Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Doublemint

Who is this?
Who is THIS?
No Whatttttssupp.

Oh boy!! LEAVE it to GH to take a giant comeback and just SLOWLY DRAIN US OF ALL LIFE!! Didn't they learn ANYTHING from the eons of "Brenda in Paris" story? Or... how about the "Robin skulks around PC for Months" tale??  But, we are. St. Jaysus is now on a slow boat to Port Charles with none other than...well, just wait for it, ok? 

It's going to be pure WUB this week, people. I have no patience left. None.  


**Aunt Stella is a social worker at GH! (my speculation: Oscar is homeless, she'll help him) 

**Brad and Lucas might adopt! Now please for pity sake PUT IT ON THE SCREEN! 
**Cute friend scene with Amy/Maxie. Toning Amy down a bit? 3 points. Get Val in there with        Krissy and I'll love you for awhile longer. 


Wait!!! Are you who they says you arz? Are you... THE ONE??  *holy music
Um, I don't know.. I'm just trying to get home.
Oh! Do yous live in a castle? In ze clouds? Or a humble carpenter's abode? *holy music
I think...I think..I have a motorcycle
OH! I must dance the dervish dance to honor you!! VODKA FOR ALLS! *Russian music

NOTE: I have no idea what I just did there...but it was more fun than the actual scene. Believe me.

Um, you think anyone will notice? 
Notice? Notice what? 
This...well, pad on my face? 
Oh? There's a pad on your face? Huh.. 
Yeah, it's been there since I was in Russia and you drugged that doctor and we flew home. 
Huh. Must be the jet lag. I thought it was a scarf or something.

Just smile, Oscar, it will all be over in a minute...
Does your mom always take pictures when you go to the football game? 
I don't know, never been to fact, until awhile ago...I was shucking corn.
Long story. 

Here's a long story-- I don't have a DAD.
Yeah, that must be rough, not having a DAD. 
NO DAD equals a ton of PAIN
Let's go talk about you not having a DAD.
And the pain. 

So.....that's it..that's the whole story.... It took years to figure it out but... you know. There it is!

Wow, I'm so excited, can't you tell? 

So, I'm home.
Yeah. *sigh*
Where are the kids? kids? Oh, yeah.. them. Out. Somewhere. 
Yeah, it's rough taking care of two of them, but I manage...
What should we do? 
I don't know. 
2 second shirtless scene to reaffirm our love?
Okay. *sigh* I'm so excited.

Me too, can't you tell? 

Lulu, what in the hell are you doing? 
I'm plotting..plotting to get Charlotte ALL. TO. OURSELVES for the holidays!
You mean, like Columbus Day? 
No..I mean like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Kawanza
Um, Lulu we aren't....
Shut up Dante! I want ALL the holidays! 

Hey! I'm over here!! Helloooooo...
Yeah, I'm checking my messages....
Why would you be checking your...
 I think there may be a web series with my name on it so..
Oh, go-- I get it, believe me--take your messages!! 

What's our story again?

I don't know....isn't this a photo from our Morocco trip?
Could be...does it matter?
Not one bit. Now, get me some milk and an oatmeal cookie.

That's right, Valentin... I'm here to make you pay! 
Wait...weren't you just on vacation? 
Yes, I was...and now I'm here to make you pay! 
Um... I mean why now? 
Who cares why now? I just happen to have this gun and I'm going to shoot you!
No, you're not. 
Who says? 
My contract.... 
Oh, yeah. Damn it. Well, just watch your step, buddy.
Will do. 

Well, here we are. Same place we've been for 2 weeks---same set, same everything!
 Oh hold up,  I did get to see that blonde lady on her balcony for a minute. 
I know.  You left the tea with the bug in it in your cab.
Yep, that I did. Hard being a spy.
Ok then...what next? 
Why don't you tell me your life story? 
Sure, we've got time, don't we?
All the time in the world according to our scripts. 

Ok, who the hell are you? 
I'm the sassy British man that duped Ava and Nicholas 16 months ago with the Weeping Nyiad Story. 
Blink. Blink. 
Oh come on now, I was adorable!! We were in London and there was a gun involved and...
You really don't know this? I'm Huxley! 
Why are you in my story? 
Oh, needed a companion on this boat to let you know all the things you missed in the years you weren't on canvas.
Like what?
Well..let's see... Sonny as a daughter that was conceived in the Quartermaine crypt with Ava Jerome...

Uh, I don't know her...
Of course not silly, but you will..she saved you! Anyway.. oh!! Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner and we are almost at war with North Korea but that's not the half of it! You missed the entire Apple Watch phenom...
Huh. Blink. 
Oh, and Donald Trump is president
Ok, now I know you're insane...
Honey, you have SO much to catch up on!! Just 2016 alone will make you want to curl up and drink that vat of Vodka over there...
Sigh. Well, at least I know Sam will be in the dull Penthouse, right where I left her, eating Chinese food and....
Oh, buckle up butter cup.... it's going to be a LONG ride to Port Charles! 

