Friday, June 3, 2016

'You Used to be a Man"!

Says Monica to Dr. O. LMAO..ahhaa and look who's there? Dr Crabby Pants Mayes, our prime suspect!! 


FBI agents are at Wyndemere to look for Hayden's hidden assets.  Anyone remember there are tunnels under there? 
Hayden laid into Liz about her hypocrisy. 
They find a list of diamonds that her Daddy bought. I think Nikolas left that there. 
Ok, so Hayden tries to leave, Liz tries to stop her. They CAT FIGHT. OF Course they CAT FIGHT. Gratuitous just like Ava and Carly. 

Spencer and Laura. He was blunt. Yes. He. Was.  Little Helena in there I think. 
Kevin shows up in the park. HE thinks Spencer is showing no emotion because he doesn't want to face the fact he's dead. 
Laura cries to Kevin about leaving Nikolas on Cassadine Island. 

Brad and Lucas..sad. Poor Ryan all I could think of was him having to lay there with that thing in his mouth. 

Hammy Finn tells Carly none of your business about why I inject myself. He thinks he can wake up Lucas but Dr. Mayes (CP) is treating him now and says bug off. The drug he wants to use is not approved.

BUT! Lucas wakes up on his own.
Where's BOBBIE?!! 

Post It Note Duo: Who could it be? Who could it NOT Be? Gah.  They should make pictures instead. More entertaining. 


haney said...

The palm tree in the park in N.Y.? Look, it's behind Laura as she talked to Spencer.

Di said...

I was thinking that Monica's come back to Dr. O would be my quote of the day. lol Glad to see it as the title.

Dr. Mayes seemed too happy to have Lucas wake up. He almost laughed when Lucas complained about the noise. Not sure who else it could be. I'd say Amy but she's not the right build. Maybe it's Dr. O's alter ego Leonard. hahahahahaha

I'm glad Sam finally mentioned the tunnels today. It was my first thought when he went missing.

kd said...Hayden laid into Liz about her hypocrisy

I'm still waiting for someone to lay into Sam about hers.

Rae said...

Even though she wasn't on today, I have to say that on yesterday's episode Kirsten Storms looked terrible. That is no skin condition. She has a serious problem: she looked bad and she was so twitchy.

Di said...

Does anyone else watch The Americans? They embedded a General Hospital clip within a scene and — though neither obvious nor pointed out —it was about Soviet sleeper agent Grant Putnam.

sonya said...

The cabin: The magical cabin where Paint and dry are, and he figures it out! It's a festivus miracle!!!

Wyndemere: Oh hello the men in black!! Sure come on in and look around.

Liz and RayRay: CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I was waiting for that today and I got my wish!

"Karen says Gratuitous just like Ava and Carly."

Hahahaha. It don't matter! I want a good old fashioned cat fight!!! Ava and Carly were not on the floor! Liz and RayRay were on the floor! Rolling around!!! LOVE IT! :) LizRay I shall call them!! They want each other so bad! Just admit it gals!!!! :) Liz says she is going to get the rest of her things later. She didn't even grab the stuff that she brought out before!!! And the box of her stuff, was no longer on the floor!! Where did it go!?!?! Oh no! Was it kidnapped/box napped? Oh hi Bobbie. Oh wait that's not Bobbie! Oh that's RayRay's mother!

The REAL park: Okay I get it. Nik told Spencer the plan but he didn't tell his mother. Did he tell his Grandmothers portrait?

Doc and Laura: Awww great scene!!! Poor Laura. :( Glad Doc is there for her. Yeah I guess they can't go to Beechers Corners just yet. Not until Nik is found. I love that there is wind!!! Laura's and Doc's hair are moving in the wind!! SO REAL! :) Love the real park!

The hospital:

The chapel: Carly and McHamFinSandwich scene! LOVE IT! :)

Dr. O, Dr. House, and Monica

"Karen says look who's there? Dr Crabby Pants Mayes, our prime suspect!!"

Oh yeah! Prime suspect indeed!!!! And he is defending Monica?!!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! And Monica wins the line of the day!

Monica: Really? Because I heard rumors that you used to be a man!


Lucas's room: Awww Brad. :( Wow Lucas is awake!!!!!! :) YAY!!!!!!!

Lucas: Don't shout.

