Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Good Vibrations

Oh. GH. I don't even know where to begin. I have all 5 episodes sitting on my DVR and I so don't want to watch them all.  But... I will for you.  All for you. 

Today's breakfast is in honor of my sister in law coming from England! Scones...clotted cream- some fruit? - 

In a summer of madness, with  no movement on TJ's Daddy Issues, Laura's Helena Mystery, a Kingdom Come appears.  Now, I am one to love humor. I get the need for it. I guess that when there are SO many other things that need taken care of, the ha ha of vibration just is lost on me. 


Nina is horny. Basically, that's all you need to know. Yep. And..that right there is one result. There was also an awkward sex talk. So. Ha ha.

20160620 1710(17)

Hammy Finn is dying. He told Hayden (his new BFF) that he needs his potion to live. Don't forget he's also in the "Murder Mystery" and the "Joss Kidney Adventure". So.. get to work, mister.  ME is doing a spectacular job with character number 5 on the show. Gotta say, Hammy Finn is fun.

SIGH... I love this guy. You all know that. BUT-- come on. "Ghost Carlos" is a damn character in his own right now. WTF. Anna and Jules need to go to Ghosters Anon together. 

Diane and Alexis. Solid, good stuff. Diane even howled in the PCPD when Paul walked by. She got Alexis off on bail. Why she's not on way more instead of 10 other characters is beyond me. 

The Summer Caper is Boring as HELL.  And yes, I could have written it better. It's probably the most cheesy old-fashioned simple thing I've ever seen since I was about 14 and watching soaps. Just plain bad. Maura West is always fun to watch but I can't believe we are a part of this instead of 900 other things that could be explored. 

Liz is living in Laura, Leslie and Rick's old house. Also Mac and Felicia's! You can tell by the window in the alcove on the stairs. I am thrilled to have it back.  That thing Franco has? A toaster. Why? Jake loves his toast. Cam and Aiden? Who cares? They are trapped in another dimension. They may as well just write them out at this point. Have them off to boarding school. It's really glaring and stupid not to have those kids on when Jake is all over the place. Plus, it's summer. Can't afford the kids because you hired 80 newbie "guest stars"? Welp. 
Oh, another "need to know" Franco and Liz kissed but she's all into Nico and says he's still in love with Nina. 

This is happening. Mo-Mo is out and he's all ready to get Kiki back. Meaning CarSon have to talk about it adnausem. Kiki, who's cutely involved with Dillon has to be all "I'll go on a date with you". UGH. Gross. NOPE.

Crimson is doing a "Real Man Issue".  So...Maxie is more in Griffin's naked orbit. 

Olivia came back for a hot minute. Poor Lisa LoCicero. Or? Maybe she wants to work 1x every three months, so in that case, happy for her. 

Alexis is arrested. UGH. WHY? What is this story? Where are Krissy and Molly? Why doesn't Alexis even know or talk about Nikolas?? Damn it, I'll say it again, she's his AUNT. He's PRESUMED DEAD. Good God, get things straight. Sam finally finds out about Alexis on the net next week. Too little, too late. Story of my GH Life lately. And hey, Alexis is a Cassadine. This is all just bullshit. There I said it.

OH! And Sonny is all in Alexis' corner now! LMAO. "You're dead to me". And not only that, he's all up in the PCPD acting like a consultant to everyone including Anna. :throwsuphands: 

THANK YOU for having Felix on more and getting rid of "AMY"?? She was cute but annoying. I guess she was on just for the Nurses Ball? Because if she's going to be any kind of recurring character, you should really have her on the show. LOL. But again, thank you. Felix is way better at EVERYTHING. 

Paul is suddenly some weird good-guy running after Anna. It was a strange exchange. We know Paul is a great actor but WTF. The total cluelessness of the Shooting of Sonny-- and the weird story he told about Jenny to Anna is glaring.  It's not what he told Tracy. 

You don't need to know this, but Carly's still the biggest hypocrite on the face of  television.  She suddenly hates Sabrina and doesn't want Michael involved with her. Because he may have to raise "another man's child". AHAHA Oh lord. BTW, Baby Teddy is suddenly sick and I'm thinking that kid is really going to be Michael's. Then Carly will welcome Sabby with open arms. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  The ONLY thing making this Alexis story remotely tolerable. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Well, you knew it was going to be the pink box vibrator. Right? *sigh*

FACE OF THE WEEK: I couldn't find the banshee Scottish lady, so here's Sam pretending to be Ava's assistant. 

So, that is that.  The Hospital Murder Mystery is yet again stalled and the same place it was last 2 weeks. Two old people dead we don't know or care about and Lucas all fine.  No follow up on Spencer's awkward statements to Kevin and Laura letting on he knows Nikolas is alive. No Brad and Lucas. They are off on Honeymoon Black-Hole. Nothing on the Helena Mystery. Why do I even harp on that anymore? LOL We all know it's going to fall flat anyway. Oh, and TJ confronts his mother NEXT week on the whole Daddy-issue. Kinda a week too late, no? 

