Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Surgery: The Man In the Iron Ski Mask

  I like his mask so much more than mine!! 

Oh boy-- just when you think the week is going to be boring, there's a big ol' curve ball sitting on my plate! Nikolas? Jason? --- When will we see "The Real" Jason? Now that the "Known Jason" is waking up!!? Why is Ava looking at some guy that could be on the cover of Antifa Magazine in the clinic in Russia?  Those are just the sane questions. A whole lot of other sheeze was flapping in the wind this week too. We'd better settle in! 

Yesterday was my son's birthday so it's blueberry pie that's left over for me! 

Oh for godsakes these two just yabbered it up --- they talked about the business and Jason and Sonny having to stay in the business (again). Then it was about Sam being all mad --then how Carly felt about Jason. And the business and.. Sonny.. and.. I forget. They were on almost every day though because... it's the LAW

Yeah, Sam's just had it. 

Monica lays into Sonny because, well two of her kids are basically dead because of him. And if you think about it, Michael was in a coma for awhile because of a bullet meant for Sonny--AND Morgan died from a bomb that was supposed to blow him up. So..lady's got a point. Just when she yells at him real good, the writers back off and have her be all "Well, it's not really you're ENTIRE FAULT".  UGH Painful to watch. She should have socked him in the eye. 

So, this happened: Sam went all ballistic on Carly about Jason and putting him in a 'rehab facility". Sonny got his big face in there and told Carly if it came down to it...HE'D decide when to pull the plug (huh?). Monica and Alexis go tell Sam that Jason has no brainwaves basically. She doesn't care. She wants to bring him home--even if it can traumatize Danny's her name? Oh, Scout. Then, Spinelli comforts her and talks to her rationally and she hugs him. Just when she lets go of Jason's hand and isn't watching, Jason moves it--Oooo!! Is he waking up!!? 

Not even a BLT could get Franco in to see Heather.  Plastic Bag is PROP OF THE WEEK though! Haven't done one of those in awhile. 

So, Franco had an art show. A bunch of his paintings were up but everyone only wanted the one with he and "his friend". Oh, his mom came too  (recast) -- and met Liz. His mom's a nurse too! Did you know that? Well, anyway, Franco showed her the big ol' mystery photo and she said she'd tell him the truth. Hmmmmm. Wonder if that will be next week or Christmas? 

Wait.. is that PORN? 
Hmmmm, how would I know? I'm a priest!! 
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's porn. 
Hmmmmm, I think I'd better look some more to be sure.  What's Grinder anyway? 

Ok, so this didn't happen but it would have been funny! Kiki and Griffin figure out Ava's in St. Petersburg Russia. And....Griffin's probably going there to find her. Anna's all mad at him because she's a Jerome. BUT! THEN...Anna finds another fella to help her--enter: Hammy Finn! 

So, in one of the most condensed, bizarre and I don't know what plots, Anna blackmails Finn into going with her to see this Cassandra chick about that damn diamond. I guess she got his files and sees he bought drugs from Sonny? Or something? I don't even know. It was really strange--very choppy and Finn was acting like he was on the spectrum full-tilt. Just weird. 

Bizarre Bridge-- Carly tells Michael about Nelle's past and her being arrested for trying to kill her ex hubby for money.  Everyone on twitter is wondering why this info didn't come out when Nelle was first investigated know, GH.  Michael's all stunned and has his 'OMG whiny face' on up there. It's another make up--no break up--well, they made up--nope break up between these two. And it's boring. Rumor has it her ex resurfaces--kinda like Hayden's did. Can't wait :eyeroll: 

Franco has a poster. Doesn't it look like the guy in the mask? Sure do.

On the most boring note, Maxie's trying to get her job back at Crimson, needs a 'scoop' and wants to have an exclusive with Man Landers. BUT! He has to do the press release book thing to get Amy's brother the money dice. And...what is KS wearing in this scene? Thank goodness she was in a super cute dress for Franco's Art Show! 

SO, my speculation is the first time we see Burton's face will be in Sam's dream. She's been having this recurring dream about the docks and fog...and Jason. So, in a 'fake out' she'll see him on the docks, he'll turn around and WAKE UP! You know. Just to make more time pass. zzzzzzzz. 
Clinic Speculation: I'm betting on Jason being Patient No 6-- but if GH was sneaky they'd throw Nikolas in there and make us all go: WOW.'s this one? Helena is was so mad at Nikolas she had Valentin take him to the clinic and had STEVE BURTON'S face put on him!! OMG I'd die!! What a plot twist. Nikolas--who looks like Jason is really.... not Jason!!
hee hee  I'm evil, no? 

Some say: Could be Morgan? The Clinic lady specifically said the patient was shot and fell in the water-- which could be Jason or Nik.  She didn't say:  "Blown up and fell in the water".  But? Who knows. I was happy to think about this question however, instead of just sitting there bored. 
Dave's idea? Nikolas is in that chair and Jason Q (Burton) walks out as the doctor!! Interesting! That would make BMiller the "Jason" We grew up with and this guy Franco's "friend" and the other one the identical twin. 

BEST DRESSED: LIZ at the Gallery. Geesh, Becky is just-- well, ageless.


