Thursday, October 19, 2017

Martini Thursday

Oh.. Oscar's Mama?? I was sure he HAD no mama--but looks like he might. Twitter is betting on Tamara Braun who was reportedly coming on the show (not confirmed yet). I don't know if his mother is as important as his father? Hmmm.. I just hope it's not Sonny. Drew? ?? No idea. I don't really care. We've got enough going on without this OSCAR stuff, dang it! 

So, I was actually looking forward to getting home today in time for GH! Who knew?? What's happening?? 

NOTE: Disco Dave asked me about a scene yesterday involving Ava and Jason--I had left a part out. Just know I'm live tweeting AND blogging---so much is going on I couldn't get it all in!! SORRY!! I'm trying harder today lol.

Lante is at the Metro for date night. Laura comes in. Says she might be  engaged! Lulu's tolerable today. Laura is for sure Kevin might propose tonight (Which prob means he won't)!

Griffin tells the nurse on duty he can't talk to a patient in the 'capacity of a priest, only a doctor'. She says she'll get the chaplain. Kevin overhears and says: You're not a priest?  Kevin sits and talks with Griffin about everything says come and see me if you want to.

Kevin goes to the metro. Lulu is trying to wait to take a photo of when Kevin proposes -- Kevin starts telling Laura about Griffin. THEN HE TIES HIS SHOE!! ahahaaa. She thought he was going to ask her to marry him (of course). Kevin says "You think I'd propose to you in a restaurant"?? They laugh. 

Ava and Sonny argue. Sonny says she can't see Avery. She almost doesn't give him the note, then she does. HE's like WHERE did  you get this?  What did he look like. Ava says: Sorry, enough good deeds for today. He reads the note: "meet me where Stone's ashes are scattered" Sonny says: the only one that knows that is Jason. Then he CALLS MILLER'S JASON to have him come over.
Damn it. You'd think he'd know his BFF's handwriting!!  (See below for more) 

Later, Ava goes home and finds Burton's note saying thank you but good bye. Then Griffin comes over. He tells her he left the priesthood. Ava wonders what it means for them. 

IN the park!! Liz and Jake are walking--Liz takes a phone call from work. Burton sees Jake and whispers: Jake?... then MILLER COMES OVER and Jake is all 'HI DAD'!! UGH.. and Burton has tears in his baby blues.  Then...Burton flashes back to when he wanted the kidney donated to Josslyn and Liz slapped him. Great scene that was there. He watches Jake walk away. Confusion. 
Liz and Miller talk. She mentions FRANCO! He wonders what she and Franco were going to tell him the other day (Burton is still listening)  Liz hedges and then Jake interrupts. He has hot chocolate. He says that someone was behind the wall--but of course, Burton is gone. 

Burton goes to the bridge. About the same time, Sonny is drinking and having a flashback to when Sonny helped Jason after the car accident. He loaned him money. Awww. Jason is thinking the same thing. How cute.  When Miller comes to see Sonny, he says "the ashes were at the footbridge and you loaned me $40" (clues in the note)-- Ava's setting you up. Sonny says well, I have to go find out for myself.  Then Miller is all "this isn't me, so who is it" TOMORROW'S PREVIEWS: Sonny takes MILLER to the damn bridge with him-- and Burton is hiding in the bushes! Grrrrr!!! 

Interesting that Miller has those memories about the money and the ashes, isn't it? 

So, Roger Howarth was amazing today. He and Betsy talk about Drew. You have to watch it--it's done very well. She says that she felt she had to be with Franco more than Drew and "he could take care of himself".  Franco is terrified he pushed Drew down the stairs on purpose.  She says I'm not sure.  Franco asks where she took him. Betsy dropped him off at the "foundling hospital" -- and never looked back. Franco is torn. 

Later, in the park, Franco sees Liz-- he tells her that Other Jason is NO relation to Jason-Jason so there's no reason to tell anyone about the "twin" thing. So he lies about the whole deal. OY!!!

WOW! that was tough going because there was so much happening!! eesh!!! Sunday Surgery is going to be HUGE! 


  1. I have also felt that the best acting is not screaming and crying and yelling - but facial expressions and mannerisms....the best example was Nina at the Nurses Ball when Valentin sang to her.....
    Steve Burton is knocking it out of the park - I TOO did not want him to be Jason Morgan but it's blowing my mind at his acting and his underplaying of emotions - that IS
    and kinda want him with Ava
    but sidebar - how many days without the Man Landers (YEAH)---but it's what KD says - NO CONSISTENCY
    but WHAT did Amy and WHEN are we gonna see Maxie telling Nathan she is pregnant.

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  3. Roger was great today. No one can play a tortured soul as well he has. I don't think Betsy is telling the truth. If she was telling the truth, this story would hit a brick wall. I think there is much more to this story.

  4. Where does Betsy live? I thought she lived somewhere out west, but Franco is going back and forth to see her, is she supposed to be in/near Port Charles? Or is he just doing magic time travel, like everyone else?

  5. Roger Howarth is the real deal - day and and day out he is entertaining and he can play a range of emotion effortlessly.

  6. It's been a great week so far. I've only FF'd through Sonny & Carly.

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  8. Is Maxie pregnant? i missed some episodes.

  9. Why did Jason (Miller) go to the bridge with Sonny? I thought he wants to steer clear of danger. Sonny should've taken Milo.

  10. Yesterday's episode was one of the best I've seen in a long, long time

  11. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lante: Blah blah blah Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Lavin: I love Lavin!!!! :) Doc wins the line of the day.

    Doc: And you think the best I could come up with is a proposal in a restaurant?


    Betsy's home:

    Betsy and BobTodd: Poor BobTodd!!!! Did he really push Drew down the stairs on purpose?

    The hospital:

    Griffy and Doc: Doc you are so good!!!!! Yes Griffy doesn't look like a man in peace!!!! Great scene!

    Carson's home:

    Sonny and Ava: Oh shut up Sonny!!! Just take the damn note, and let Ava see her daughter! GAH!

    Ava's home:

    GrAva: I'm glad Griffy said that he is giving up the priesthood, he isn't giving up God. :) Great scene!

    The park: Oh look patient 6 is skulking around..

    Friz: Poor BobTodd. :(

    Drew and Liz: Oh shut up Drew about BobTodd!

  12. "Karen says Sunday Surgery is going to be HUGE!"

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. AntJoan said...

    Where does Betsy live? I thought she lived somewhere out west, but Franco is going back and forth to see her, is she supposed to be in/near Port Charles? Or is he just doing magic time travel, like everyone else?

    ** I don't think they've ever actually said where she lives. But, they did say that he flew her in for his exhibition, and he got her a room at the Metro Court while she was there for the show. (And got out of there as fast as she could, because she wasn't there when he went up to her room that night to try and get answers from her, with Scotty right behind him. That was the last time that we knew exactly where she was. After that, it looks like a teleporter is being used again. Since it's pretty apparent that continuity isn't essential anymore.