THIS Was in TV Guide.... 'noff said.  I know a lot of people are enjoying GH lately. I just find it very tedious and frankly--simple. So, since my SIL is here I don't know how much I'll be around to blog. I'm sure you are just so upset. LOL 
Have a good one. 


  1. Happy Sunday, I am first again!! Thanks for the GH rant, couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. I agree with every comment you made. Just wanted to say that Finola looked stunning for her date, Becky H. is so beautiful and ageless, and CH (Diane) is fabulous as always. Had to ffwd. Sonny and everybody, and Kiki is an idiot.

    1. If Kiwi gives Moron another chance she's as stupid as he is and I won't feel sorry for her. As for Carson they need to back off! I kept saying to my tv, "pot kettle black" LOL! Carly is such a hypocrite. Ugh....I did love Friz. Love the new house, I don't care who's it is. The sex toy scenes with Nina and Maxie were hilarious

  3. "Nina is horny."

    ROFL! Yup! :)

    "Basically, that's all you need to know."

    Yeah that about sums it up. :)

    "ME is doing a spectacular job with character number 5 on the show. Gotta say, Hammy Finn is fun."

    Agree agree agree! :)

    "SIGH... I love this guy. You all know that. BUT-- come on. "Ghost Carlos" is a damn character in his own right now. WTF."

    I want an alive Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos or a twin brother!!!! And Karen, great picture! ROFL!

    "THANK YOU for having Felix on more and getting rid of "AMY"??"

    Really Amy is gone? How do you know?

    "FACE OF THE WEEK: I couldn't find the banshee Scottish lady,"

    Awwww that's too bad! That face she made was priceless! :) And wow love the tv guide article!!!

  4. I agree about Diane. She should be on much more often.

    The summer adventure was ruined by using newbie, uninteresting villains.

    Don't really miss Olivia. She is too earth mother for my taste.

    It's hard to get interested in any of the storylines when there are so many of them involving so many new characters.

  5. WHY do they invite wonderful, beloved characters like Ric and Ned back, and then just show them one time? That is SO mean and disrespectful, to the actors, and to the fans. Then they bring on newbies--that is a slap in the face to us all!!

  6. Finola and Richard Burgi have a spark together so I'm going to go along with what might happen there. I was liking Killon so it only figures that TPTB would bring Moron-gan back to make me tune out. Jane Elliot is always a bright spot for me.

  7. Karen thanks for always taking the time to share your thoughts and comments with us regarding the show.

    So this is where I am at. I find the show a real "chore" to watch. I do. Like so many others, I have been watching this show since I was about 7.. which was a life time ago. I remember running home to catch the show at 3. Skipping class to watch Luke and Laura get married in College.. on and on. Through kids and work life - one loses touch on a day to day "basis" . .but regardless when opportunity presented itself. Could always "tune in' and feel connected and engaged. And then with the creation of SoapNet, DVR, YT.. #GH became much more accessible to watch on a "day to day basis".. So I'm not an "expert" on GH.. Just that life long fan where it was part of my culture.

    Since Frank and Ron took over - gradually the show has become an unrecognizable recipe of new characters some played by actors I have never heard of. Others that are very familiar to other watchers. It just seems one has to be some sort of "expert" in all things soaps to enjoy the current cast on GH. I'm just not one of those fans and I feel so disconnected. I'm not a RoHo, MW, MS, ME, ER, RH, BM etc "fan" to somehow "magically' connect to the character they play. It just isn't working for me. Combined with a conglomerate of "new faces" playing "new characters" with very little writing and development. To me it is just a mess.

    I just don't like the vision Frank and Nathan along with Jelly are writing these days. No connection to GH lore or history. I'd feel better if they were just to rename the show something other than GH.. I hope this ramble makes some sense.

  8. Hi Karen & everyone. I find GH a chore to watch too. Surprised to here people are enjoying the summer stories. I really can't stand the bloated cast. Storylines that take years to tell. But most especially the rewriting of history. And I don't feel 'love in the afternoon'.

    I have an 18 year old with Down syndrome who started watching when Heather kidnapped Danny, before he was Danny. She loves this show. My 21 and 16 yo's could care less about GH. But Gabrielle is getting a kick out of the Ava & Nik sl. She doesn't understand why Carlos keeps coming back either. And we both agree that Billy Miller is just giving a karoke version of Stone Cold. But what else can he really do. They've really boxed him in.

    I don't expect GH to be the show I watched as a girl/teenager. But I don't understand when so many of us complain about too much mob. Too big of cast. They just give us more.

    Have a good week everyone.

  9. Thumbs up for your Sunday Surgery.....thumbs down for GH.