Monday, June 27, 2016

Scotch Flights?

HELLO~ One good thing on the England romp! Sam and Jason sit under a board offering "SCOTCH FLIGHT" Yes please!! They also put Johnny Walker up for me. Just take note. Those props people love me.

The baby has been all over the place--- Canada, England... yada..Puerto Rico. He might have a virus. Dr. O tries to stop Finn but Felix locks her in the closet.  She calls 911. Val comes to arrest him. It's Botulism! From Honey that the nanny gave him.  And..Hammy saves him. 

Nik and Ava, they didn't do it in the shed. Other than that boring.  Ah- but Ava did really keep the real statue. So, she wants to go on the run with Nikolas (don't ask) 

Yeah, Carlos is trying to get Jules to kill Alexis. She's throwing up. I think she had a menopausal story so baby.  Jules day dreams he drowns Alexis in the bath. 


  1. They started a menopause story with her several years ago, but the dropped it. Real-life chronologically, she would be 50-years-old (she had Sam when she was 16, on Mother's Day, 1982).

    Good fake tatt on Fill-in Nick.

  2. Sam said her mother wasn't a killer. Have the writers forgotten that Alexis killed Alcazar?

  3. What a great show today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    London restaurant: Half & half. Black & Tan. Golden. Scotch flights. Single malt Johnny Walker. Lagers stouts Ales.

    Nava's hiding place: Awww they didn't have sex. Well, that is good.. I rather have Tyler back and have them have a sex scene. :) Fake Nik's fake tattoos! Hahahaha. Looks so strange on him. :) Oh and of course Ava blackmails! :) Oh hi Jason. No you missed them. They are not there anymore!

    The hospital:

    Tracy and Monica: Tracy grabs Monica away!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh hi Val. What are you doing here?

    Monica: Thank you for the extra security in this hospital in light of the unexplained deaths and the attack on Dr. Jones.

    Ohhhh that's why Val is there! Thank you writers for explaining.

    Baby Eduaaaaaaaaaardo's room: Oh wow! Great scene!!!!!! I laughed so hard when Michael threw Dr. O in the closet!! That wins scene of the day!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    Val: Dr. Finn. move away from the baby. You are under arrest!

    Oh crap! Not now Val!!!!! I love how FinnyTrain just ignores Val! ROFL! Oh no! Botulism?!!?! Poor Eduaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardo!!!! :( No Val! Don't get Dr. O out of the closet! The closet has to eat her!!! Finnytrain wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: Where are you going?

    FinnyTrain: To jail.


    Val and Finnytrain:

    Val: Dr. Hamilton Fin you are under arrest for trespassing and unauthorized treatment of a patient.

    Oh man!!! Who is going to take care of GUGU?!!?!?!!! RayRay where are you?!!?!! :(

    Julexis's home: Alexis is puking!!! Hmmmmm pregnant? :)

    "Karen says I think she had a menopausal story so baby."

    She did?!?!! I don't remember that! DOH! So basically,

    Julian: I love her she is my wife!

    Ghost/Conscience Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos: No you love me!!! We are a team!!! Now kill her. Poison her tea.

    No Alexis!!!! Don't drink the tea!!!!!! It could be poisoned!!!!!!

    Tea: I could have poison in me or maybe not.. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    Hmmmm.. So the tea is hot but the cup isn't? That's strange.

    Julian: I didn't poison the tea!

    Whew.. :) Oh wait! OH NO! JULIAN IS DROWNING ALEXIS!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh wait he is daydreaming!!! HE WANTS TO KILL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sidenote: Forgot a couple things on Friday's episode..

    Felix and Sabrina: Oh so her and Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos WERE married!!!! :)

    Paul and Diane:

    Paul: Were you raised by wolves?



    Check this out! Teresa Castillo covers "Chains" by Nick Jonas and Jeffrey Vincent Parise assists her! :) They are awesome!!! This was on his final day on GH the first time around.

  4. Someone should give the show's bible to Jelly so they can get new storyline ideas. It was great seeing Valerie today. Valerie looked awesome in her uniform.