FOOT FETISH ALERT: Sir Burton's feet for you 

PROPS OF THE WEEK:  BALLOONS! I do wish they were all RED however.  And Franco would have dressed like a clown but--girl can't have it all. 

SO, RUMOR has it Burton doesn't really even get into PC until like October 19th. That gives  you another 2 weeks to -- I don't know, wish that production had sped things up and gotten into the 21st century with "long lost/dead' character reveals? If you're not going to have them actually BACK-BACK then don't even tell us they are coming. Just spring it on us so we're not exhausted by the time it actually happens. 
This Charlotte custody thing HAS GOT TO END. Please, for the love of GOD give Lulu and Dante a story. I so wish they had made Rocco have some kind of syndrome or on the spectrum or something. It could have involved the entire GH canvas--and given enough angst for Lulu to be her OCD self for a LONG time. 
More production issues:  Parker is back-- you show them for  3 days straight--then. VOID OF DEATH.  You had Valerie involved.. Dropped that.  PLEASE DO NOT SHOW CHARACTERS AND THE START/MIDDLE OF STORIES AND THEN NOT HAVE THEM ON AGAIN FOR 10 EPISODES!! 
and...ALSO PRODUCTION:  the EDITING IS MADDENING!! I'll say it again: stop with the choppy 1 min scenes-- it takes everything away from the story telling!!! 

If you're going to have a nice thing like Bobbie getting a lifetime pin from GH--SHOW THE CEREMONY. Have alllllllllllllllllll the people there. Monica, Scotty, Lucy-- BRAD LUCAS. Is it that expensive or hard to get everyone together?? You had Mac and Flea on for 2.2 seconds for the Book Launch--why not shoot Bobbie's thing the same day? I know, I know nothing about running a soap. I do know that we used to get more than a few people in a room for more than a split second. I cant' believe Valerie (a character rarely used)  was the one that was at a dinner with Brucas and saw an adoption brochure. AND IT WAS OFF CAMERA!! The hell?  Jason Miller gets home from eons in a coma and....the kids made a sign but aren't there? Did you even cast Scout? She's like the baby on The Big Bang Theory. Never seen. 

Great Nolivia follow up btw--- what DID Ned do that would piss Michael off? I mean?? What about the Pizza oven? WHY CAN'T WE HAVE FUN THINGS??! 

Phew. Ok.. well, I'll calm it down. There's just so much potential here and I don't think people are looking at long term--or if they are???  It's done like the David Bensch story. Why don't you have TJ on the fast track with Kiki? At least that would add something. *sigh*.  

Hope you have a good week. I'm off Monday. Trying to find the right gray for our den. Holy crap! There are a maddening number of grays out there and gray 'scales" . We've gotten 6 sample grays and--- welp. I'll have to periscope it when it's done for ya! I don't periscope anymore because I always had Gus on first. And..:sobbing: no more. 


gap723 21 said...

Wubs' hatred of all things Steve Burton's Jason is bizarre. I have enjoyed her blogs over the years but her choice of what made her giddy this week (Brad and Lucas adopting) over Jason's return to PC is simply laughable. It seems to be personal with her. Not sure why she seems to dislike SB so much. Peace out Wubs.

ishouldreadmore said...

I am so sick of so many of the characters!! Some one please tell Nina to shut the frog up. I am so sick of her self righteousness. She is a nut case who is only a thin line from going off again. And I have hated Valentin from the start, and nothing they have done has changed that. He is so sleazy and creepy to me. I cannot watch the "love" scenes with him and Neener Neener.
I have grown to like Ava. I have always thought Maura West was a fantastic actress, and I am enjoying her current seeming redemption.
Please please please put Nelle on a slow boat to China that goes off the edge of the earth. And if Michael doesn't wise up soon, send him with her.
Isn't there some way to get the characters MOVING somehow??? All the sitting around chatting, arguing, plotting, etc ad nauseam?? All these folks should weigh at least 400 pounds because the never DO anything. Even when they are supposed to working at the hospital, they stand around and talk. But mostly they sit at tables and talk over coffee and food and they never eat or drink, they just talk. About what might have happened off screen or about how they feel or how they think someone else might feel. Where is Richard Simmons when we need him???

zazu said...

Many of the scenes are not even 1 minute long. Sam/Jason are SOOO boring....FF material. The whole show is a mess. I truly enjoy reading your blogs more than watching right now. So much potential. Those SB looks and stares. Actually they, directors, seem to be obsessed with a multitude of different facial expression close-ups. Why can't they just tell a story or two or three instead of starting something and never getting back to it?

JSL said...

GH has too many active characters on the show. The actors portraying the core,leading characters on this show, have very short stints of dialogue during the week. This creates storys that seem choppy and dumb. Get rid of the Nell, Ask Man Landers and Oscar storys. I don't think many folks care about these storys. Forcing Finn and Anna together is a fault of the writers who have no storylines for either of them. Looking forward to pure wub. Good luck on your search for a shade of Gray.

