Thursday, October 5, 2017

Social Working

Ava and Griffin on the plane. He says they are "Friends" and that's it. So there. 

At the PCPD, Nathan got a bunch of gifts from his "fans"-- he says he thinks he might be fired.  They use the police station like a living room. LOL 

Aunt Stella is on-- remember her? She catches Jordan and Curtis making out. She thinks she should leave. She's recovered from her stroke. Oh she got a job in Port Charles!  Felix told her about a social worker job at GH and she got it! My wish came true!! Thank you. 

Jordan calls in Nathan, he thinks he's in trouble. NOPE she just wants advice from "Man Landers"!! About Curtis' Aunt. Ha ha...Maxie and Amy have drinks together. See, I like that. They also look at tweets on the Man Landers' feed.  Amy tells Maxie she's jelly of Nate because he was all popular now..and she was all popular in HS. Maxie was like "That was EXHAUSTING"!!  Ah, that was a nice scene. I hope they put Val, Krissy, Amy and Felix in a house together. 

OH. My God.! Like Josslyn and Oscar are SO not into having a body guard at the PC football game!! :stompfoot: Geesh, so NOT COOL.  BUT! Oh, Sonny says it HAS to be cool. 
Joss goes to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte and her Ugg boots.
LOL So basic. 

I bet Oscar is homeless--- and his mom is gone or??  Josslyn asks if he wants to know his father.  Who will he be? Griffin? Sonny? Drew? Franco? Hmmmmm... I wonder. 

Sonny's BRICK guy is on. :eyeroll: He was trying to trace the call from Russia? LMAO!! Like it couldn't be a telemarketer.


Di said...
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Di said...

I'm beginning to think Oscar is homeless too.

I'm really happy that Stella is going to work at GH. I love her character.

And Sonny had better not be Oscar's father. I'd still like it to be Mac Scorpio. lol

And I'm sorry GH writers but Father Griffin definitely has a large flock. *flaps wings feverishly* lol

KT4GH said...

Yes, I'm wondering about Oscar being homeless/runaway as well. Maybe Stella will be his social worker. I remember him being at the Floating Rib a month or more ago and saying he was waiting for his mom to have lunch or dinner...since then, snooze...hopefully this story will take off soon.

david said...

continual rumor that patient 6 is his father. if this is true, then who is his mom?

personally.... I REALLY wanted him to be Brenda's son. Remember she had a son? Can be soras'd to Oscar and his father be sonny (although she told everyone the father was someone else, right?). although sonny doesnt know it. would be a good excuse to have vanessa come back for a few days of guest starring.

(ps. I know her son wasnt named oscar. this can be a middle name)

sonya said...

Curtis's home:

Jurtis and Stella:

Stella: Oh I'm not moving back.


Stella: I just landed a great job right here. Port Charles is my new home.

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy about that! And she is working at the hospital.. That's great!!!! She can have tons of conversations with people there!!! :) Stella wins the line of the day.

Stella: You can carry on like Adam and Eve all hours of the day and night.


Stella and Curtis: Great scene!!!! Love the joking around.. Hmmm who is Marcus? Is that Brick? Or is she going to meet Brick and they are a couple and they fall in love? :)

The plane:

Grava: Oh stop talking about Patient 6 already and just kiss!!!

Police station:

Naxie: I'm glad Nathan said it was his fault for spilling about him being "Man Landers" Cus geez Maxie it's not SPinny's fault! Man I hate when Nathan calls her Max!

Jordan and Nathan: Hey he isn't fired! YAY!!!!


Carly and Brick: Hahahaha. That is so funny that Brick flirts with Carly. :) I will call them Barly. :) She loves it and Sonny HATES it hahahaha.

Carson: So basically,

Carly: Oh Sonny I will listen to you! You are smart and are always right!!

Sonny: I know I am.

Sonny Jr: Is it time for bed yet?

Joss's table: Poor Joss. I get it Joss! It does suck. Well at least your bodyguard is handsome. :)

Amy and Maxie: Glad Amy isn't whining anymore about Maxie, and she can clearly see that Maxie isn't like she was in high school.



"Karen says Josslyn asks if he wants to know his father. Who will he be? Griffin? Sonny? Drew? Franco? Hmmmmm... I wonder."

Yeah I was wondering if the father is Griffy, or Sonny, or Curtis, or Finny!! Could be BobTodd!! Or Max or Milo. :)

Flmomi said...

Oscar reminds me of stone, but the time frame doesn't match

patrix said...

My Oscar guess....
He is "Billy Miller Jason"'s son. He doesn't recognize the facial reconstruction Jason (dad) BUT when the real Jason comes back he will think THAT is his dad.

Anne Long said...

Maybe Jagger then he would be Stones nephew.

Anne Long said...

He said today that he doesn't know his fathers name or what he looks like.

K said...

*Blogger Di said...

I'm beginning to think Oscar is homeless too.

** That is a possibility. But, I'm thinking more likely they just haven't figured out EXACTLY who he is yet, or what they really want to do with the character, besides him just being Joss' boyfriend. Seeing has that's how they've been doing things for awhile now. Having said that, if his father is already someone we know, I'm wondering if it might be Bensch (sp). I know it sounds like it's totally out there. But, all of the articles/interviews I've read from the TPTB concerning the character give the impression that while primarily he is there as to be an real doctor at GH that actually WORKS at GH and the whole "mentoring Kiki" thing, there is still some story coming that does involve him.

There is a REALLY good interview with JDP in last week'a SOD, about his return to soaps after being gone for so long. It's just a great article, worth reading anyways, though.


Di said...

I like that idea about Dr. Bensch, K. That would be one we didn't see coming. And speaking of Bensch...I liked him in the scene with Alexis the other day. The actor looked like he was trying not to laugh at one point. And when he smiles and gets out of the professional role he looks like he could be likeable.

Is there a link to that article? please.