Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Smell The Jacket

Scotty brings over Ava's check from the Art Show. He wants to know who she's Seeing--why she had a drink with someone. Oh, he's a little jealous!! Scotty's hair is just wild today..brown on top and gray on the sides LOL!! 

Franco can't find a death notice for Drew. She thinks he should tell "Jason" the truth.  He gets a call to go meet Scotty. 

OMG... So, Jason Burton is on the terrace-- and Sam is there and JASON MILLER comes in and they make out !! He's in SUCH PAIN!! OMG, then Miller starts saying a bunch of stuff Sam said to him about him being the only one she could ever trust !! And that a year ago, she told him she could be 'herself' around him like no other. 
OH boy. Oh boy.
Then, Sam talks about their wedding day!! Then they go upstairs to have Zex... and Burton leaves. 

Now, they should have been playing with Scout in that scene. Just my opinion. 
Alexis comes over later. She bitches to Sam about Parker and Krissy.  Then they tell her they bought the Derek Wells company (that was Julian's) She was kinda weird about it but says it was nice of Juilan to sell it to them. 

Jason Burton goes to the graveyard. Talks to Morgan. He says he feels lost-- and wishes he'd been there for him. Sad--good dialog. Then all of a sudden he stands up and pulls out his gun and spins around. Ava is there. I jumped lol She recognizes him from the clinic. She asked if he knew Morgan. He says yes, "how did he die"? She says it was an accident and he didn't have an easy life. She says he can stay with her.  They go to her place. She says he can use Julian's clothes lol THEN she gets a phone call and finds out Jules sold the company. and says OUT LOUD: Jason Morgan bought it!! AHAHHAA. Jason Burton is all HUH/ WHA// WHAT/?!! 

Griffin talks to Gopher about leaving the priesthood. Gopher tries to talk him out of it.  Gopher leaves. Liz finds out Griffin left the priesthood, she's not surprised. 


  1. Still watching but eek!!
    Hand to mouth, eyes wide open, not what I was expecting.
    I am glad Griffin left the priesthood. I liked Ava and Scott talk. He's good for her.

  2. OMG TODAY WAS SOOOO GOOD! When Ava said Jason Morgan LOL!! I can't wait to hear what everyone else thought!

  3. I didn't watch today yet, but how did Jason know that Morgan is dead? Did I miss/forget something (before today, that is)?

    1. I believe he overheard Sam and "Jason". I think you'll like today Aunt Joan. 😊

  4. Oh, thanks, Michelle, didn't finish yet, but, yes, he overheard them.

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  6. Thank God for Kin Shriner, the gift of Scotty that keeps on giving to Port Charles. Hell, he may be my all time favorite GH character now, and that's saying alot since I am a huge fanboy of the Scorpio family, Luke, Laura, and a few other old schoolers like Jonathan Jackson's lucky and the legendary MARCO DANE.

  7. Michelle Latta said...

    I believe he overheard Sam and "Jason".

    ** Yeah, it was He heard them talking when he was outside on the balcony, (Which I totally forgot existed, even)


  8. Yesterday was good! I'm a big fan of Scotty's, too, and KS is so consistently great. Don't understand how Jason B could hear Jasam through the glass door when we can barely make out what they are saying without a door, LOL.

  9. The pacing for this storyline hasn't been bad so far. I know that there is a lot to be revealed to not only Jason, but also every character connected with him. I prefer a storyline that peels away layers since it keeps me more interested. Yesterday, Jason found out that Sam has moved on with another man, that Morgan is dead (and Ava knew him), that Ava's brother's company was sold to "Jason Morgan" and that Ava knows who Sonny Corinthos is.

  10. Ava's home:

    Ava and Scotty: Scotty is all jelly! :) Uh Scotty what is with your hair?!?!! ROFL! It looks like you dyed your hair but forgot to dye the sides. But wait you got gray YAY! Speaking of gray, where is Ric?!?!?!?! Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: Why Scott? Are you thinking of asking me out?


    Paint and Wall's home: Why yes Jason or whoever the hell you are, Morgan passed away! Jason and his box of pain. :(

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Alexis and Paint and Wall: Yes Alexis, Paint and Wall bought Paint and Wall media!!! :)

    The hospital:

    Father Gopher and Griffy: FATHER GOPHER YAY! :) Great scene! Yes Griffy can't be a priest anymore. He has feelings for Ava!!!

    Chant: GRAVA GRAVA GRAVA! :)

    Vending machine:

    Friz: Poor BobTodd. Struggling to tell Drew the truth!! Maybe you can offer Drew a candy bar. :)

    Cemetery/Morgan's grave:

    "Jason" and Ava: Oh Ava you better tell him what has been going on with Morgan or he will hear it from Sonny! Tell your side!

    Ava's home part 2:

    Java: They are not even going to ask each other what their names are?!?!! I mean you just invited him to your home!!!!