Finn's appointment at her apartment OFF CAMERA. I will never understand this. Nope. 

Nelle's past with her Kayak Killing is coming to bite her. Zach's sister talked to Carly then went to Nell's to bitch. Too bad this story (like the last story we had for Nelle) NEVER actually happened on GH. Ergo, interest level? About a 2.0. 

Monica was on this week. A point for GH.  

The Tale of the 2 Jasons: 

So-- Susan was running from Alan because she thought the Qs were going to take her baby. She goes to Heather who already knows Betsy because she's giving Franco to her. Susan finds out she's having (surprise!) twins and she decides she can't fight for both babies when it comes to a custody case. Heather convinces Betsy to take in the "Other Twin" and he's named Andrew (Drew for short).  Betsy tells Franco that tragically, Drew died shortly after that photo was taken. 
My take is that Jason Miller is Drew and Jason Burton is the Q Jason. 

THE MOST SIZZLE MOMENT: WHOO HA!! Did you catch the Java interaction? DAMN!! Burton said thank you to Ava and -- welp. Gulp.  She sure has about 90x more chem with this masked guy than priestly Griffin! I can see it now: Jason Burton falls for Ava,  Sonny has a meltdown but Carly still invites them to dinner parties!! Yes. Please. 

Kristina went to Parker and told her she's dropping out of grad school.  (yes, I guess she got her BA degree somewhere off camera). Why? Grades suck and she's going to run Perks for Daddy. Oh, and...that way they can date since she's not a student anymore!! ;eyeroll:  I am hoping that Krissy is a savvy mobular wanna be who (like Claws on TNT) ends up money laundering for her father and runs a "pain clinic" on the side. I can even cast Roller if you want me to. Valerie can be the PCPD that tries to get her out. Then they run to the Ozarks..and..Oh wait, totally different show.  I wrote a little Fan Fic of my own for Krissy: VISSY Part One . Take a gander! 

Nelle, the Kayak Killer got a visit from Zach's sister, Sharon. Sharon was in PC talking to Carly about Nelle's wicked ways.  Since this entire story happened OFF CAMERA, I DON'T CARE.  Nelle and Michael need to just go make Milk commercials in LA. Bye. 

Sam tried to set up Alexis with Dr. Bensch.  *sigh* If he had a smidgen of Max Holden in him, it may be fun. As of now? Um..Nope. 

That's it!  GH is still editing the crap out of every scene so that the nuances and beats are missed.  There's also way too many people on here to count--and I just remembered not only is Julian coming back,  Laura is as well! Geesh! Totally forgot about her.  Speaking of forgetting--remember when Ned made some deal without Michael's knowledge and turned to Olivia with a twinkle in his eye and said "I think we solved our problems"?? You don't? Well, it happened and then-- THEY AREN'T ON THE SHOW anymore. When will they be back? You guess is as good as mine. 
**Aunt Stella? Great actress--and??? What?? Couldn't she have been a Nurse? Kelly's....or how about a hospital admin since Hayden was fired? Hmmmm... 
**Molly and TJ.  Young couple. Something GH desperately needs.  Where are they? 
**The missing Cam and Aiden are so laughable now, they need to take a Judy from Family Matters or Bobby from AMC. OR do the right thing and SORA Cameron to at least Josslyn's age. Who doesn't want to see bad boy Cam seduce Carly's Joss? GOLD in them there hills, people!!  This is probably one of the best ideas I've had in months so... CARPE DIEM! 

Ok! Well, did you enjoy the Will and Grace show? I needed it badly. Just felt like old times. I need Seinfeld back too. When JLD is done with Veep, get it going. Two of my fave shows are coming this month: Good Behavior (TNT) and Riverdale (CW). 

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) is so awesome. It's even got some fluid time shifts going! BUT!! Guess who is in it and doing one hell of a job? Our own Jerry Jacks!! Sebastian Roche plays a Nazi and is just superb. His accent is on point. 

What are you watching?? We are going to start "The Wire" and I think Shameless is out with it's new season as well. 

We so rarely watch network TV that is was hard to sit through the commercials during This is Us!  Should be on one of the platforms, shouldn't it??  

Well, you got a bit of Pop Wub with all the TV dish. Have a good Sunday. Thoughts to all in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands and points in between. 


Michelle Latta said...

This Is Us...the ending omg! Can't wait til Tues!! Will and Grace I loved, old times, such a funny show, glad they brought it back!
As for GH I am going to die laughing when Sonny realizes Ava and Jason were at the same clinic and he pretty much has THAT WOMAN to thank for saving his bromance buddy! Haha!
I did a lot of ff because I was working and had to watch 3 days worth of show in one. So many storylines I'm sick to death of. Cur the fat, get rid of people, finish storylines. Ugh...

KT4GH said...

