Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fan Wubs: The Voyage of Vissy: Part One

Yes, I designed this, ok found the photo

This is part of my on-going hopes that Val and Krissy become an item. Here's a nice little banter scene for you. That hot kiss was one thing, now we must bond our girls with some nice old fashioned soapiness. 

Scene:  Valerie and Krissy are their  bedroom in their shared house with Amy, Felix and Kiki. (see what I did there?) They are painting each other's toenails. this is ONE SCENE. Not edited into little bits. 
Music by Regina Spektor playing in the background (this is my show, I can afford it). 

Valerie: So... why didn't you go to Amy's Man Landers's thing?
Krissy:  Pffffft. Yeah, no I mean, you're sitting here too, it's not like you went either.
Valerie: Like I'm going to use my night off for that? 
(Look at each other...burst out laughing)
Krissy: Oh my god, we are so mean! 
Valerie: I'll buy two of her books and I'll feel better. (pause) So..what did you do today? 
Krissy: Well, let's see, I went to Wyndams to get some adorable boots and then I went to Kelly's to meet Molly for lunch and..oh ..yeah..I quit school. 
Valerie: Oh right. Duh.. Quit school?? And I'd better see those boots pronto, girl.
Krissy: I did quit...seriously. 
Valerie: (stops painting, cocks head) Wait a up and quit grad school? When you have it already paid for from your parents? Why the hell would you do that??
Krissy: Um, nice judging, VAL... I did it because my grades sucked. 
Valerie: It's October, you don't even get your final grades until what? December? 
Krissy: Well, I'm going to run Perks for no time. 
Valerie: You are kidding me, right? You're going to run that miserable coffee spot that's getting crushed by Starbucks and probably launders money instead of getting your master's degree.
Krissy:  (glare) yeah.. 
Valerie: Wait a minute.. oh. my--GOD! Don't even tell me (gets off bed... spins around and stares) 
Krissy: What?? 
Valerie: You did this because of Parker!! Didn't you??
Krissy: NO-- I....
Valerie: I call total BS on that!! She's a professor...they can't date students so you QUIT? So you could date her?? After she's jerked you around so many times?? 
Krissy:  You know, this isn't your business right? 
Valerie: Uh, we live together and I thought we were friends so..yah, it is my business. 
Krissy: I have enough crap from my mom...I really don't need it from you too..

Door opens... Felix pops his head in

Felix: I can like hear you in the yard... what's up?

Valerie: Genius here quit grad school.
Felix: You did not. 
Krissy: Did too. 
Felix: Well..that's stupid. I'm trying to get my RN and you up and quit a paid for degree? What is up with you??
Valerie: Parker. 
Felix: Oh hell no. Seriously?
Valerie: Seriously. 
Krissy: (pulls out her toe separators storms out) Bye! See ya! 

Felix:  Well, she's officially crazy. 
Valerie: You haven't heard the best part yet...get this..she's going to manage Perks!! 
Felix: Perks.  That's basically outside --and it's gonna be winter? (laughs) Yeah. Crazy. 
Valerie: You said it. But I'm still borrowing her boots. 


  1. There is DEFINITELY something there between the 2 of them, that if written well, would be great.

    Though, I had a thought yesterday about GH/DAYS. I really think that Jelly has/had no idea at all on how to write gay characters/relationships (Although things are getting a BIT better since CVE replaced JP as co-headwriter. In contrast to how well RC has been doing with Sonny and Paul's relationship. And Lucas and Brad on GH. It's just night and day difference in them. One of the biggest differences in the way things are done. With GH right now, one of the big things that I've noticed is how it seems they have to point out that any relationship that isn't heterosexual, is a factor in things. Conversely with DAYS (and this was before RC came aboard also, btw) where a relationship/love no matter what, comes across just as any other standard soap relationship. Which definitely has impressed me over the last few years.


  2. I have said it before, but it bears repeating: YOU NEED TO BE A WRITER ON THIS SHOW!!! What a great scene. Thanks!

  3. Karen that is awesome hahahaha. I love it!!!! I want Valrissy together damnit!!!!