Thursday, October 5, 2017

Supernatural Season 13: GH Connection

Oh! Guess who's the new Sheriff in Hell on Supernatural?? That's right..OUR OWN CARLOS!! Ok, it's Jeffery Vincent Parise but he'll always be our dead-undead-dead Carlos and Joe  Rivera! 

Go to FanSided for the geek info on Supernatural if you are a fan. Show starts Oct 12 8pm/est on the CW. 


Gwendolyn said...

There are so many connections is crazy. Valentin was the big bad in season 7, and Matt Cohen played John Winchester (and goes to the conventions still). It's awesome to watch the cross-overs

K said...

And Rick Springfield played Lucifer last season (which I REALLY need to finish watching) And if we're not just limiting cross-overs to GH, remember Jensen Ackles was on DAYS for few years as Eric Brady, who Greg Vaughn is currently in the role. (While not a direct GH cross-over, there is still a connection of sorts tangentially at, least.


sonya said...

Oh man! I want him back on GH!!!! :(