Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Lame Duck

Seeing Double Ducks? 

Why do I feel like these last ending weeks of Jean P's leaving as GH co-headwriter are just...well..not much about anything?? We know St. Jaysus is do back on Sept 18th (or 19th depending on who you read) so it just feels like giant limbo.

That makes my job easy! I'm back to school, and have my first cold so I'll keep it short. 

We sure aren't having duck this Sunday so maybe some Malt Duck? Who remembers that? :giggle: 

You see Jake, we are just going to sit here and talk about these pictures until something....clicks.

Wait, you mean like me finding an old photo of my Dad and it looking just like your friend? 
Yeah, something like that. 
Wow, neat-o that sure sounds exciting
Well...let's not get ahead of ourselves now...

Wait..I thought this was dinner...., they gave us that stuff downstairs..
Yeah, Molly wanted to look but I wouldn't let her...what is it? 
Jason's underwear and a black T-shirt. 
Ok, I'm not hungry anymore.

So..So...what am I? Chopped Liver? I mean I know my face is...but...look! BOOBS! 
No..that's not it really.
Then what is it? Why are you acting like a cold, wooden fish? 
I'm not sure... 
Haven't you been a doctor since you got here? Why all the priestly stuff? 
Well, I ..Um..again, don't know. 
Ok, well, I'm going to find someone to handle this body--it sure isn't you! 

Oh, hi...aren't you the old lady I saw at The Floating Rib? 

What in the hell are we doing? 
That damn lizard got away, remember?
They have us looking for a LIZARD now? 

Hey, better than the story I've had for the past month.
Touche. Ok, let me help you out....

Oh,'s painful.
Yes, everything...everything is just....*sigh* sad and upsetting.
Jason is where he is because of me. 
No, it's because of me...
Well, whatever. You know what I have to do right?
Yes, Sonny,  it's your God-Given right to head the mob up in this town, I get that now. 

*sigh* The absolute pain I go through for all of you... 

How you doing?
Good, You?
Ok then, see you in a month!


Yeah, about that new face....
Oh! Sure sign here... 
Ok, but I want you to know I don't really want to sign it but there's a hot man waiting for me so..
I totally understand.  
Um, why is Lulu Falconeri staring at us? 
Don't mind her, she just loves your um..scarf, yeah, that's it. Scarf. 


Maxie is staying in town. Here's hoping they get some kind of story. Lulu and Val are all fighting  over Charlotte again --ugh.  Jake has been quite the little detective with the photos. Franco did ask Liz if she really had THREE boys Friday, so that was hilarious. Jason's still laying in that bed. Carly and Sonny are still crying to God. Sonny is going to stay in the mob though because it's his duty to 'keep everyone he loves safe".  (and he said it with a straight face!) Bobbie still hates Nell.  Curtis and Jordan had sex. Auntie still doesn't like Jordan. Val made Parker jelly again. 

 WHY SO SLOW?  That up there is why! JASON RETURNS! Oh boy, they are betting the farm on this. All I can say is I laughed out loud when I saw the motorcycle promo. :eyeroll:  '

 Like I said...very little movement this we
TONS of rumors about who's the 'REAL' Jason in the end. Clearly BM and SB characters had the same face at one time or another but who's really who?? Welp, we'll spend a year figuring it out, I'm sure!!
Hope everyone in Florida is safe and somewhere that is cozy and you can ride out monster Irma. Hope Texans are continuing the clean up --and the wild fires are kept at bay. We have some Mother Nature going on! Sometimes living where we get 100+ inches of snow a year doesn't seem all that bad. 

I finished Riverdale and LOVED fun. We just started The Man in  The High Castle and it's looking promising! 


LSV422 said...

Great SS as always! I cracked up at the old lady comment. It was a really dull week except for watching the extraordinary Maura West.

Conniefal said...

Absolutely loved your tweet about SBu character falling for Nelle and fighting Mikey over it! ������

Michelle Latta said...

Great SS. Not feeling GH at all. Give me some Finn and Hayden and I'm happy....oh you can't, they fired her. 😠 haha! My best friend lived in FL and is staying so I'm very nervous. Hope she's gonna be ok.

Di said...

kd said...Oh, hi...aren't you the old lady I saw at The Floating Rib?

*** :giggle: :giggle: I would have loved to hear her say that...or at least her "old" professor. lol

And Curtis and Jordan look like they're thinking more about doggies than lizards in that pic. lol

gap723 21 said...

Curious - why does the author of this blog seem to dislike Jason (Steve Burton) so much? Clearly, he's a beloved character but I don't think anyone is "betting the farm on his return". I loved the motorcycle promo because it pretty much defines his portrayal of Jason.

AntJoan said...

I can't figure out AT ALL what will be going on with Jason. For some reason, I can't follow who he is/can be to Franco, who is whose twin, etc. None of it makes sense to me . . .

AntJoan said...

Michelle, one of my best friends is in Fla. also, in West Palm, she says they were not told to evacuate. Also, I have a family member visiting Cuba.

This is all so horrible, it is unbelievable. I hope everyone is OK.

Michelle Latta said...

My friend was going to take herself and her daughter's to GA but her hubby who's a mgr had to work last night and they have 3 big dogs and it's too late now. Really worried about them. We've been friends 30 yrs and she's just like a sister.

AntJoan said...

Michelle, My thoughts and prayers are with your friend, please keep us posted, I'm sure she'll be fine. If people couldn't get out they went to shelters, again, please keep us posted.

Anon said...

Re: Burton...Anyone that's had a long time association with GH, I have a degree of likeability for because I have followed it for almost 4 decades now and to some degree the cast is like family to me. My problem is the writing for the character of Jason and how lame and predictable he became after his career as a lame ass hitman began. Now, this dual Jason crap looks like more stupidity. It's a shame because Miller and Burton (both Daytime Emmy winners) can act their asses off when they are given interesting stuff...To bad I don't think we're going to see any of that anytime soon.

Kathy M said...

I'm finding none of the stories interesting enough for me to tune in. My dvr records the show, but I have been deleting unwatched. I can't stand the Sonny and Carly stuff, don't care about SB's return, am not interested in some convoluted story to explain all this, don't care about the necklace, don't like Griffin and Ava, don't like Friz, tired of the Charlotte push and pull. I miss Hayden and Nicolas,

Michelle Latta said...

Thanks! She made it thru but as expected she's tired from lack of sleep.

AntJoan said...

Michelle, Great, glad to hear it!