Friday, June 17, 2016

Cop Corinthos

SONNY is all up in the PCPD telling Paul his IDEAS on Julian!!? WHAT!?
OMG AHAHHAAA. Because you see--Sonny isn't just  A MOBSTER, he's a police consultant!!!!

And, get this: Anna tells Paul they may as well tell Sonny the evidence they have on Jules because "he finds out everything anyways". SMDH

NuNik. LMAO Thought it was Sean Kanan for a hot minute. JUST when I get to liking Nava this guy shows up.
The whole Huxley stuff? Falling Flat, imo. All I can think of this is a Helena set up, right? 

JaSam go to the hotel where Nikolas is. They ask about him and hey, the book was left out telling them his next flight info! 

Curtis is doing a hot photo shoot with Nina. Thank you for the shirt lift.  There was a bunch of stuff with Nina and Julian. Nothing big. 

Spencer knows that Nikolas is alive. He called his phone left a message. 

Yes, adorable. Kevin could just talk all day to Kevin and I'd watch.  Oh Kevin told Laura he 
had info on Helena's mystery but she was all "nope, cant' concentrate now" LMAO

AND...Alexis gets Arrested for Carlos' murder.


  1. I was thinking it was Sean K. too. lol I could accept the new guy temporarily as Nik if they'd run a temporary black wash through his hair. That grey hair kept distracting me. Nicholas is not grey.

    And what was up with that photo shoot? The budget is so tight with all these new people that they couldn't afford to have Dillon on for 5 more minutes this month? Nina was taking photos with a camera on a like you would for a family portrait, not like a photo shoot for a top fashion magazine. And she knows nothing about photography. I just laughed through the whole thing.

    And Sonny being everywhere including a PCPD graduation and the police station for a check up on cases is just driving me crazy. He should be behind bars not directing police investigations.

    I hate the twerpy guy who has Nik and Alexis but having him say he was interested in Ava, not Nik, was a great twist. I could see that. It might even make for an interesting side story if they'd finish some of the other 899 they have going on now.

    I also love Kevin and Laura together.

  2. And I don't know if you've seen the previews for next week but it shows Griffin in the change room, wet and with his shirt off and Maxie saying, "How come every time I come in here you're half naked?" I so want him to say "Because it's the bloody change room and you're not supposed to be in here! If you walk into the toilet you'll see me peeing every time too! " PMSL

  3. I also thought that Nik and Ava had some interesting chem, this new guy looks like AJ (at least from the pic), not Nik! (Haven't watched today yet.)

  4. Haven't watched yet, but...I wish there could be a flashback to Paul shooting Sonny while this convo takes place.

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  6. Alexis and Julian on the phone: So basically,

    Julian: I missed you last night.


    Julian: Are you there?

    Alexis: What do you want?

    Julian: An attitude adjustment would be nice.

    Alexis: Goodbye.

    Julian: I will be home later.

    Alexis: This is not your home.

    Julian: Yes it is!!!! I will come home and you will be a good wife! You will cook me dinner, and iron my clothes, and satisfy my ever need!!!!!


    London hotel: Hey that is Ava's mother's bar!!!! They are using the set again! Paint and Wall looking for Nik. Looking for Nik. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Harry Potter's home: Hey look! It's fake Nik. When did he have time to shave?!!?! I would love a Fake Nik and Fake Maxie scene!!! Can you just imagine?

    Fake Nik: Hi Maxie. You look different.

    Fake Maxie: You look different too.

    Fake Nik: Well, since we look different, why don't we have sex?

    Fake Maxie: Okay!

    Hey that place looks like Helena's home in Cassadine Island!!! Awww the door is stuck! ROFL! Oh can't go out the window!!! Hmmm Harry Potter is more interested in Ava! Cool!

    The hospital:

    Spencer: Oh I KNEW it!!! He IS involved with his father being missing! GREAT! If his dad didn't involve him, I would be very upset.

    Kevin and Laura: Wait!!! Lloyd and Lucy Johnson is a real couple and is living in Port Chuckles?!!?! NO FREAKIN WAY! COME ON!!! And how long have they supposedly been living in Port Chuckles?! Port Chuckles is a very small town! Or it used to be anyway! Luke and Laura would have met them along time ago.. So I don't buy it.

