Friday, June 17, 2016

Cop Corinthos

SONNY is all up in the PCPD telling Paul his IDEAS on Julian!!? WHAT!?
OMG AHAHHAAA. Because you see--Sonny isn't just  A MOBSTER, he's a police consultant!!!!

And, get this: Anna tells Paul they may as well tell Sonny the evidence they have on Jules because "he finds out everything anyways". SMDH

NuNik. LMAO Thought it was Sean Kanan for a hot minute. JUST when I get to liking Nava this guy shows up.
The whole Huxley stuff? Falling Flat, imo. All I can think of this is a Helena set up, right? 

JaSam go to the hotel where Nikolas is. They ask about him and hey, the book was left out telling them his next flight info! 

Curtis is doing a hot photo shoot with Nina. Thank you for the shirt lift.  There was a bunch of stuff with Nina and Julian. Nothing big. 

Spencer knows that Nikolas is alive. He called his phone left a message. 

Yes, adorable. Kevin could just talk all day to Kevin and I'd watch.  Oh Kevin told Laura he 
had info on Helena's mystery but she was all "nope, cant' concentrate now" LMAO

AND...Alexis gets Arrested for Carlos' murder.
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