Saturday, October 28, 2017

Meet The Van Ettens

One Chris, Two Chris...Red Chris, Blue Chris!! 

I think you all know the story but I'm telling it again!! When Chris Van Etten was named co-head writer at #GH he wasn't currently on Twitter. So--when everyone tweeted "Chris Van Etten" (@cmvanetten) they got---this guy. When you google "writer at GH"..some photos will still come up as the wrong Van Etten.
They finally got together and took a photo-- and writer Chris is back on Twitter as @OGChrisVanEtten to interact with GH fans. (Lord help him...) 

Chris Van Etten (the one on the left) got noticed by the casting department after all this happened. He's a motivational speaker and champion of Vets causes. Since they were going to cast Amy's brother, they thought of him! How cute is that? 

SO...that's my Saturday post. I'm busy working on Sunday Surgery and boy, it's going to be a doozey. It's just been QUITE the week. 

Hope your weekend is going well!! 

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