Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Face, Is Your Face?

So Nina and Val are waiting for the launch when they hear a guy moaning in the shadows.  Val talks to him in French. Guys says he's working with Dr Klein. Valetin is all @@!!! Forgot about his Dr. Klein connection.  Later, Val gets a "help me" text from Dr. Klein and he ignores it. 

Ah..Andre (Dr. Maddox) and Dr. Klein freak out about all the shootings and things. Says they were only doing research. It 'went too far". So Jason Burton was a research project. THEN they say: A guy that goes home to a family HE BELIEVES IS HIS???/
HUH?? Wait...do they think he's Drew but he's really Jason...or is he Drew who thinks he's JASON?

UGHHHHH Curve BALL RIGHT THERE!!  So --I guess other than Sonny being 100% sure, we are supposed to be baffled? 

Jordan and Dante talk about the "Skylight Man"she goes to find out what's up.

Anna and Finn. Finn is eating her halloween candy. Says Robin, Patrick AND Emma texted him and told him to be nice to Anna or 'else'.  They talk. He says he's done with the whole thing. He wants to go back to being a doctor. He's kinda 'breaking up' with her.  They are kinda cute. 

Kevin and Laura. Kevin told her it was an "Old Hollywood" glamour part but it was really . He's proposing.  She says YES...and he gets down on one knee with a ring.  Kisses

Sonny's house. Burton is there with Sam--Jason Miller is like "Put down my wife" HUH? Wouldn't you be all WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE MY OLD FACE??? Carly was pretty silent too. There should have been WAY MORE to that scene. A LOT more--wow..it was pretty much a let down.  Jason Miller yells CALL AN AMBULANCE --NOW!!! 
Jason Burton says It's too dangerous!!
Carly CALLS GH --lol
Then Jordan takes in Jason Burton for questioning. 
Carly's non-reaction to Jason Burton is baffling. 

Jordan is in the PCPD with Burton. He says he won't talk. CARLY CRASHES In and says "I called Diane" Don't say anything!! She knows he's Jason. They stare at each other.  Later, Jordan says she's going to run his fingerprints and Carly says "I know this is Jason Morgan"

Sam is at GH now. She tells the doctor "I saw him" then passes out again. Jason Miller is MAD at Sonny--"why is that IMPOSTOR with MY wife"?? Sonny's looking at him like: Hmmmmm, who you?  Dante is trying to figure all this out. Sonny just needs to open his mouth lol. Finally when Miller goes into see Sam, Sonny whispers to Dante 'that guy--was Jason Morgan". 

Miller at Sam's bedside says "I don't know what's going on...but I'm Jason, I'm YOUR Jason and we'll make it" ....

Ok, Even with the whole "Believes that's his family' I'm still saying Burton IS Jason.  Yep. But..now there's some fun involved LOL. Maybe since Jason is Patient 6, there are FIVE MORE Jasons runnin' around? 


  1. Maybe since Jason is Patient 6, there are FIVE MORE Jasons runnin' around?

    YES! OMG YES! Just like in the movie Alien Ressurection when Ripley had different versions of her until they got the right one. Maybe Jason will come upon a lesser Jason that says "Kill me".

  2. I know I'm biased but I still think BillyJason is the Real Jason. And he was totally fantastic in that scene, even if the rest of them looked like dears caught in the headlight.
    I love your blog
    Long time lurker, part-time poster

  3. genie francis and emme rylan both looked gorgeous

  4. The other clue I noticed was when Franco was painting the picture of old Jason. Maybe he remembers him as Andrew? It would explain his obsession with him. Also, I hope Miller is the real Jason he's so much more engaging. Also, I don't like how Sonny is treating Miller now that he thinks HIS Jason is back, like Miller wasn't there for him and his kids either, remember when he tried to talk Morgan down before he was killed? I hope they remember the good things about new Jason

  5. It could be a red herring. M\ybe they sent new face Jason home with the belief that he was Jason and the accident allowed down progress on the experiment. I personally think having Billy Jason be the real jason would be kind of dumb if the "jason faced" Jason is on the show too.

    Laura and Doc were great today. I love this couple. Two great legacy characters. PLEASE writers we need to see more of these two. GH is not supposed to be all about mobsters and criminals.