Monica and Bobbie dishing about their kids/grandkids. These two have  A HUGE history-use it!  They talked about everything. I wish it had been over a long dinner though. Not in the hallway. 
Monica and Alexis telling Sam about the prognosis together
Roger and Kin. Scotty and Franco are just a great bizarre pair. If David Vickers came along, I'd be in heaven! 
Mac was on awhile ago.. and?  Maybe he could go with Finn and Anna on their whatever thing they are doing trip?  


Dr. Bensch. Ok, we know what JDP is capable of--he's a fun actor. I think they are trying to be all "Scrubs" with this?? Kind of? First of all, have other interns around too--it's a teaching hospital. Get going.  Have Felix pop in and warn her about "Dr. Devil Dave" or something. Just make this more interesting. Maybe have them in a patient's room and do some Dr. House? 

Jordan and Curtis. On on...wax on...wax off.. you know that Karate Kid motion. He finally has a Aunt on screen. Get her a job in town that matters and move along! Thanks. 

Editing. WOW On Friday it was OUT-OF-CONTROL! Sam and Spinelli were having a heart to heart talk-- the cut it for some handshake between Sonny and Curtis then cut right back to Spin and Sam! I scenes can be longer than 5 seconds. 

Related image

Brownstone circa 1986--Thanksgiving dinner. 

IDEA: Please put Kristina, Molly, TJ-- Lucas, Brad, Felix--Kiki and Amy all in the Brownstone. Valerie too.  Thank you. Maybe Aunt Stella can buy it and run it? Ala Myrtle on AMC? 

WELL..that's  it. TUESDAY IS THE DAY OF INFAMY! You are not going to believe this but I invited someone over for LUNCH that day! LOL.. what an idiot I am. Now I'm going to be eating really fast and trying to shove them out the door so I can live tweet. What a hostess I am.  Are you all having parties Tuesday? :giggle: I really am wondering if his return will spike the ratings a bit. Here's hoping because we need it!! 

Photos from twitter thx to: @FyeahGH @SourceJenn @DaytimeSpoilers @SoapTweetsGH and @GeneralHospital 


  1. The bomb was supposed to blow Julian up but you have valid points there.

  2. Agree. Scotty and Franco are gold. Becky is ageless and looked gorgeous.

    GH are kinda asses for alluding to that being Nikolas. Cause let's remember we were never supposed to know Steve was back, so they would have been getting some fans hopes up. But we all know it's Jason. He too was shot and fell (kicked) into the water.

    Sam's dream is a nice thought. Then he can stay in the mask longer at the clinic I suppose. I wonder if Sam will eventually really see him but think she still sick and delusional.

  3. unfortunately, i think that it is steve burton under the mask. i just personally feel that it would be better story telling if it was nik and steve would come in as the doctor to treat ava. to my knowledge, ava doesnt know what the original face of jason looks like. the doctor could not know that he has a twin or know anything about port chuck. ava can convince him (after flirting with him, she is ava after all) to return to port chuck with her to treat her in the US. and that is when all hell breaks lose.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE red herrings in movies and tv. I am a major fan of david mametm if any of you are familiar with his writing. i feel that good writing keeps you guessing and gives twists and turns and surprises.

    i want to be surprised. like the old days before spoilers and the internet. (and yes, before karen's wub a dub tub tub) WHen was the last time you watched GH or any show for that matter and thought "oh wow... I didnt see that coming"

    even when you watch 'spoiler free" you can still telegraph things a mile away. writing is stale and not that creative anymore. i believe the word is formulaic?

    so that is why my wish is for something outside the box.

    on a side note:

    there has been internet rumors (so grain of salt here people) that they are recasting nik and narrowed it down to 3 actors. there is also talk about jj coming back for a 2-wk stint as lucky.

    since i dont watch every day, here is a question for karen or anyone: if nik really is alive, would anyone know about it? would spencer know his dad is alive? how about laura? she is the queen if faking death on this show, isnt she? valentin?

  4. the last show I was surprised at was The Good Wife when they killed Will, I never, ever saw that coming

  5. You are frickin funny! First, photo of Sam's face. LOL! The visual of you stuffing your face and shoving them out the door is pay to see! Ahhh David Vickers ❤ I miss that guy. I'm off Tues and can watch live. Have a feeling they will shoe him the last 5 minutes

  6. One of the biggest reasons I'm leaning toward them going the "It's Nik with Jason's face" theory, is from watching Jelly's writing for the past few years, when it comes to stuff like this, while they think they're being sneaky and mysterious, to me (except in a few instances (Paul being a serial killer for one) it more often than not, if one pays attention, they pretty much telegraph what's coming ahead. The end of Thursday's episode was like that, IMO.


  7. Michelle, you said you haven't seen Winterthorne yet? If so, that really needs to be taken care of! It's just a free 4-part online soap. Which I definitely think you'll like.

    That's all I'm going to say about it. Since the front page of the site, speaks for itself. It should tell you all you need to know, if you want to watch it or not!


  8. Nope, you can watch it straight from the website there!

    I should have been more clear about that, sorry! I figured you would have gone past the front page, since I put the address in the post. Last night was NOT a good night for me, I slipped down some stairs and dislocated my left knee. (I luckily got it back in place). So i was a bit "off" last night, to say the least.