Wow! He can talk with the tube down his throat!!! And the tube isn't choking him! It's a magical tube!!!

"Karen says Where's BOBBIE?!!"

At Wyndemere!!!!! Oh wait.

Flashback Friday: When Carly fell down the stairs while on the stairs with AJ. People used to say that AJ pushed her down the stairs. Um no. He didn't push her! She was all oh look I got a new shiny ring! I am with Sonny now. Blah blah blah.And then she lost her balance.. But then of course Carly used to have a habit of falling down the stairs.

sonya said...

"Di says Maybe it's Dr. O's alter ego Leonard. hahahahahaha"


Di said...

sonya said...LizRay I shall call them.
Call them Hazee. Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. hahahaha

I loved Kevin and Laura in the park.

AntJoan said...

Sonya, I just KNEW that would be the line of the day!!

kdmask said...

YES YES YES... I did see the Palm tree! :) I tweeted about it ...AHAHHAA

sonya said...

"Di said...Call them Hazee. Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. hahahaha"


"AntJoan said...Sonya, I just KNEW that would be the line of the day!!"

It was hysterical! It cracked me up!!!! :)

Panda said...

Somehow I don't think Lucas is out of danger, and whoever tried to kill him might try to finish him off since he could identify them. I'd hate to lose a legacy character even if he's not on very much.

I know a lot of people enjoy Dr. O but I don't feel like she fits on GH anymore. For better or worse, the campiness of RC has been toned down and I don't think Dr. O belongs on the show, she still comes across as cartoony to me but I know a lot of people like her and that's OK.

I loved Kevin and Laura. I hope we continue to see them together. It was nice to see Genie Francis in jeans as they usually don't dress her more casual. She really looks good and it's nice to see an actress with expression on her face to convey emotions. Two things I think the writers got right are putting Laura in scenes with Kevin and putting Dillon with Kiki.

JPink said...

Show wasn't horrible today. I totally think Nicholas, Liz, & Spencer are all in on it together.

Nobody can talk with the tube down their throat!

GHfan said...

I think the RH/RB and LW/MW have a blast with the cat fights. I agree why did Carly have to be the one to wake LUCAS. I've always loved the Carly character but when she's front and center and nasty I can't stand her.

So a lot of other sites are saying Hazee are going to be sisters. Truly hope they don't go there. Rachel would have been a great Sarah but they didn't write it that way. They don't write a lot of characters as they should. Roger as Franco, instead of a quartermaine. ME as Finn instead of Valentine. All this history they never capitalize on.

And sorry I'll stop after this I've never understood why they never did a recast Jeff Webber? Especially when Steven Lawrence was on.

sonya said...

"JPink said.. I totally think Nicholas, Liz, & Spencer are all in on it together."

Oh I didn't even think about Liz being part of it!!! She could be!!! :)

Di said...

GHfan, I hope they don't make them sisters either. And don't get me started on Roger as Franco. And now they want him with Liz. He kidnapped Aiden just after he was born. No amount of tumor would excuse that in her book. And given some of the stuff he's done since the tumor how sure would everyone be that it's gone. He still has a darkness there and they still want to write about that. Fine. BUT KEEP HIM AWAY FROM LIZ!!!

Sorry. I'll stop now too.

nance24 said...

Once again cracked up today when Liz asked Hayden a question and the FBI goes " I want to hear the answer to that too" I'm sure all FBI interrogations go like that :)

sonya said...

"nance24 said.. Once again cracked up today when Liz asked Hayden a question and the FBI goes " I want to hear the answer to that too" I'm sure all FBI interrogations go like that :)"

Hahahaha. I'm sure! :) Just like you can talk really well with a tube down your throat, and you can use the teleporter to get to anywhere 2 seconds flat! :) Port chuckles is a great place to live! ROFL! So magical! :)

LSV422 said...

Di, I watch the Americans, too. That is one fabulous show! Love Kevin & Laura!

Di said...

It is a great show, Linda. I'm really looking forward to the finale.

Did you notice that the tv show she was watching with Paige was GH? lol

LSV422 said...

Di, I did notice! GH was very popular back then. I hate to see it end for the season.

Michelle Latta said...

Monica's comeback to Dr O was hilarious! Best line of the day.

Michelle Latta said...

Monica's comeback to Dr O was hilarious! Best line of the day.