  6. KAREN!!! Did you see Finola Hughes answered your #askGH question about the corgi!?!?!? :)

  7. I'm hoping that Steve is Jason...and Billy is Drew. Steve can say more with his eyes than Billy can. Both excellent actors, just different styles.

  8. Sonny is being a jerk to Miller.

    Would we expect anything less? His lover just returned from the dead. He has no use for Miller anymore. Super Jason has returned!

  9. Sigh...another day of GH interrupted by ABC News Special Report

    1. Innocent bystanders were killed when a person driving a truck ran into them. At least 7 killed, 15 injured at (my) last count. It's not like it was Trump interrupting us with his....well I'll be nice.

  10. I went back and looked to make sure - Jordan was there when Steve Burton was there.....she came in 2014 and Steve left in 2012....so she hasn't met with him yet -
    can't wait for Diane and Jason to meet again!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. question:

    when laura was rattling off names of children for her wedding she did NOT mention Lucky.

    Is Lucky still alive?

    Or does Laura have temporary child loss syndrome like Monica does with Dawn?

  12. Lucky came back to say goodbye to Luke/Anthony Geary - not sure where he went after that.......

  13. I can't stand how Sonny is treating Jason Miller. I hope Jason Miller is real Jason. I think it would make everything more interesting, plus I would love to see Sonny groveling to Jason Miller when he realizes he was wrong.

    Wouldn't any of Kevin's family come to the wedding?

    Finally, I'm kind of sad about Finn and Anna "breaking up".

  14. Well, they interrupted the show in NYC, glad I got the recap here. ABC should NOT spend hours and hours on breaking news stories, there are like a million outlets for that. . . They just keep repeating the same stuff over and over for hours . . .

  15. AntJoan - I feel your pain. They did it here too. I found this and I guess it speaks volumes for the other viewers who feel the same - It also makes me believe that more fans are tuning back into GH and liking what they've seen recently:


  16. I think Jason B is the real Jason, but Jason M shouldn't be treated badly - it isn't like he was intentionally impersonating Jason. He's a good guy, too. I am really liking this Anna/Finn pairing - quite brilliant. They are both so attractive and charming and have real chemistry. I hope they get together for real. Loved the gorgeous Laura and Kevin- a realistic, adult romance. And yes, why was Lucky not mentioned? So tragic about this horrific attack. Glad my Manhattan friends are ok.

  17. Couldn't have said it better Linda. I love Billy's Jason and agree it's not his fault. As everyone knows I absolutely love Michael Easton and I love Anna so a pairing for real would be great! They both have chemistry with everyone. Not to say I don't miss Hayden, cause I do. Very tragic about what happened yesterday, so sick of these people and these events.

  18. Carson home: What SHOULD have happened,

    Drew: What the hell are you doing to my wife?!?!

    Jason: Sam is MY wife!

    Drew: What??! Who the hell are you?

    Jason: I'm Jason Morgan.

    Drew: NO! I am Jason Morgan!

    Jason: No I am!

    *fist fight ensues* Aaaaaaaaaaaand Jordan wins the line of the day.

    Jordan: Anybody want to tell me what I am looking at right now?


    Chandler Mansion:

    Fanna: Gee Ann nice cleavage and legs. :) Oh hi Finchy! What?!?!?!! Patrick, Robin, AND Emma are over protective?!!?! Oh come on! I don't buy it. That is so dumb. Oh Cassandra is faking her illnesses.. Oh goodie. (sarcasm)

    The pier: Oh come on!!!!! Before the EMT's show up Dante shows up?!!?! No freakin way! And then Dante (who doesn't know if this guy who got shot is a bad guy or a good guy) treats him like crap and asks him a lot of questions?!!?! HUH?!?!?!?! The guy is dying here!!! Geez Dante couldn't you wait until he gets to the hospital?!?!!

    The alley way:

    Maddox and Dr. Klein: Wow! 2 bad guys are all whiny and skeeeered! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Private party:

    Levin: Wow Doc that beginning of your proposal wasn't sweep her off her feet worthy. Okay now it's gotten better. :) YAY LEVIN ENGAGED WOOT WOOT!

    Police station:

    Jason and Carly: YAY!!!!!!! My Jarly! :) You can see the wuv in her eyes. :)

    The hospital:/Sam's room:

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'm YOUR JASON!!! NOT THAT FAKE JASON!!!!