Maria said...

Plz don't criticize the person writing the blog. If you disagree with something inthe blog, share your insight respectfully. sheesh!!
WUBS thanks for the blog!

AntJoan said...

Great SS, as usual!! Ishould: ITA w/your comments, well said!

kdmask said...

ah...Gap. You have no idea HOW I feel about SBu...none. The character of Jason? Yes, you do. But SBu? Nope. I've met him, he's great. He's an Emmy winning actor. I happen to think the CHARACTER of Jason should have stayed dead. But hey, that's me. Thanks for commenting!

nance24 said...

Great SS and I agree with everything.

Michelle Latta said...

Yes, you and are thinking alike! LMAO @ Neener Neener. Can't stand her, Valentin, Ava has grown on me as well. I think like I've said before has to so with Nik, Griffin and even Jason(SB), even though I'm not a fan of him coming back.

Michelle Latta said...

I agree, the character should have stayed dead as well. When he left, I was so upset, and got over it. Billy Miller's version comes along and while I wasn't happy they decided to make him alive, they made it make much as thru could. NOW this....I too love Abu but he left and now he decides to come back shaking things up...thats what I hate. Like you, the character, not the actor.

JSL said...

And I forgot to say this was a very good SS. Karen your passion for the blog is visible all the time. Thats what always makes it worth reading.

witch said...

what ever happened to the olivia jerome and valentin story. did he not help her into the nut house instead of prison. did i miss something?

Anon said...

Jason = boring and now we get double Jason. BORING BORING!

K said...

Michelle Latta said...

I agree, the character should have stayed dead as well. When he left, I was so upset, and got over it. Billy Miller's version comes along and while I wasn't happy they decided to make him alive, they made it make much as thru could. NOW this....I too love Abu but he left and now he decides to come back shaking things up...thats what I hate. Like you, the character, not the actor.

** Like I've said a few times in the past, I always liked Jason Q. After the accident and when he became Jason M though, from about the time after he and Robin were together, is wbere he started to lose me. He just became such a "one note character" where just about anything he ever did, that I totally lost all interest in the character. A friend of mine would call him "Borg Boy" (ala Star Trek), which I thought was absolutely perfect. Just look at what we've seen of him since he came "back" More often than anything at all else, he just sits/stands there like a deer caught in a car's headlights. So when Faison shot him, the ONLY issue I had with it, was just that we were down yet ANOTHER Q. But when Billy Miller came on, I started to see some inklings of Jason Q again, personality wise. Not to mention he's been playing him as a much older and more mature character. He's a husband and parent to 3 children, and knows first and foremost, they are his priorities. He just can't be running around and playing mobster with Sonny, anymore. And now has a family to take care of.


LSV422 said...

Enjoyed and agreed with your SS as always. Jason has never been a favorite character of mine and as much as I like to see a familiar face return, odds are it won’t be done well. Did we really need that Huxley guy back unless there is a connection to Nik maybe being alive? Obviously our opinions and Karen’s are in the majority as shown by the really low ratings.

alia said...

Your support and love for brucas is everything to me!they should be leading story at gh, and them adopting offscreen?!they have so much chemistry, and even in less than interesting sls they shine!there is no reason to throw brucas fans stupid crumbs! just get them onscreen. parker and kristina are *awful* brucas is what should be onscreen!

Michelle Latta said...

Yeh sad that Sonny has countless children and doesn't get that. I like this mature Jason aka Drew.

Michelle Latta said...

I kinda get the feeling that that is the reason Hux is back.

Michelle Latta said...

Not a Brad fan but if I'm going to watch a same sex couple I sure would rather it be Brucas.

Frank Strovel said...

Nowhere in her post does she show any personal animosity toward SB. It's all about the show's production, writing and pacing.

It seems you're the one taking it personally.

K said...

Blogger Michelle Latta said...

Yeh sad that Sonny has countless children and doesn't get that. I like this mature Jason aka Drew.

** Yep, their personalities are just so different from one another. It's also nice to see at least ONE person in the bunch, that is acting like an adult. Seeing as BM is the only one doing so, and thinking of others before himself.


K said...

Michelle Latta said...

I kinda get the feeling that that is the reason Hux is back

** I think you might be on to something there. Primarily, because the day he made his first reappearance, one of the lines in the episode's description was "An old foe of Nikolas resurfaces'. Because otherwise, I sure as hell can't think of ANY other reason why they'd bring him back. I liked him on ATWT. But, Huxley just grates on my nerves. (A large part being due to the not even remotely close to being an actual British accent he's using)


alia said...

brad is the best character ron created on gh and parry one of the top 5 actors on the show. why they don't use him more is *beyond* me. I find lucas impossibly boring w/o brad. brad is what makes brucas work, imo!w/o him I'd fall asleep! parker is a predator. teachers and students should never be billed as romance!now a doctor and lab tech!perfect.