Saturday, October 7, 2017


As some of you know, frequent blog contributor Dave lives in Las Vegas. He was kind enough to share these photos he took of the memorials that have been erected at the site of the shootings. Each cross represents a life taken way too early--a life that was enjoying what humans love to hear; music.  So sad on so many levels. There are no easy answers.  I didn't want to include this in my Sunday Surgery because it seems such a somber subject for that post.  I'm glad Dave is safe. I'm still thinking about his city and the healing it faces in the coming years. 

My son, who is greatly troubled by any mass shooting (he was around 8 for Columbine) -- still takes solace in Fred Roger's "Look for the Helpers" speech.  I also think of it as "be the helper". Any time you can. Just help someone out. Be there and be kind. 


Michelle Latta said...

My oldest nephew was 3 when 9/11 happened. How do you explain that to a child who knows nothing but innocence.

patrix said...

More than everything else, I love the HEART of this blog. You ALL are amazing!!!! Sorry for the heart ache. Thank you for always being here.

david said...

Thanks Karen. To say the least, this has been an emotional week throughout the city. I normally go to the strip 3x a week to walk. That's my exercise. It is 5.2 miles to walk up and back, and this week has been very surreal to see people, residents and visitors alike breaking down in tears near the Mandalay Bay and the other memorials that have been set up throughout the strip.

There is one thing that I noticed immediately afterwards. And since I didn't live in other cities that suffered loss, I really cannot compare, but I will. This city came together immediately, with 5 hour lines at the blood banks and donations of water and non-perishables being re-routed because of the sheer volume. What gets me is this: of the 58 people who died, 5 lived in las vegas. 53 where tourists/visitors to our city. And it didn't matter. Everyone banded together like they were part of our immediate family and jumped in and did everything we possibly could. I am sure in cities like Sandy Hook and Columbine the victims were local and known by those in the area. It's sheer amazement of the American spirit to see vegas band together for our guests. (I realize this might be worded wrong, but I hope you know the intent that is there)

One thing that bothers me is that I can see signs that the city is already starting to get on with their lives. That monday night on the strip, the lights were out and it was like a ghost town. The big wheel was colored in red white and blue and "vegas strong" was posted everywhere. Now, the big wheel is back to its multi-colored hues, the lights are shining bright and there are less "vegas strong" signs on the billboards. I realize we must get on with our lives, and we cannot let evil win or control us, but still I'm not ready to forget and push things aside and totally move on.

Not while there are so many tourists crying at the las vegas sign and the crosses in the ground. And while the 2 windows in the hotel are still smashed open. People are standing in front of the hotel looking up and the windows and taking pictures. I have to compress this to a trip to Dallas where people stand in front of the book depository and look up at the 6th floor.

Thank you Karen for always caring and knowing when a blog is more than just a blog.