    Kevin, Laura, and Spencer:

    Spencer: I haven't lost father at all!

    And the look on his face! ROFL! Spencer don't slip up now!!! Geez. As soon as we find out Spencer is helping his dad, he almost slips up!!! Get it together Spencer! :)

    Police station:

    Paul, Anna, and Sonny: Wow!!! When did Sonny become a cop?! Yesterday? Is that why he was at the party for grads? Or did he become one two weeks ago? *wracking my brain wracking my brain*

    Julexis's home:

    Krissy and Alexis: Listen to Krissy Alexis!!!!!

    Sonny and Alexis: I HATE that Sonny was there! HATE it with a passion!!!! HATE IT!

    Sonny: I am going to have the best time watching that loser that you married get arrested.

    Yeah me too Sonny! :) So Alexis being arrested?!!?! So now what Julian?!!?! Are you going to let Alexis stay in jail?! If you do, then you don't love her at all you pig!!!!

    Crimson: I love Nina's dress!!!

    Curtis and Nina: Nina is practically drooling! Mmmm I am too!!!! Yes Curtis keep pulling up your shirt! :)

    Kristen Storms: Oh no!!! Her face is getting worse!! She has got a band aid on her cheek! She is trying to hide it with her hair. :(

    Julian and Nina: Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: You. Naked. On all fours.

    ROFL! And then what? Beat the crap out of him? Please? :)

    Friday flashback: Monica and Alan first move into the mansion! You know.. Monica's house.. The one Alan bought for her! ROFL! He promises no more jealousy, but when Monica gets a phone call from Rick, Jealousy face shows up! Hahahaha!

    General hospital promo from 1963

  7. I won't stop watching because I have watched from the beginning... but.. I am suffering while watching... No interesting stories to focus on. A story starts,,, and I think it looks good, then it stops!!! On Friday, I kept waiting for Kevin and Laura to talk about a trip to Beecher's Corners but it never was mentioned. When he told Laura that there was a Lloyd and Lucy Johnson living in Port Charles one of them could have said "Oh, then I guess we won't have to go to Beecher's Corners" but neither did... It's as if all the scenes are being written by different writers, but from the same outline. Each writing team adds their own detail to the outline. The outline remains the same but the details are all way off...

    As for Sonny, as some of you said... what the heck is up with him... He's everywhere!!! What an arrogant cuss...

    One idea though that may be good.. Is the DNA they got off the dagger actually from Alexis' mother? Is that why they arrested Alexis instead of Julian.

    I find that even the old Ice Princess story-line was more believable that what I see each day nowadays.

  8. Pat..... Sun..... said.... Is the DNA they got off the dagger actually from Alexis' mother? Is that why they arrested Alexis instead of Julian.

    I'm thinking that the DNA is from Carlos but the fingerprints are Alexis'. Julian wiped his prints but Alexis picked the dagger up after.

  9. I was just watching old videos of GH and came upon one where Alexis has it out with Sonny after her sister Kristina dies. So good. Then one of Tracy and Helena working together during Nick and Emily's engagement came on and ling story short I miss those days. Ugh

  10. Man, Nik looks like Aj! So basically he and Ava get kidnapped by Mr. Green and locked up in the clue mansion. I'm expecting Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard any minute now....

  11. if this Lloyd and Lucy Johnson stuff is leading up to a visit from TG, you'll all hear me screaming wherever u are.

  12. "Arwen Tedhams said...So basically he and Ava get kidnapped by Mr. Green and locked up in the clue mansion. I'm expecting Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard any minute now...."

    The butler did it! ROFL!

    "nance24 said..."if this Lloyd and Lucy Johnson stuff is leading up to a visit from TG, you'll all hear me screaming wherever u are.

    A good scream or a bad scream? :)

  13. Sonya, that would be a very bad scream :)

  14. With all the extra characters might as well bring them on... :-/

  15. "nance24 said...Sonya, that would be a very bad scream :)"

    Oh okay. ROFL!