Yes, This is Us shocked me with their ending. I thought it would be a car accident but the actors and writers said nobody would guess how Jack dies. I enjoyed The Good Doctor. The actor who plays Dr. Sean Murphy is pure talent and amazing all the way around. Will and Grace- I was simply disappointed. It used to be a favorite show of mine and now...well..IN MY OPINION, season opener was pure political trash. I don't see how it was like old times, because it seems nowadays nothing is. Can't watch a football game, award show or many tv shows without worrying about it being the topic of political debate the next day. Sad and depressing. The Middle is an outstanding comedy. Sad it is their last season, I will miss the Heck family.
Karen, I loved your Sunday Surgery- very well written. Sounds like a love triangle may be brewing with Ava, Jason and Griffin. I still seem to only be able to picture Griffin with Liz, which may happen if Franco doesn't straighten up. I'm wishing everyday that Jordan and Curtis have an awesome storyline instead of making up and breaking up. They have the ability to become a super couple. So...Oscar....who are his parents? Maybe Tamara Braun will be his mom, and his dad is either Jason/Drew....

Michelle Latta said...

I like The Middle but the Sue character can be a little too much to take.
As for Jason and Ava, too early to tell but I can get on board with those two. Is it because it would anger Sonny or because Ava seems to have chemistry with every man she's come across (wxcept Sonny), I have no idea....But as much as I was against Steve returning this could change my mind.

nance24 said...

I've never seen an episode of Will and Grace. I would love for Jason Burton and Ava to get together if only to see Sonny's head explode

AntJoan said...

I will watch Shark Tank, and will go back to Once when it starts. I also still watch Grey's Anatomy. I also think that The Middle is very funny, I was late to watching that show, but enjoyed the past year. I used to watch Malcolm in the Middle back in the day, featuring Mr. Breaking Bad before he broke bad. I always wonder if The Middle was based on that show.

Cosmoetica said...

The SB return is so predictable and so dull. TPTB are so out of touch w fan interestit's sad.

Michelle Latta said...

I know right!! I would love it!

Michelle Latta said...

I occasionally watch Shark Tank, still a big Grey's fan. Mad Stephanie is gone. I came in late to The Middle as well, it's not one I watch every so either. I used to love Mike and Molly and Two and a half men. Can't wait for Tues to see This is us.

K said...

I've never been a sitcom fan, so I only even knew about the Will & Grace (return?) was from ads during DAYS. When I woke up from the coma in the hospital several years ago, I ended up getting hooked on Investigation Discovery. So I still watch a lot of of that, and other documentary stuff. (I don't do "reality TV"). I've tried in the past, but just can't get into sitcoms/comedies. I've always gravitated towards little bits of comedy and humor in dramatic stuff, that's timed just right.


LSV422 said...

Excellent SS once again. I also think Grey's is still really good. Have This is Us recorded but haven't watched yet. The same with Curb your Enthusiasm-had to watch my Fear the Walking Dead. As for GH, I like the fact that Franco is interacting with more characters. I don't like Dr. Benche - even less after reading in SOD what a jerk the actor was on his previous show. All of these storylines are so uninteresting I can barely watch.

Michelle Latta said...

I've seen I'D a couple times. Usually if I'm channeling surfing and it looks good I'll watch. Reality wise I like AGT and DWTS (if someone I like is dancing).

Michelle Latta said...

James a jerk on his other show or the character? I loved the character of Max. To each their own. 😊 As for this character, meh...not a fan.

LSV422 said...

I read JDP admitted he was a really, obnoxious, rude person when he worked at OLTL and of course now regrets his actions and is appreciative of work. Maybe that is why it took so long for him to get another job.

kdmask said...

I actually have only seen about 30 min total of Grey's Anatomy!! I could NOT do another medical TV show at my age lol.

I liked Will and Grace, I figured they'd get the politics out of the way first-- I enjoyed SNL so much more though. It was hysterical.

I really don't know if I'll do the show today. Hard day. Just so sad.

Michelle Latta said...

Oh wow! I didn't know that.

Michelle Latta said...

Will and Grace was funny, Karen and esp Jack make the show though. I can't remember what it was that Jack didn't exactly but I laughed out loud for real!

Michelle Latta said...


K said...

Michelle Latta said...

I've seen I'D a couple times. Usually if I'm channeling surfing and it looks good I'll watch. Reality wise I like AGT and DWTS (if someone I like is dancing).

** Stuck in the hospital for a month awake (since having already spent one month there ((Which is kind of a moot point and can't do much of anything) which was really a VERY long nap, essentially)) with no Internet access, but expanded basic cable) I had to find SOMETHING to watch outside of what my "usual" stuff waa at that point. And ID just clicked with me at the time.


K said...

kdmask said...

I actually have only seen about 30 min total of Grey's Anatomy!! I could NOT do another medical TV show at my age lol.

** I definitely get that! About the last medical drama that I REALLY liked was probably "Chicago Hope" or "Strong Medicine" Both I'd LOVE to be able to get on DVD. CH has never been put on DVD, and IIRC S1 of Strong Medicine was, but that's it.